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Frankie Gavin lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Up and Away (1983) 01. Eddy Moloney's Set [add]
02. The Moving Pint, Dog Big and Dog Little [add]
03. Buck From The Mountain, McPartlin's Style [add]
04. Col. Rogersm Happy Days OF Youth [add]
05. Up Leitrim [add]
06. Early Breakfast/Scotch Mary [add]
07. The Bucks Of Oranmore [add]
08. My Love Is But A Lassie, Dark Girl Dressed In Blue [add]
09. Kilty Town/McFadden's Favourite [add]
10. McLaughlin's Flings [add]
11. Five Mile Chase, The GLass Of Beer, Richard Dwyer's [add]
12. Farankie Gavin's Irish Orchestra: Mike Flanagan's [add]

A Tribute to Joe Cooley (1986) 01. Cooley's/ The Wise Maid [add]
02. Over the Moor to Maggie/ Dowd's Number Nine [add]
03. The Stack of Wheat/ Miss Galvin's [add]
04. Mike Flanagan's/ The Milliner's Daughter [add]
05. Clancy's the Scotsman over the Border [add]
06. Lafferty's/ My Love Is in Americ [add]
07. The Sailor on the Rock/ Temple House/ The Lilies in the Field [add]
08. The Fermoy Lassies/ Hand Me Down the Tackle [add]
09. My Darling's Asleep/The Queen of the Fair [add]
10. The Mullingar Races/ The Humours of Westport [add]
11. The Derry/ The Fisher [add]
12. The Sally Gardens/ The Ships Are Sailing/ The Wild Irishman/ The Coalminer [add]

Frankie Goes to Town (1991) 01. John Mckenna's Reels [add]
02. Paddy Canney's Toast [add]
03. The Humours of Galway [add]
04. The Walls of Liscarroll [add]
05. Alice's Reel [add]
06. The Oak Tree [add]
07. The Green Fields of America [add]
08. St. Patrick's Day [add]
09. Reels from the 1920's [add]
10. Mama's Pet [add]
11. The Doberman's Wallet [add]
12. Ladies Choice [add]
13. The Maid Behind the Barrell [add]
14. The Dowry Reels [add]
15. Pigeon on the Gate [add]
16. All About Weaving [add]

Frankie Gavin & Alec Finn (1994) 01. Martin Wynne's, Austin Tierney's [add]
02. Cuo of Tea [add]
03. Peacock's Feather [add]
04. Drowsy Maggie, Sta R of Munster [add]
05. Charles O'Conner [add]
06. Jackson's [add]
07. Pigeon on the Gate [add]
08. Ryan's [add]
09. Bunch of Green Rushes, Sean Frank [add]
10. Murphy's [add]
11. The Congress [add]
12. Concert Reel [add]

An Shamrocks & Holly: An Irish Christmas Celebration (1996) 01. The First Noel [add]
02. Children's Chimes [add]
03. Silent Night [add]
04. Turkey Reel [add]
05. Adeste Fideles [add]
06. Holly and Ivy [add]
07. Tommy Coen's Christmas Eve [add]
08. Angels We Have Heard on High [add]
09. Ragtime Rudolph [add]
10. Ding Dong Merrily [add]
11. Away in a Manger [add]
12. The Holly Reel [add]
13. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing [add]
14. Jingle Bell Jazz [add]

Ireland (1997) 01. Announce au Public [add]
02. The Dancer's Delight [add]
03. The Showman's Fancy/Thomond Bridge [add]
04. Rose in the Heather/The Rambler/The Drimneen Jig [add]
05. Maid of Tullyknockbrine/Dinkeys Reel [add]
06. O'Carolan's Draught [add]
07. Polkas [add]
08. Gan Aim/The Temple House/Fox Hunt [add]
09. Mountain Road/Old Concertina Reel [add]
10. Caileach an Airgead/Connaughtman's Rambles/Out in the Ocean [add]
11. The Cuckoo Without Her Nest [add]
12. The Wren's Nest [add]
13. Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door/Mother's Blessing Valses [add]
14. Banks of Llen/Tom Billy's/Virginia [add]
15. Did You See My Man Looking for Me?/Short Grass/The Hag at the Church [add]
16. Dublin Porter/Peregrine Music [add]
17. Derry Hornpipe/Cil Abhaill [add]

Fierce Traditional (2001) 01. The Man of the House /The Providence Reel [Reel] [add]
02. Maud Millar [Reel] [add]
03. Miss Langford's Reel/The Tailor's Thimble [Reel] [add]
04. Sliabh Na Mban [Air] [add]
05. Jenny Picking Cockles /Farewell to Connaught [Reel] [add]
06. The Primrose Vale /Leitrim Fancy [Jig] [add]
07. The Mystery Reel [add]
08. Lucy Campbell [Reel] [add]
09. The Night Cap /The Frost Is All Over [Jig] [add]
10. Wheels of the World /Delaney's Frolics [Reel] [add]
11. Byrne's Hornpipe/Mullingar Races [Hornpipe] [add]
12. Maid of Mount Kisco [Reel] [add]
13. The New Road /Fisherman's Lilt /Humours of Westport [Reel] [add]
14. She Lived Beside the Anner [add]
15. The Mason's Apron [Reel] [add]
16. Flogging Reel/Johnny Gorman's [Reel] [add]
17. Wonder Hornpipe/The Foxhunter's Reel [add]
18. Free and Easy [Reel] [add]

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