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The Seldom Scene lyrics
Genre: Country
Act 1 (1972) 01. Raised by the Railroad Line [add]
02. Darling Corey [add]
03. Want of a Woman [add]
04. Sweet Baby James [add]
05. Joshua [add]
06. Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown [add]
07. City of New Orleans [add]
08. With Body and Soul [add]
09. Summertime Is Past and Gone [add]
10. 500 Miles [add]
11. Cannonball [add]
12. What Am I Doing Hanging 'Round? [add]

Act 3 (1973) 01. Chim Chim Cheree [add]
02. Little Georgia Rose [add]
03. Another Lonesome Day [add]
04. Willie Boy [add]
05. Faded Love [add]
06. Rider [add]
07. Muddy Water lyrics
08. Mean Mother Blues [add]
09. Sing Me Back Home [add]
10. Hail to the Redskins [add]
11. Don't Bother with White Satin [add]
12. Heaven [add]

Act Two (1973) 01. Last Train From Poor Valley [add]
02. Garden and Memories [add]
03. Paradise [add]
04. Small Exception of Me [add]
05. Train Leaves Here This Morning [add]
06. Keep Me from Blowing Away [add]
07. Hello Mary Lou [add]
08. Lara's Theme [add]
09. I've Lost You [add]
10. The Sweetest Gift [add]
11. Reason for Being [add]
12. Smokin' Hickory [add]
13. House of Gold [add]

Old Train (1974) 01. Appalachian Rain [add]
02. Wait a Minute [add]
03. Different Roads [add]
04. Old Train [add]
05. Through the Bottom of the Glass [add]
06. Old Crossroads [add]
07. Pan American [add]
08. Working on a Building [add]
09. Walk Through This World With Me [add]
10. Maybe You Will Change Your Mind [add]
11. Traveling on and On [add]
12. C & O Canal [add]

Live at the Cellar Door (1975) 01. Doing My Time [add]
02. California Cottonfields [add]
03. Band Intros [add]
04. Panhandle Country [add]
05. Muddy Waters [add]
06. Rawhide [add]
07. Baby Blue [add]
08. City of New Orleans [add]
09. Grandfather's Clock [add]
10. The Fields Have Turned Brown [add]
11. Hit Parade of Love [add]
12. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
13. Pick Away [add]
14. Dark Hollow [add]
15. Small Exception of Me [add]
16. If I Were a Carpenter [add]
17. Old Gray Bonnet [add]
18. C & O Canal [add]
19. Georgia Rose [add]
20. Colorado Turnaround [add]
21. He Rode All the Way to Texas [add]
22. White Line [add]
23. Rider [add]

The New Seldom Scene Album (1976) 01. Big Rig [add]
02. If That's the Way You Feel [add]
03. Easy Ride from Good Times to the Blues [add]
04. Paradise Valley [add]
05. California Earthquake [add]
06. Railroad Man [add]
07. Answer Your Call [add]
08. I Haven't Got the Right to Love You [add]
09. Song for Life [add]
10. Rebels Ye Rest [add]
11. Pictures from Life's Other Side [add]

Act Four (1978) 01. Something in the Wind [add]
02. Girl in the Night [add]
03. Ride Me Down Easy [add]
04. Leaving Harlan [add]
05. Tennessee Blues [add]
06. Life Is Like a Mountain Railway [add]
07. I Don't Know You [add]
08. California Blues [add]
09. San Antonio Rose [add]
10. Daddy Was a Railroad Man [add]
11. Walking the Blues [add]
12. This Weary Heart You Stole Away [add]

Baptizing (1978) 01. By the Side of the Road [add]
02. Brother John [add]
03. Dreaming of a Little Cabin [add]
04. Fallen Leaves [add]
05. He Took Your Place [add]
06. Take Him In [add]
07. Hobo on a Freight Train to Heaven [add]
08. Will You Be Ready to Go Home? [add]
09. Were You There? [add]
10. Walk With Him Again [add]
11. Gospel Medley [add]

After Midnight (1981) 01. Lay Down Sally [add]
02. Hearts Overflowing [add]
03. The Old Home Town [add]
04. Stompin' at the Savoy [add]
05. The Border Incident [add]
06. Come Early Morning [*] [add]
07. After Midnight [add]
08. If I Had Left It Up to You [add]
09. Heartsville Pike [add]
10. Stolen Love [add]
11. Let Our Mother Nature Have Her Way [add]

At the Scene (1983) 01. A Girl I Know [add]
02. Jamaica, Say You Will [add]
03. Open up the Window, Noah [add]
04. Winter Wind [add]
05. Heal It [add]
06. The Weary Pilgrim [add]
07. It Turns Me Inside Out [add]
08. The Champion [add]
09. Born of the Wind [add]
10. Peaceful Dreams [add]

Change of Scenery (1988) 01. Breaking New Ground [add]
02. Casting My Shadow in the Road [add]
03. Settin' Me Up [add]
04. Alabama Clay [add]
05. I'll Be No Stranger There [add]
06. West Texas Wind [add]
07. Satan's Choir [add]
08. In Despair [add]
09. What Goes On [add]
10. Brand New Walking Shoes [add]
11. One Way Rider [add]

Scenic Roots (1990) 01. If You Ever Change Your Mind [add]
02. Lots in a Memory [add]
03. The Wrath of God [add]
04. Before I Met You [add]
05. Red Georgia Clay [add]
06. I've Cried My Last Tear over You [add]
07. Not in My Arms [add]
08. Highway of Heartache [add]
09. Long Black Veil [add]
10. Last Call to Glory [add]
11. Distant Train [add]
12. How Mountain Girls Can Love [add]

Like We Used to Be (1994) 01. Grandpa Get Your Guitar [add]
02. Let Me Be Your Friend [add]
03. Like I Used to Do [add]
04. Highway of Pain [add]
05. Cheap Whiskey [add]
06. Philadelphia Lawyer [add]
07. Almost Threw Your Love Away [add]
08. The Other Side of Town [add]
09. She's More to Be Pitied [add]
10. Heaven's Green Fields [add]
11. I've Come to Take You Home [add]
12. I'll Remember You Love in My Prayers [add]
13. Some Morning Soon [add]

Dream Scene (1996) 01. Dry Run Creek [add]
02. Going up on the Mountain [add]
03. Willie Roy [add]
04. Tulsa Chili Bop [add]
05. When I Get My Rewards [add]
06. They're at Rest Together [add]
07. The Boatman lyrics
08. Love of the Mountains [add]
09. Little Sparrow (Fair Tender Ladies) [add]
10. The Shape I'm In [add]
11. Blue Diamond [add]
12. Bad Moon Rising [add]

Scene It All (2000) 01. Rollin' and Tumblin' [add]
02. Dusty [add]
03. I Will Always Be Waiting for You [add]
04. Blue and Lonesome [add]
05. You Better Get Right [add]
06. Walking the Dog [add]
07. From This Moment On [add]
08. When the Walls Come Tumblin' Down [add]
09. Boots of Spanish Leather [add]
10. Trust in the Tide [add]
11. One Step Up [add]
12. Nadine [add]

Different Roads (2007) 01. Different Roads [add]
02. Old Train [add]
03. Walk Through This World with Me [add]
04. Gardens and Memories [add]
05. Wait a Minute [add]
06. Rebels 'Ye Rest [add]
07. Last Train from Poor Valley [add]
08. I've Lost You [add]
09. Keep Me from Blowin' Away [add]
10. Reason for Being [add]
11. If That's the Way You Feel [add]
12. Easy Ride from Good Times to the Blues [add]
13. Pictures from Life's Other Side [add]
14. Pan American [add]

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