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Shooglenifty lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Venus in Tweeds (1995) 01. The Pipe Tunes: John McKenzie's Fancy/The Kitchen Piper [add]
02. Horace: The Grampian Television Jig/Horace Show of Highfield/The Old [add]
03. The Point Road [add]
04. Venus in Tweeds [add]
05. Waiting for Conrad [add]
06. Two Fifty to Vigo [add]
07. Paranoia: Paranoia/Flapper's Reel [add]
08. Buying a Blanket: Buying a Blanket/Murphy the Mousecatcher [add]
09. The Tammienorrie: The Tammienorie/Leo Elsey's Reel/Les Reel des Voyageurs [add]
10. The Point Road [Joiner's Mix] [add]

Whisky Kiss (1996) 01. Da Eye Wifey: Woods No. 1 [add]
02. She's in the Attic: She's in the Attic/Hey Goat [add]
03. A Song for Susie [add]
04. A Whisky Kiss [add]
05. Good Drying: Flick It up and Catch It/The Creepy Zone/Good Drying [add]
06. Hoptson [add]
07. The Price of a Pig: The Price of a Pig/Crabbit Shona/Bancroft's Descent [add]
08. Farewell to Nigg [add]

Solar Shears (2001) 01. The Hijab [add]
02. Shuman's Leap [add]
03. Igor's [add]
04. August [add]
05. Delighted [add]
06. Maggie Ann of Clachnabrochan [add]
07. Rod's Doorway/ The Rosehall Strap [add]
08. Steps [add]
09. Kinky Haroosh [add]
10. Bjorks's Chauffeur: The Baker from Foz / Bjorks Chauffeur / ... [add]

The Arms Dealer's Daughter (2003) 01. Glenuig Hall/The Wrong Box [add]
02. The Arms Dealer's Daughter/Aye Right [add]
03. Heading West [add]
04. Missed the Bypass/The Reid St. Sofa/Fit're Ye Dain, Up Ma Vennel?! [add]
05. The Nordal Rumba [add]
06. Bar Bruno's/Maxine's Polka [add]
07. A Fistful of Euro/The New Rat, No. 6 [add]
08. Carboni's Farewell/The Patient Man [add]
09. Scraping the Barrel/Fielding's Possum/Take the Tunnel [add]
10. Tune for Bartley [add]

Radical Mestizo (2005) 01. She's in the Attic [add]
02. Glenuig Hall [add]
03. The Arms Dealer's Daughter [add]
04. Nordal Rumba [add]
05. Carboni's Farewell [add]
06. Delighted [add]
07. Schumann's Leap [add]
08. Heading West [add]
09. A Fistful of Euro [add]
10. Scraping the Barrel [add]

Troots (2007) 01. McConnell's Rant [add]
02. Excess Baggage [add]
03. The Trim Controller [add]
04. Charlie and the Professor [add]
05. Loreen's Tune [add]
06. Ful' Tae the Heid O' Troots [add]
07. The Eccentric [add]
08. The Patient Nurses [add]
09. Walter C Douglas [add]
10. Jane's Dance [add]

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