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Genre: Comedy
The White Album [live] (2000) 01. Wisconsin [add]
02. The Fall, Hurricanes and Weathermen [add]
03. The Ozone, Sunblock, the Flu, and Nyquil [add]
04. Miami and las Vegas [add]
05. F**k, New York, Los Angeles [add]
06. TV Pilot [add]
07. Ihop (The International House of Pancakes) [add]
08. Heaven's Gate [add]
09. Bill Clinton and Oral Sex [add]
10. The Impeachment [add]
11. Education in Arkansas [add]
12. Other Idiots from Arkansas [add]

End of the Universe (2003) 01. Atlanta [add]
02. After September 11 [add]
03. Environmental Terrorism or Global Warming? [add]
04. Coke and Pepsi and the Super Bowl of 2001 [add]
05. Halftime at the Superbowl 2001 [add]
06. The End of the Universe [add]
07. Tax Rebates and Common Sense [add]
08. Airport Security [add]
09. TV News and Jerry Falwell [add]
10. What I've Learned [add]

Rules of Enragement [live] (2003) 01. Minnesota Winters [add]
02. The Settling of Minnesota [add]
03. The Coldest Winter EVER! [add]
04. International Travel [add]
05. Ireland & Health [add]
06. Health Clubs [add]
07. Small Pox [add]
08. Greed [add]
09. Who's F**king Who [add]
10. Homeland Security [add]
11. Bringing Democracy to Iraq [add]
12. The War in Iraq [add]
13. A Sense of Humor [add]

Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues (2005) 01. Superbowl Redux [add]
02. MTV [add]
03. Halftime '04 [add]
04. What Sex...........Are They? [add]
05. Gay Marriage [add]
06. Justin and Janet [add]
07. America Loses Its Mind [add]
08. Nipple Clamps [add]
09. One Nation Under God [add]
10. Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan [add]
11. Voting (A Flashback) [add]
12. Iraq, an Idiot's Delight [add]

The Carnegie Hall Performance [live] (2006) 01. It's Just Not Right [add]
02. Mom and Pop [add]
03. Dr. F**k Phil (Or: How Do You Top This) [add]
04. Getting Old Sucks [add]
05. Yom Kippur [add]
06. Candy Corn/We Don't Know What We Are Doing Anymore [add]
07. Air Traffic Control [add]
08. New Orleans [add]
09. Information [add]
10. Headlines Are Punchlines and Crazy Is Crazy [add]
11. That's F**ked Up [add]
12. The Real Problem Is Gay Marriage [add]
13. Rick Santorum: Idot [add]
14. Congressional Correspondents Dinner [add]
15. Mom and Pop and Paul [add]
16. Terry Schiavo [add]
17. Dead President [add]
18. Thank You and Goodnight [add]

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