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Wolfstone lyrics
Genre: Folk
Unleashed (1991) 01. Cleveland Park/The Banks Of The Allan/Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong, ... [add]
02. Song For Yesterday [add]
03. Paddy Fehey's /The Silver Spear [add]
04. Sleepy Toon [add]
05. Hector The Hero [add]
06. The Howl: The Louis Reel/Morrison's Jig/Shoe Polishers Jig [add]
07. Lily the Pict/Here Is Where The Heart Is [add]
08. Hard Heart [add]
09. The Coast Of austria/Toss The Feathers/Farewell To Erin/Captain ... [add]

The Chase (1992) 01. Tinnie Run: The Road to Mount Tinnie Run/The Boys of Ballymoat/Alan M [add]
02. Glass and the Can [add]
03. The Prophet [add]
04. The Appropriate Dipstick: [add]
05. Flames and Hearts [add]
06. The 10 Float: Kinnaird House/10 Float/The Cottage in the Grove [add]
07. Close It Down: Close It Down/Duncan Johnstone [add]
08. Jake's Tune [add]
09. The Early Mist [add]
10. Cannot Lay Me Down: Cannot Lay Me Down/The Lady of Ardross [add]

Year of the Dog (1994) 01. Holy Ground [add]
02. Ballavanich [add]
03. The Sea King lyrics
04. Brave Foot Soldiers [add]
05. Double Rise Set [add]
06. White Gown lyrics
07. Morag's Reels [add]
08. Braes of Sutherland [add]
09. Dinner's Set [add]

Half Tail (1996) 01. Zeto [add]
02. Tall Ships lyrics
03. Gillies [add]
04. Heart and Soul lyrics
05. Granny Hogg's Enormous Wallet [add]
06. Bonnie Ship the Diamond [add]
07. Glenglass [add]
08. Clueless [add]
09. No Tie Ups [add]

This Strange Place (1998) 01. Harlequin: Harlequin/Pipe Major Stevie Saint [add]
02. This Girl lyrics
03. Let Them Sing lyrics
04. Banks of the Ness [add]
05. This Strange Place lyrics
06. Stevie's Set [add]
07. Till I Sleep lyrics
08. Arab Set: Arab in the Court of Kintail/Redwood Reel [add]
09. Reluctant Journey lyrics
10. Kazakhstan: Thief in the Night/Hills of Kazakhstan [add]

Seven (1999) 01. Psycho Woman [add]
02. Brave Boys [add]
03. Jen's Tune [add]
04. Black Dog [add]
05. Quinie Fae Ryhnie [add]
06. John Simmers [add]
07. J-Time [add]
08. Wild and the Free [add]
09. Crowfeathers [add]
10. Maggie's [add]
11. Finagal's Cave [add]

Almost an Island (2002) 01. The Piper and the Shrew [add]
02. Elav the Terrible [add]
03. Where the Summers Go [add]
04. La Grand Nuit du Port de Peche [add]
05. The Queen of Argyll [add]
06. 5/4 Madness [add]
07. Davie's Last Reel [add]
08. Jericho [add]
09. All Our Dreams [add]
10. The Panda [add]

Live! Not Enough Shouting (2002) 01. Psycho Woman [add]
02. Brave Boys, [add]
03. Quinie [add]
04. Gillies [add]
05. Balivanich [add]
06. Crowfeathers [add]
07. Black Dog [add]
08. John Simmers [add]
09. J-Time [add]
10. Wild & The Free [add]
11. Clueless [add]
12. The Prophet [add]
13. Tinny Run [add]
14. Maggie's [add]

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