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Rory McLeod lyrics
Genre: Folk
Angry Love (1985) 01. Farewell Welfare, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Shirley's Her Name [add]
03. Stop the Apartheid Fascists [add]
04. Pauline's Song [add]
05. The Wind Is Getting Stronger [add]
06. Angry Love [For Victor Jara] [add]
07. Walking Towards Each Other [add]
08. Passing the Pain Down [add]
09. Criminals of Hunger [add]

Kicking the Sawdust (1986) 01. Baksheesh Dance [add]
02. Huge Sky [add]
03. Rip Van Winkle [add]
04. Kicking the Sawdust [add]
05. Dads' Dance Song [add]
06. Sssh Baby [add]
07. Interrogations and Confessions [add]
08. Dance of Measureless Love [add]
09. Hug You Like a Mountain [add]
10. In the Ghetto of Our Love [add]
11. When Children Starve in Peacetime [add]
12. Strangers [add]
13. Everything Is Provocative [add]
14. Immaculate Deception [add]
15. Ambitious to Love You [add]
16. Harmonikas' Dream [add]
17. Last Tree [add]
18. Divorcee Blues [add]
19. Old Brigades' Song [add]
20. The Commentator Cried [add]
21. Hymn for Her [add]

Footsteps and Heartbeats (1989) 01. Love Like a Rock (In a Stormy Sea) [add]
02. Till I Don't Know Who I Am [add]
03. Collector Man lyrics
04. Moments Shared [add]
05. Wandering Fool [add]
06. Take Me Home [add]
07. Singing Copper [add]
08. A Kind of Loneliness [add]
09. Mariachis Love Song [add]

Travelling Home (1991) 01. Going Song [add]
02. Spring Is Returning/Dosvedanya [add]
03. Black, Brown, White [add]
04. Defending Our Homes [add]
05. Cold Sun Shining [add]
06. Compatibility [add]
07. The Dreams We Breathe Through [add]
08. Touchable [add]
09. Sleep Tonight [add]
10. Farming Womans' War [add]
11. India Matea [add]
12. The Right Mistake [add]
13. Back to Donegal [add]

Lullabies for Big Babies (1997) 01. Be My Rambling Woman [add]
02. Big Eyes [add]
03. Ballad of Spitalfields Market [add]
04. NiNightwatchman [add]
05. A Foreigner Forever [add]
06. Grandmas' Grave [add]
07. Tea Martoonies [add]
08. Come With Me When I Go [add]
09. Looking for You [add]
10. Laredo [add]
11. Punchinellos' Confession [add]
12. Body Search [add]
13. Long Lost Friend [instrumental] [add]
14. My Two Feet Carry Me Home [add]
15. Horse-Radish [add]
16. Let Him Go [add]

Brave Faces (2005) 01. Emperor's New Clothes [add]
02. Rambling Man [add]
03. A Cut in Pay [add]
04. The Man in Me [add]
05. No More Blood for Oil [add]
06. Another Glass of Forgetfulness [add]
07. You Don't Know Yourself [add]
08. Thristing for Wat [add]
09. A Very Nice Bloke [add]
10. Doing Time Together [add]
11. Santa Maria [add]
12. Oh Death [add]
13. Not for Sale [add]
14. Glory of Love [add]
15. Guitar Man [add]
16. Dem Trisker Rebbins Chosid [add]
17. Cold Blow These Winter Winds [add]
18. Ballad of the Burston School Strike [add]
19. The Man Who Couldn't Say Goodbye [add]

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