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Paddy Glackin lyrics
Genre: Celtic
The Whirlwind (1995) 01. The Bonnie Bunch of Ferns/The Repeal of the Union [add]
02. The Young Tom Ennis/The Blackthorn Stick [add]
03. An R?gaire Dubh/Dessie O'Connor's [add]
04. The Liverpool Hornpipe/The Stacks of Barley [add]
05. Miss Ramsey/I'm Waiting for You [add]
06. Father O'Flynn/The Munster Jig [add]
07. An Lon Dubh [add]
08. The Rambling Pitchfork/The Walls of Liscarroll [add]
09. The Dispute at the Crossroads/The Jolly Tinker [add]
10. Munster Buttermilk/Sweet Biddy Daly [add]
11. The Dublin Reel/Boil the Breakfast Early [add]
12. The Cook in the Kitchen/The Wandering Minstrel [add]
13. The Dogs Amongst the Bushes/The Glen Road to Carrick [add]
14. Old Tipperary/An Phis Fhliuch [add]
15. Trim the Velvet/Kitty's Gone A' Milking [add]

Rabharta Ceoil (In Full Spate) (1995) 01. Sporting Paddy/John Doherty's/McFarley's [add]
02. Fairy Jig/Frainc A'phoill's [add]
03. Moving Bog/Jenny Picking Cockles/Hornless Cow [add]
04. I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her/Fraher's [add]
05. Joh Stewart's/James Byrne's/Pretty Peg/Miss Patterson's Slipper [add]
06. Darby Gallagher's/Con Cassidy's/Irish Washerwoman [add]
07. Paddy's Rambles Through the Park [add]
08. Old Peter Street/John McGinley's/Hand Me Down the Tackle [add]
09. Ri Na Bpiobairi (King of the Pipers) /Mooncoin [add]
10. Stage/Chief O'Neills [add]
11. Rakish Paddy/Wild Irishman [add]
12. Conacht Heifer/Steampacket [add]
13. Last House in Connacht/Gooseberry Bush [add]
14. Dispute at the Crossroads/Queen of the May/Jenny's Chickens [add]

Doublin' (2000) 01. Reels: The Mountain Road/ The Congress Reel [add]
02. The Plains of Boyle/Cornin's Hornpipe [add]
03. Castle Kelly [add]
04. The Bunch of Keys [add]
05. Tripping up the Stairs/ Father's Jig [add]
06. Jenny's Welcome to Charlie [add]
07. The Boyne Hunt/ Toss the Feathers [add]
08. The Doublin Reel / The Woman of the House [add]
09. The Sporting Pitchfork/ The Rambling Pitchfork [add]
10. Last Night Fun/ The Salamanca [add]
11. My Darling Asleep/ Garrett Barry's Jig [add]
12. R?is?n Dubh [add]
13. The Old Bush/ The Bucks of Oranmore [add]

Athchuairt (2001) 01. Elizabeth Kelly's Delight/Elizabeth Kelly's Jig [add]
02. The Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond [add]
03. John Kelly's Concertina Reel/The Merry Sisters/The Silver Spear [add]
04. The Green Fields of Amerikay [add]
05. The Lone Bush/Quinn from Armagh [add]
06. Song [add]
07. Australian Waters/The Wedding Jig [add]
08. I'd Rather Be Married Then Left/Chase Me Charley/The Kilcum?n Side [add]
09. Amhr?n [add]
10. Gol Na Mban San ?r (The Crying of the Women in the Slaughter) [add]
11. The Golden Keyboard/The Salamanca/Jenny's Chickens [add]

Glackin (2003) 01. Cor Peait Ui Thuathaigh (Pat Tuohey's Reel) [add]
02. Sean O Duibhir an Ghleanna [add]
03. Stocaigh Mhalainne (Boys of Malin) [add]
04. Diuic Laighean (Duke of Leinster) [add]
05. An Giorra San Arbhar (Hare in the Corn) [add]
06. Culu Bonapart (Bonapart's Retreat) [add]
07. Cor Mhic Phaidin (McFadden's Reel) [add]
08. Slipeid Inine Patterson (Miss Patterson's Slipper) [add]
09. Cuir Buaic Leis (Top It Off) [add]
10. An Cupan Sughtromain (Cup of (Overdrawn) Tea [add]
11. Altraigh Na Dea-Mhna (Cherish the Ladies) [add]
12. An Snaoism Tobac (Te Pinch of Snuff) [add]
13. Cor Julia Delaney (Julia Delaney's Reel) [add]
14. Ri Na Bpiobai (King of the Pipes) [add]
15. Na Cosain Ghairbheil (Gravel Walks) [add]
16. Cathaoir Rua (Red-Haired Charles) [add]
17. Seilg Na Boinne (Boyne Hunt)/Port Singil (Single Jig) [add]

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