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Oysterband lyrics
Genre: Folk
Step Outside (1987) 01. Hal-An-Tow [add]
02. Flatlands [add]
03. Another Quiet Night in England [add]
04. Ashes to Ashes [add]
05. Molly Bond [add]
06. Bully in the Alley lyrics
07. The Day That the Ship Goes Down [add]
08. Gaol Song [add]
09. The Old Dance [add]
10. Bold Riley [add]
11. Liberty Hall [add]

Wide Blue Yonder (1987) 01. Generals Are Born Again [add]
02. Early Days of a Better Nation [add]
03. Pigsty Billy [add]
04. Oxford Girl [add]
05. The Rose of England [add]
06. Hal-An-Tow [add]
07. Flatlands [add]
08. Lost and Found [add]
09. Another Quiet Night in England [add]
10. Coal Creek Mine [add]
11. Between the Wars [add]
12. Lakes of Cool Flynn [add]
13. Following in Fathers Footsteps [add]
14. A Careless Life [add]

Ride (1989) 01. Pukka, Complete Music, Ltd. New York Girls [add]
02. Gamblers (We Do Not Do That Anymore) [add]
03. Polish Plain [add]
04. Too Late Now [add]
05. Tincans [add]
06. Heaven to Calcutta [add]
07. This Year Next Year [add]
08. My Dog (Knows Where the Bones Are Hid) [add]
09. The Sins of a Family [add]
10. Take Me Down [add]
11. Ckeekbone City [add]
12. Love Vigilantes [add]

From Little Rock to Leipzig (1991) 01. Jail Song Two [add]
02. The Oxford Girl [add]
03. Gonna Do What I Have to Do [add]
04. Too Late Now [add]
05. Galopece [add]
06. Red Barn Stomp [add]
07. I Fought the Law [add]
08. Coal Not Dole [add]
09. New York Girls [add]
10. Johnny Mickey Barry's/Salmon Tails Down the Water [add]

Deserters (1992) 01. All That Way for This [add]
02. Deserter [add]
03. Angels of the River [add]
04. We Could Leave Right Now [add]
05. Elena's Shoes [add]
06. Granite Years [add]
07. Diamond for a Dime [add]
08. Never Left [add]
09. Ship Set Sail [add]
10. Fiddle or a Gun [add]
11. Bells of Rhymney [add]

Holy Bandits (1993) 01. When I'm Up I Can't Get Down [add]
02. The Road to Santiago [add]
03. I Look for You [add]
04. Gone West [add]
05. We Shall Come Home [add]
06. Cry Cry [add]
07. Here's to You [add]
08. Moving On [add]
09. Rambling Irishman [add]
10. A Fire Is Burning [add]
11. Blood Wedding [add]

Shouting End of Life (1995) 01. We'll Be There [add]
02. Blood Red Roses [add]
03. Jam Tomorrow [add]
04. By Northern Light [add]
05. The Shouting End of Life [add]
06. Long Dark Street [add]
07. Our Lady of the Bottles [add]
08. Everywhere I Go [add]
09. Put Out the Lights [add]
10. Voices [add]
11. Lovers in a Dangerous Time [add]
12. Don't Slit Your Wrists for Me [add]
13. The World Turned Upside Down [add]

Deep Dark Ocean (1997) 01. Sail on By [add]
02. Little Brother [add]
03. Only When You Call [add]
04. Native Son [add]
05. Not Like Jordan [add]
06. North Star [add]
07. Milford Haven [add]
08. The Story [add]
09. Be My Luck [add]
10. No Reason to Cry [add]
11. Drunkard's Waltz [add]

Pearls from the Oysters (1998) 01. Between the Wars [add]
02. The Early Days of a Better Nation [add]
03. The Rose of England [add]
04. Another Quiet Night in England [add]
05. The Lost and Found lyrics
06. Love Vigilantes [add]
07. The Lakes of Cool Flynn [add]
08. Bold Riley [add]
09. Polish Plain [add]
10. Flatlands [add]
11. Molly Bond [add]
12. A Careless Life [add]
13. Coal Not Dole [add]
14. Tincans [add]
15. Take Me Down [add]
16. New York Girls [add]
17. Cheekbone City [add]
18. The Generals Are Born Again [add]
19. Galopede [add]
20. Heaven to Calcutta [add]
21. Bully in the Alley lyrics
22. This Year Next Year [add]
23. Gonna Do What I Have to Do [add]
24. Too Late Now [add]
25. Goal Song [add]
26. Coal Creek Mine [add]
27. Gamblers [add]
28. Johnny Mickey Barry's/Dalmon Tails Down the Water [add]
29. Star of the County Down [add]
30. The Curragh of Kildare [add]

Here I Stand (1999) 01. On the Edge [add]
02. This Is the Voice [add]
03. In Your Eyes [add]
04. Street of Dreams [add]
05. Ways of Holding On [add]
06. A Time of Her Own [add]
07. After Rain [add]
08. I Know It's Mine [add]
09. Someone You Might Have Been [add]
10. Kantele [add]
11. She's Moved On [add]
12. And as for You [add]
13. Cello Drop [add]
14. Jump Through the Fire [add]
15. This Town [add]
16. A Last Glass [add]

Rise Above (2002) 01. The Soul's Electric [add]
02. Uncommercial Song [add]
03. If You Can't Be Good [add]
04. Everybody's Leaving Home [add]
05. My Mouth [add]
06. Shouting About Jerusalem [add]
07. Blackwaterside [add]
08. Rise Above [add]
09. Wayfaring [add]
10. Bright Morning Star [add]

The Big Session, Vol. 1 (2004) 01. John Barleycorn [add]
02. Whitehaven [add]
03. Lowlands [add]
04. Country Life [add]
05. Fuse [add]
06. Ten Thousand Miles/Hungarian March [add]
07. The New Jerusalem [add]
08. When That Helicopter Comes [add]
09. The House Carpenter [add]
10. The Cuckoo's Nest [add]
11. We Shall Come Home [add]
12. Love Will Tear Us Apart [add]
13. Factory Girl [add]
14. Country Life "I Like to Rise" [add]
15. The Cornish Farewell Shanty [add]

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