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Reno & Smiley lyrics
Genre: Country
Instrumentals (1958) 01. Dill Pickle [add]
02. Black and White Rag [add]
03. Mack's Hoedown [add]
04. Pick and Hold [add]
05. Sandy Road [add]
06. Richmond Ruckus [add]
07. Lee's March [add]
08. Jackknife-In' [add]
09. Hen Scratchin' Stomp [add]
10. Banjo Riff [add]

Good Old Country Ballads (1959) 01. Let's Live for Tonight [add]
02. Cruel Love [add]
03. Maybe You Will Change Your Mind [add]
04. Trail of Sorrow [add]
05. Love Call Waltz [add]
06. Barefoot Nellie [add]
07. No Longer a Sweetheart of Mine [add]
08. I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) [add]
09. Drifting With the Tide [add]
10. I'm the Biggest Liar in Town [add]
11. All I Have Is Just a Memory [add]
12. Country Boy Rock & Roll [add]

Variety of Country Songs (1959) 01. I'm Gone, Long Gone [add]
02. Always Be Kind to Your Mother [add]
03. There's Another Baby Waiting for Me Down the Line [add]
04. Springtime in Dear Old Dixie [add]
05. Never Get to Hold You in My Arms Anymore [add]
06. I Can Hear the Angels Singing [add]
07. If It Takes Me a Lifetime [add]
08. Old Home Place [add]
09. It's Grand to Have Someone to Love You [add]
10. I Could Cry [add]
11. Your Tears Are Just Interest on the Loan [add]
12. Since I've Used My Bible for a Roadmap [add]

Folk Songs of the Civil War (1961) 01. The First Shot [add]
02. Shiloh [add]
03. Antietam [add]
04. Stonewall's Brigade [add]
05. Jeb's Black Horse Brigade [add]
06. Gettysburg Recalled [add]
07. V.M.I.'s Gallant Hour [add]
08. The Battle of Atlanta [add]
09. Virginia's Heritage [add]
10. Confederate Flag [add]
11. Lee's Command [add]
12. Appomattox [add]

Bluegrass Hits (1963) 01. Howdy Neighboy Howdy [add]
02. Sweethearts in Heaven [add]
03. Where Did Our Young Years Go? [add]
04. Cotton-Eyed Joe [add]
05. Your Love Is Dying [add]
06. Dark Waters [add]
07. Sawing on the Strings [add]
08. One Teardrop and One Step Away [add]
09. Unforgivable You [add]
10. Banjo Medley [add]
11. Kiss Me One More Time [add]
12. One More Hill [add]

True Meaning of Christmas (1963) 01. True Meaning of Christmas [add]
02. Jingle Bells [add]
03. Blue Christmas [add]
04. Frosty the Snowman [add]
05. Christmas Doll [add]
06. Christmas Reunion [add]
07. It Won't Seem Like Christmas [add]
08. Joy to the World [add]
09. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear [add]
10. Silent Night [add]

Together Again (1971) 01. Intro [add]
02. Highway 52 [add]
03. Somewhere, Someday Again [add]
04. A Dime Looks Like a Wagon Wheel [add]
05. Emotions [add]
06. Buck Ryan Rag [add]
07. Flowers Are Like People [add]
08. Mule Skinner Blues [add]
09. Could I Stop Loving You [add]
10. Riverdale Flash [add]
11. Soldier's Last Letter [add]
12. True or False [add]
13. Shine, Hallelujah, Shine [add]

On Stage [live] (1996) 01. Your Love Is Dying [add]
02. Don't Stop Now [add]
03. Banjo Medley [add]
04. Cowhide Joke [add]
05. Your Old Standby [add]
06. Billy in the Low Ground [add]
07. Springtime in Glory [add]
08. Mention of a Banjo Contest [add]
09. I Can't Stop Loving You [add]
10. When You and I Were Young, Maggie [add]
11. Bonaparte's Retreat [add]
12. Sawing on the Strings [add]
13. Banjo Signal [add]
14. Gone Home [add]
15. He Will Set Your Fields on Fire [add]
16. Big Ball in Brooklyn [add]
17. Call Me [add]
18. Grey Eagle [add]
19. John Henry [add]
20. Closing Theme [add]

On the Air [live] (1996) 01. Opening Theme [add]
02. Tennessee Wagoner [add]
03. It's a Little More Like Heaven [add]
04. I'm Stepping Out Tonight [add]
05. Gettin' Ready to Leave This World [add]
06. Closing Theme [add]
07. Turkey in the Straw [add]
08. I'll Stay Around [add]
09. Flop Eared Mule [add]
10. There's More Pretty Girls Than One [add]
11. Jesse James [add]
12. Closing Theme [add]
13. Sweethearts in Heaven [add]
14. 'Lasses [add]
15. Someone Will Love Me in Heaven [add]
16. Closing Theme: Golden Slippers [add]
17. Introduction by Don Owens [add]
18. I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) [add]
19. Commentary With Don Owens [add]
20. Dixie Breakdown [add]
21. Commentary With Don Owens [add]
22. Family Bible [add]

Tribute to Mother (1997) 01. Always Be Kind to Your Mother [add]
02. A Pretty Wreath for Mother's Grave [add]
03. I'm Building a Mansion in Heaven [add]
04. Garden in the Sky [add]
05. My Mother's Bible [add]
06. Amazing Grace [add]
07. Mother's Only Sleeping [add]
08. Family Bible [add]
09. A Brighter Mansion over There [add]
10. Where We'll Never Grow Old [add]
11. A Rose on God's Shore [add]
12. How I Miss My Darling Mother [add]

Play Bluegrass Instrumentals (2002) 01. Speedin' [add]
02. Keep Your Skillet Good and Greasy [add]
03. Goodbye Eliza Jane [add]
04. Yes Sir, That's My Baby [add]
05. Pretty Polly [add]
06. Washington and Lee Swing [add]
07. Seeing Nellie Home [add]
08. Buffalo Gal [add]
09. Dill Pickle Rag [add]
10. Carry Me Back to Old Virginia [add]

Sweethearts in Heaven (2005) 01. Howdy Neighbor Howdy [add]
02. Sweethearts in Heaven [add]
03. Where Did Our Young Years Go [add]
04. Cotton Eyed Joe [add]
05. Your Love Is Dying [add]
06. Dark Waters [add]
07. Sawing on the Strings [add]
08. One Teardrop and One Step Away [add]
09. Unforgiveable You [add]
10. Banjo Medley [add]
11. (Won't You) Kiss Me One More Time [add]
12. One More Hill [add]
13. Somewhere Tonight [add]
14. It's Only Right That I Should Pay [add]
15. Military Five String [add]
16. Silver Threads Among the Gold [add]
17. Soldier's Joy Hop [add]
18. Three Finger Hop [add]
19. Clear Skies [add]
20. If I Could Hold You One More Time [add]
21. Now I'm Willing to Give You My Heart [add]
22. Lonesome Hearted Blues [add]
23. I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) [add]
24. Charlotte Breakdown [add]

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