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Robin Williamson lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Myrrh (1972) 01. Strings in the Earth and Air [add]
02. Rends-Moi Demain [add]
03. The Dancing of the Lord of Weir lyrics
04. Will We Open the Heavens lyrics
05. Through the Horned Clouds lyrics
06. Sandy Land lyrics
07. Cold Harbour lyrics
08. Dark Eyed Lady lyrics
09. Dark Dance [add]
10. I See Us All Get Home lyrics

Journey's Edge (1977) 01. Border Tango [add]
02. The Tune I Hear So Well [add]
03. Red Eye Blues [add]
04. Tomorrow [add]
05. Mythic Times [add]
06. Lullaby for a Rainy Night [add]
07. Rap City Rhapsody [add]
08. The Maharajah of Magador [add]
09. The Bells [add]
10. Voices of the Barbary Coast [add]
11. Out on the Water Coast [add]

American Stonehenge (1978) 01. Port London Early [add]
02. Pacheco lyrics
03. Keepsake lyrics
04. Zoo Blues lyrics
05. These Islands Green lyrics
06. The Man in the Van [add]
07. Sands and the Glass [add]
08. Her Scattered Gold [add]
09. When Evening Shadows [add]
10. Rab's Last Woollen Testament [add]

Songs of Love & Parting (1981) 01. Verses in Stewart Street [add]
02. For Mr Thomas [add]
03. Fare Thee Well Sweet Mally [add]
04. Return No More [add]
05. Tarry Wool [add]
06. For Three of Us [add]
07. Sigil [add]
08. Flower of the Briar [add]
09. The Forming of Blodeuwedd [add]
10. Gwydion's Dream [add]
11. Verses at Balwearie Tower lyrics
12. A Night at Ardpatrick [add]
13. The Parting Glass [add]
14. Song of Mahon [add]
15. The Fair [add]
16. The Fair Dance [add]
17. Edinburgh [add]
18. Lammas [add]

Legacy of the Scottish Harpers (1986) 01. Scottish Cap/Scotland [add]
02. Floweres of the Forrest Cromlets Lilt/Chevy Chase [add]
03. Weel Hoddleed Lucky/The Lochaben Harper [add]
04. Gilderoy/Cow the Gowans [add]
05. MacGregor's Lamentation/Macgregor's Search [add]
06. Kilt Thy Coat Maggie/Three Sheepskins [add]
07. Lord Dundee's Lamentation/The Braes O' Killiekrankie [add]
08. I'll Mak Ye Fain to Follow Me/Shame Fa' the Gear and the Blathrie O'T [add]
09. Lady Cassilis' Lilt/The Auld Jew/The Broom O' Cowdenknowes [add]
10. MacDonald of the Isles' Salutation [add]
11. Rushes/Birk and Green Hollin [add]
12. Soor Plooms [add]
13. Jockey Drucken Babble/Sae Mirrie as We Hae Been/Jockey Went to the Wo [add]
14. Omnia Vincit Amor/The Banks of Helicon/Deil Tak the Wars [add]

Winter's Turning (1986) 01. Drive the Cold Winter Away/Cold and Raw [add]
02. Avant de S'En Aller [add]
03. Pastime With Good Company/Somerset Wassail [add]
04. Greensleeves Morris/Green Groweth the Holly/Eagle's Whistle [add]
05. Past 1 O'Clock/Great Tom's Cast [add]
06. Sheep Under the Snow/Welsh Morris [add]
07. Praetorius' Courante Clxxix/Drive the Cold Winter Away [add]
08. Blow Blow Thou Winter Wynd/Vivaldi's Winter Largo/Trip to the Boar/Ma [add]
09. Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady/Christmas Eve [add]
10. Hunting the Wren lyrics
11. Corelli's Sonato (A Violino E Violino O Cynbalo) 36 Allegro/Scottish [add]
12. Polka du Tapis [add]

Ten of Songs (1988) 01. Ancient Song [add]
02. Lammas [add]
03. Political Lies [add]
04. Scotland Yet [add]
05. Skull and Nettlework [add]
06. The Barley [add]
07. Here to Burn [add]
08. Verses at Ellesmere [add]
09. Innocent Love [add]
10. Verses at Powis lyrics

Celtic Harp Airs & Dance Tunes (1997) 01. Lude's Supper/The Lark in the Morning [add]
02. Meggie's Fov [add]
03. Mwynen Mon [add]
04. The Galway Rambler [add]
05. Port Atholl/ The Braes of Tullimet [add]
06. The Rocks of Pleasure [add]
07. The Scholar [add]
08. Glan Medd Dod Mwyn [add]
09. The Old Frieze Britches [add]
10. The Blackbird/The Downfall of Paris [add]
11. Kimiad/The Mountain Road [add]

Merry Band's Farewell Concert at McCabe's [live] (1997) 01. Wassail! [add]
02. Her Scattered Gold [add]
03. By Weary Well lyrics
04. The Woodcutter's Song lyrics
05. Flower of the Briar [add]
06. The Legend [add]
07. Five Denials on Merlin's Grave [add]
08. Cadgers on the Cannongate [add]

Bloomsbury 1997 [live] (1998) 01. Everything's Fine Right Now [add]
02. Scotland Yet [add]
03. Red Hair [add]
04. October Song/Maya [add]
05. Favourite Sins [add]
06. A Love Letter to My Wife Bina [add]
07. Mexican Girl [add]
08. North Sea Beaches/Koeeoaddi There [add]
09. 1968 [add]
10. Feast of Stephen [add]
11. Every Time I Hear the Sweet Birds Singing [add]
12. Log Cabin Home in the Sky [add]
13. You've Been a Friend to Me [add]

Gem's of Celtic Story: One (1998) 01. Tale of Culhwch and Olwen [add]
02. Aden Ffwynach [add]

Ring Dance (1998) 01. Ring Dance [add]
02. Vesherngro [add]
03. Back in Paris [add]
04. My Enemy Is Listening [add]
05. Gaol for Sure [add]
06. Fine Fingered Hands [add]
07. At Waverely Station [add]
08. The Lady With the Book [add]
09. Take a Heed of Me Sometimes [add]
10. Invocation [add]
11. The Lights of Sweet St. Anne's [add]
12. I See Us Cross Great Waters [add]

Gems of Celtic Story: Two (1998) 01. The Dialogue of the Two Sages [add]
02. The Voyage of Mael Duinn [add]
03. The Birth of Lugh [add]
04. The Wooing of Findabair [add]

Job of Journey Work (1998) 01. The Banks of Bunclody [add]
02. Hard Times in Old England/Monie Musk [add]
03. Geordie Gordon [add]
04. The Black Horse [add]
05. William Taylor [add]
06. Nottamun Town [add]
07. The May Morning Dew [add]
08. Bold Riley-O [add]
09. These Old Shoes/Miss Macleod's Reel [add]
10. Riding Down to Portsmouth [add]
11. Ye've Lain Wrang [add]
12. A Job of Journeywork [add]
13. The Streams of Lovely Nancy [add]
14. Brown Skin Girl [add]
15. Hughie the Graeme [add]
16. Toderoday lyrics
17. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down [add]
18. Rothesay Bay [add]

Island of the Strong Door (1999) 01. Love Letter to My Wife Bina [add]
02. Scadiaw [add]
03. Billy & The Scrapper [add]
04. If Wishes Were Horses [add]
05. In Four Quarters of the World [add]
06. Bless This Kiss [add]
07. I Pray to God in God's Absence [add]
08. Late in the Evening lyrics
09. Daughter's Dance (Vashti) [add]
10. The Island of the Strong Door [add]

Old Fangled Tone (1999) 01. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore [add]
02. Jordan Am a Hard Road to Travel [add]
03. Black Is the Color [add]
04. Captain Ward [add]
05. Bonny Kells Water [add]
06. South Coast [add]
07. Battleship of Maine [add]
08. Will Ye Go to Flanders [add]
09. The Wild Colonial Boy [add]
10. 10/9 [add]
11. Erin Gu Bragh [add]
12. Down by the Salley Gardens [add]
13. Whisky You're the Devil [add]
14. Ye Banks and Braes [add]

At the Pure Fountain [live] (1999) 01. Come a Ye Tramps and Hawkers [add]
02. Pretty Fair Maid [add]
03. Paris [add]
04. For Far Soldier [add]
05. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You) [add]
06. Relax Your Mind [add]
07. Cam Ye O'Er Frae France [add]
08. Rise When the Rooster Crows [add]
09. ? la Belle ?toile [add]
10. Bless You (For Being an Angel) [add]
11. Sally Ann [add]
12. Green Grow the Laurels [add]
13. The Show Must Go On [add]
14. Wae's Me for Prince Charlie [add]
15. Salty Dog [add]
16. The Night of the Ragmen's Ball [add]

Songs for Children of All Ages (1999) 01. Witches Hat lyrics
02. The Herring Song lyrics
03. Three Men Went A-Hunting lyrics
04. Fool's Song [add]
05. Horses' Dance [add]
06. Brian O'Linn lyrics
07. Butter lyrics
08. The Water Song lyrics
09. The Raggle Taggle Gipsies lyrics
10. Froggy Would A-Wooing Go [add]
11. Liberty/Old Dan Tucker [add]
12. Ivy, Sing Ivy [add]
13. The Back of Burnie's Hill/Over the Hills and Far Away [add]
14. The Gartan Lullaby lyrics
15. Drive the Cold Winter/Cold and Raw [add]
16. Avant de S'En Aller [add]
17. Pastime With Good Company (Henry VIII) /Somerset Wassail [add]
18. Greensleeves Morris/Green Groweth the Holly/The Eagle's Whistle [add]
19. Past 1 O'Clock/Great Tom's Cast [add]
20. Sheep Under the Snow/Welsh Morris [add]
21. Praetorius' Courante Clxxix/Drive the Cold Winter Away [Playford Versi] [add]
22. Blow Blow Thou Winter Wynd/Vivaldi's Winter Largo/Trip to the Boar [add]
23. Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady/Christmas Eve [add]
24. Hunting the Wren lyrics
25. Corelli's Sonato (A Vilino E Violino O Cynbalo) /36 ... [add]
26. Polka du Tapis [add]

Just Like the Ivy (2000) 01. You've Been a Friend to Me [add]
02. Going Across the Sea [add]
03. Planxty Irwin/Spanish Is a Living Tongue [add]
04. Boston Burglar [add]
05. Downtown Dandies [add]
06. Blind Fiddler [add]
07. Just Like the Ivy [add]
08. Bonny Cragside/Neil Gow's Wife [add]
09. The Storm Is on the Ocean [add]
10. Empty Pocket Blues [add]
11. Salty Dog [add]
12. Bonny Doon [add]
13. Rambling Boy [add]
14. Side by Side [add]

The Seed-At-Zero (2001) 01. The World [add]
02. The Seed-At-Zero lyrics
03. Skull and Nettlework [add]
04. Holy Spring/To God in God's Absence lyrics
05. Lament of the Old Man [add]
06. In My Craft or Sullen Art [add]
07. Verses at Balwearie Tower lyrics
08. Can y Gwynt [add]
09. By Weary Well lyrics
10. The Bells of Rhymney [add]
11. On No Work of Words lyrics
12. The Barley [add]
13. Hold Hard, These Ancient Minutes in the Cuckoo's Month lyrics
14. Cold Days of February [add]
15. Poem on His Birthday lyrics
16. For Mr. Thomas [add]

Gems of Celtic Story: Three (2002) 01. In the Name of the Maker of All [add]
02. Dwellers of the Ancient Time [add]
03. The First Battle of Mag Tuired [add]
04. The Birth of Bres the Beautiful [add]
05. The Kingship of Bres [add]
06. Dian Cecht and Miach [add]
07. The Birth of Lug Lamh Fada [add]
08. Lug Lamh Fada at the Gate of Tara [add]
09. The Kingship of Lug Lamh Fada [add]
10. The Dagda and The Morrigu [add]
11. The Dagda and The Porridge [add]
12. The Dagda and The Daughter of Indech [add]
13. The Second Battle of Mag Tuired [add]
14. The Stone of Destiny [add]

Skirting the River Road (2003) 01. The Morning Watch/A Song of Joys [add]
02. Here to Burn [add]
03. The Four Points Are Thus Beheld (Jerusalem) [add]
04. Infant Joy [add]
05. Dalliance of Eagles [add]
06. Abstinence Sows Sand [add]
07. The Journey [add]
08. The Terrible Doubt (Of the Terrible Doubt of Apearances) (The Base of ...) [add]
09. West from California's Shores (Facing West from Califoria's Shores) lyrics
10. Shepherd's Tune [add]
11. The Map With No North [add]
12. The Spider lyrics
13. The Fly lyrics
14. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry [add]
15. The World of Light [add]

A Glint at the Kindling/Five Bardic Mysteries (2005) 01. The Road the Gypsies Go lyrics
02. Me and the Mad Girl lyrics
03. Lough Foyle lyrics
04. The Woodcutter's Song lyrics
05. By Weary Well lyrics
06. Boyhood of Henry Morgan/The Pooka [add]
07. Five Denials on Merlin's Grave [add]
08. The Poacher's Song lyrics
09. The Spoils of Annwn [add]
10. The Battle of the Trees [add]
11. The Dialogue of the Two Sages [add]
12. The Voyage of Bran, Son of Febal [add]
13. Three Celtic Nature Poems [add]

Four Gruagach Tales (2006) 01. Fisherman's Son & The Gruagach of Tricks [add]
02. Blind Rafferty & The Jealous Hero [add]
03. Rory Mor & The Gruagach Gaire [add]
04. Prince Dougie & The Swan Maiden [add]

The Iron Stone (2006) 01. The Climber [add]
02. Sir Patrick Spens [add]
03. Wyatt's Song of Reproach [add]
04. There Is a Music [add]
05. Even Such Is Time [add]
06. The Iron Stone [add]
07. The Badger [add]
08. Political Lies [add]
09. The Yellow Snake [add]
10. Loftus Jones [add]
11. Bacchus [add]
12. The Praises of the Mountain Hare [add]
13. To God in God's Absence [add]
14. Verses at Ellesmere [add]
15. Henceforth [add]

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