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Matt Molloy lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Matt Molloy (1984) 01. Boys of the Lough/The Tarbolton [add]
02. Maud Millar/Poll an Madra Uisce [add]
03. The Lament for Staker Wallace/The Green Gowned Lass/ [add]
04. The Gold Ring [add]
05. Patsy Toughey's/The Maid Behind the Bar [add]
06. Willie Coleman's/Pull the Knife and Stick It Again [add]
07. Josie McDermott's/Martin Ainsboro's [add]
08. McDonagh's/Toss the Feathers [add]
09. The New Policeman/The Dunmore Lasses [add]
10. The Humours of Ballyloughlin [add]
11. The Templehouse [add]
12. Traver's Reels [add]
13. The Groves [add]
14. Humours of Driagh/The Mist on the Mountain [add]
15. The Bucks of Orwnmore [add]

Contentment Is Wealth (1985) 01. Gorman's/The Dawn/Mrs. Crehan's Reel [add]
02. McGettrick's/Mcdonagh's/Tommy Gunn's [add]
03. Gillan's Apples/Up and About in the Morning [add]
04. Kitty in the Lane/Captain Kelly/The Green Mountain [add]
05. Caislean on Oir/The New Century [add]
06. The Gooseberry Bush/The Limestone Rock [add]
07. The London Lasses/Farewell to Ireland/The Piper's Despair [add]
08. The Sword in the Hand/The Providence Reel/The Old Bush [add]
09. George White's Favorite/The Virginia Reel [add]
10. Vincent Campbell's/The Swaggerin' Jig/The Holly Bush [add]
11. Dargi/Marquis of Huntley/Mathematician [add]
12. Golden Keyboard/Mayor Harrison's Fedora [add]
13. Seamus Ennis Jig/Connie O'Connell's [add]
14. Dowd's Number Nine/First Month of Spring/Reconciliation [add]

Molloy, Brady, Peoples (1985) 01. Matt Peoples [add]
02. The Creel of Turf/Tom Billys [add]
03. Crosses of Annagh/Mcfaddens Handsome Daughter [add]
04. The Newport Lass/Rambling Pitchfork [add]
05. Sharock Shore [add]
06. The Munster Buttermilk/Connachtman's Rambles [add]
07. Speed the Plough/Toss the Feathers [add]
08. The Limerick Lasses/Foxhunters [add]
09. The Mick Finns/Blackthorn [add]
10. The Fergal O'Gara/Cloon [add]
11. Mulqueeney's/Out in the Ocean [add]
12. The Rainy Day/Grand Canal [add]
13. The Scotsman over the Border [add]
14. John Brennans (Silver Spire) /Drag Her Round the Road [add]
15. The Graf Spee [add]

Stony Steps (1987) 01. Reels: Mcfadden's Favourite/Se?n Maguire's/Jackson's Favourite [add]
02. Jigs: Boys of the Town/Jackson's Jig/the Connaughtman's Rambles [add]
03. City of Savannah [add]
04. Reels: Primrose Lass/Mullingar Races/John Stenson's [add]
05. Air: The Parting of Friends/Paddy Ryan's Dream [add]
06. Reels: Stony Steps/Michael Dwyer's Favourite/Griffin From the Bridge [add]
07. Mrs. Kenny's Barndance [add]
08. The Reels: Paddy Murphy's Wife/The Gravel Walks/The Musical Priest [add]
09. Jig of Slurs [add]
10. Air: ? R?thaille's Grave [add]
11. Reels: Miss McGuiness/Reel of Mullinavar [add]
12. Frank Roche's Favourite [add]
13. Reels: Johnny 'Watt' Henry's Favourite, Handsome Sally [add]

Heathery Breeze (1988) 01. Moving Cloud [add]
02. The Bush in Bloom, Drogheda Bay, Jenny's Chickens [add]
03. Heathery Breeze, Long Strand [add]
04. Slieve Russell, Jimmy Wards J.G. [add]
05. Drowsie Maggie [add]
06. Silver Slipper, Frieze Britches [add]
07. The Hare in the Heather [add]
08. Idir Deighric 'Gus Breo' [add]
09. The Contradiction, Yellow Tinker [add]
10. Fisherman's, Ship in Full Sail, Out on the Ocean [add]
11. "Good Morning, Nightcap?," "Bohola" (Or Marin Ainsborough's) [add]
12. Spoil the Dance [add]

Music at Matt Molloy's (1993) 01. Jackie Coleman's, Pigtown [add]
02. Cape Breton Jigs, Mcgurk's [add]
03. Over the Moor to Maggie, Fred Finn's, the Hunter's House [add]
04. Baile Mh?irne [add]
05. Rolling in the Ryegrass [The Killavil Fancy] [add]
06. Rocking the Cradle/The Twin [add]
07. The Kilmovee Jig/The Maid at the Well/The Old Geese on the Bog [add]
08. Bonny Wood Green [add]
09. Miss Monaghan/Maggie on the Shore [add]
10. Dr. Gilbert, Queen of the May [add]
11. Tommy Coen's/The Otter's Holt/Mcfaddens Handsome Daughter [add]
12. Garrett Barry's/Miss Mcleod [add]
13. Kilkelly [add]
14. Sgar?unt Na Gcompanagh [add]
15. A Set of Single Jigs Learned from Kevins Father/John's Grandfather [add]
16. Larry Redigan's/The High Reel [add]
17. The Boys of Ballinahinch/The Castle/Miko Russell's [add]
18. The Scotsman over the Border/The Tenpenny Bit [add]
19. The Millionaire [add]
20. Westport Set-Dancers [add]

Fire Aflame (1994) 01. The Wheels of the World/Pinch of Snuff/Micho Russell's Reel [add]
02. The Belharbour Hornpipe/Old Ruined Cottage in the Glen [add]
03. The Geese in the Bog/Little Fair Cannavans/Whelan's Old Sow [add]
04. The Maid of Ballingarry/Stack of Barley [add]
05. The J.B. Reel/Lads of Laois/Rambling Thatcher [add]
06. The Drunken Sailor [add]
07. Night Fishing 30th January 1972/Rights of Man [add]
08. Johnny 'Watt' Henry's Reel/Jerry McMahon's Reel [add]
09. Pat Ward's Jig/Dusty Miller/Ask My Father/Connaught Heifer [add]
10. Casadh Na Ngeanna (The Turning Of the Geese) [add]
11. The Ace and Deuce of Pipering [add]
12. Eire [add]
13. Sean Ryan's Reel/Grand Spey [add]

Shadows on Stone (1996) 01. The Morning Thrush [add]
02. Crib of Perches/Carmel [add]
03. The Wind in the Woods [add]
04. Garrett Barry's Jig/Paddy Rafferty's Favourite [add]
05. Mulvihill's/Wallop the Spot [add]
06. The Mason's Apron [add]
07. Fig for a Kiss/Poll Ha'penny/Merry Sisters [add]
08. Chinese Lake Reflections [add]
09. Music of the Seals [add]
10. The Banshee [add]
11. Sirius Reel/The Humours of Max [add]
12. The Babbling Brook [add]
13. Galway, Piper/The Sligo Polka [add]
14. Skylark/Finbar Dwyer's [add]

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