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Larry Sparks lyrics
Genre: Country
Ramblin' Bluegrass (1972) 01. Dark Hollow [add]
02. Faded Love [instrumental] [add]
03. A Life of Sorrow [add]
04. Too Much Mountain Dew [add]
05. Kentucky Chimes [instrumental] [add]
06. Just Lovin' You [add]
07. Brand New Broken Heart [add]
08. Memories and Dreams [add]
09. Goodbye Little Darlin' Goodbye [add]
10. Long Journey Home [add]
11. This Lonesome Old Feeling [add]
12. Kentucky Banjo [instrumental] [add]

Larry Sparks Sings Hank Williams (1977) 01. No One Will Ever Know [add]
02. Dixie Cannonball [add]
03. Someday You'll Call My Name [add]
04. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry [add]
05. Battle of Armegeddon [add]
06. Waltz of the Wind [add]
07. Singing Waterfall [add]
08. Mind Your Own Business [add]
09. My Heart Would Know [add]
10. I Saw the Light [add]
11. Mansion on the Hill [add]
12. Blue Love [add]

John Deere Tractor (1980) 01. John Deere Tractor [add]
02. Girl at the Crossroads Bar [add]
03. Hot Sauce [add]
04. I'd Rather Be Alone [add]
05. Great High Mountain lyrics
06. Love of the Mountains lyrics
07. Making Believe [add]
08. Nobody's Business [add]
09. When I Lay My Burdens Down [add]
10. Carter's Blues [add]

Silver Reflections (1991) 01. Tennessee 1949 [add]
02. Kentucky Girl [add]
03. Please Don't Wake Me [add]
04. Richmond [add]
05. Don't Neglect the Rose lyrics
06. You're the Girl of My Dreams [add]
07. I'd Like to Be a Train [add]
08. Natural Thing to Do lyrics
09. I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye [add]
10. Blue Virginia Blues [add]
11. Old Faded Picture [add]
12. Cruisin' Timber [add]

Travelin' (1992) 01. Takin' a Slow Train [add]
02. Wheeling [add]
03. A Little Ways Down the Road [add]
04. Chuck in the Bush [add]
05. Goin' Up Home to Live in Green Pastures [add]
06. You'll Forget [add]
07. Do You Wonder Why? [add]
08. Heart Trouble [add]
09. Halfway to Tulsa [add]
10. I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages [add]
11. Sally Ann [add]
12. Pan American [add]

The Rock I Stand On (1994) 01. The Rock I Stand On [add]
02. Tell 'Em About Jesus [add]
03. Green Pastures in the Sky [add]
04. An Empty Mansion [add]
05. I'm on My Way to Canaan's Land [add]
06. Thank You Lord [add]
07. Where Shall I Be? [add]
08. My Lord [add]
09. Mama's Songs [add]
10. The Old Rugged Cross [add]
11. Jesus Is the Rock [add]
12. Memories [add]

Blue Mountain Memories (1996) 01. Digging in the Ground [add]
02. Blue Mountain Memories [add]
03. Last Day at Gettysburg [add]
04. Jesus Is Waiting for Me [add]
05. Ramblin' Pickin' [add]
06. Getting Over You [add]
07. Don't Know Why [add]
08. Thinking Right [add]
09. Gospel Train [add]
10. Willie Roy, the Cripple Boy [add]
11. Danny Boy [add]
12. Stone Wall [add]

Christmas in the Hills (1997) 01. Christmas Time's A-Coming [add]
02. The Birthday of Our King [add]
03. White Christmas [add]
04. Christmas in the Mountains [add]
05. Beautiful Star of Bethlehem [add]
06. Away in a Manger [add]
07. Christmas Is Near [add]
08. Blue Christmas [add]
09. Joy to the World [add]
10. Christmas Memories [add]
11. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
12. It's Christmas Time [add]

New Highway (1998) 01. New Highway [add]
02. Gotta Move [add]
03. Mr. Jesus [add]
04. Hold on to Your Dreams [add]
05. Blood Stains on the Cross [add]
06. Jesus Walks Ahead of Me [add]
07. Just a Closer Walk With Thee [add]
08. When the Savior Reached Down for Me [add]
09. I Wasn't There [add]
10. The Old Love Letter [add]

Special Delivery (2000) 01. Colleen Malone [add]
02. Timberline [add]
03. Lovin' on Borrowed Time [add]
04. Ghost Stories [add]
05. Be Nobody's Darling But Mine [add]
06. Around the Carousel [add]
07. California Zephyr [add]
08. I'm Moving [add]
09. Richmond County [add]
10. San Antonio Rose [add]
11. The Undelivered Message [add]
12. Snow Covered Mound [add]

Old Church Yard (2002) 01. The Old Church Yard [add]
02. Ship from the King's Harbor Shore lyrics
03. He's Everything to Me [add]
04. I've Just Seen the Rock of Ages [add]
05. Mother, How I Miss You [add]
06. Wandering Soul [add]
07. The Testing Times lyrics
08. I Want to See Him Smile [add]
09. Jesus Is All That I Need [add]
10. Everything's Alright [add]
11. Family Bible [add]
12. I Shall Not Be Moved [add]

The Coldest Part of Winter (2003) 01. Leavin' Me [add]
02. You Ain't Lived [add]
03. This Old Road [add]
04. Winter in Miami lyrics
05. Parkway Blues [add]
06. Let's Turn Back the Clock [add]
07. Kentucky Moon [add]
08. He Walked All the Way Home [add]
09. Our Old Home [add]
10. Shenandoah Moon [add]
11. Soldier's Joy [add]
12. Lord, Show Me the Way [add]

40 (2005) 01. Georgia Peaches [add]
02. City Folks Call Us Poor [add]
03. John Deere Tractor [add]
04. Blues Stay Away from Me [add]
05. 1-800-Do-U-Care [add]
06. Where the Sweet Water Flows [add]
07. Tennessee 1949 [add]
08. I Need Jesus [add]
09. Sharecropper's Son [add]
10. Love Please Stay [add]
11. Listening to the Wind [add]
12. I Want You to Meet My Friend [add]
13. Carter's Blues [add]
14. It's Too Late to Walk the Floor [add]
15. Brand New Broken Heart [add]
16. New Highway [add]

The Last Suit You Wear (2007) 01. The Old Coal Mine lyrics
02. Casualty of War lyrics
03. For Your Love lyrics
04. Lazarus and the Rich Man lyrics
05. I'm Country and Nothing More [add]
06. Pretty Girls lyrics
07. The Last Suit You Wear lyrics
08. Goodbye Little Darlin' [add]
09. Follow the Star [add]
10. Larro [instrumental] [add]
11. Hand in Hand [add]
12. Those Blues Eyes Don't Sparkle Anymore [add]

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