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Ralph McTell lyrics
Genre: Folk
8 Frames a Second (1968) 01. Prologue - Pilgrim of Sorrow [add]
02. That's Enough [add]
03. By Myself [add]
04. Ending: Pilgrim of Sorrow [add]
05. What He's Done for Me [add]
06. Preachin' [add]
07. Ode to Billie Joe [add]
08. Little Green Apples [add]
09. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me [add]
10. Tribulation [add]
11. This Guy's in Love With You [add]

Spiral Staircase (1969) 01. Streets of London [add]
02. Mrs. Adlam's Angels [add]
03. Wino and the Mouse [add]
04. England 1914 [add]
05. Last Train and Ride [add]
06. The Fairground [add]
07. Spiral Staircase [add]
08. Kindhearted Woman Blues [add]
09. Bright and Beautiful Things [add]
10. Daddy's Here [add]
11. Rizraklaru (Anag) [add]
12. (My) Baby Keeps Staying Out All Night Long [add]
13. Terminus [add]

You Well-Meaning Brought Me Here (1971) 01. Genesis I Verse 20 [add]
02. First And Last Man [add]
03. In Some Way I Loved You [add]
04. Lay Your Money Down [add]
05. Old Brown Dog [add]
06. Pick Up a Gun [add]
07. You Well-Meaning Brought Me Here [add]
08. Chalkdust [add]
09. The Ballad Of Dancing Doreen [add]
10. Claudia [add]
11. The Ferryman [add]

Not Till Tomorrow (1972) 01. Zimmerman Blues lyrics
02. First Song [add]
03. When I Was a Cowboy [add]
04. Nettle Wine [add]
05. Sylvia [add]
06. Birdman [add]
07. Barges [add]
08. Standing Down in New York Town [add]
09. Another Rain Has Fallen [add]
10. This Time of Night [add]
11. Gypsy [add]

Easy (1974) 01. Take It Easy [add]
02. Maddy Dances [add]
03. Maginot Waltz [add]
04. Sweet Mystery [add]
05. Stuff No More [add]
06. Run Johnny Run [add]
07. Zig Zag Line [add]
08. Let Me Down Easy [add]
09. Would I Lie to You? [add]
10. Summer Lightning [add]

Streets (1975) 01. Streets of London [add]
02. You Make Me Feel Good [add]
03. Grande Affaire [add]
04. Seeds of Heaven [add]
05. El Progresso [add]
06. Red Apple Juice [add]
07. Heron Song [add]
08. Pity the Boy [add]
09. Interest on the Loan [add]
10. Jenny Taylor/Je N'Etais La [add]
11. Lunar Lullaby [add]

Right Side Up (1976) 01. San Diego Serenade [add]
02. Tequila Sunset [add]
03. Weather the Storm [add]
04. River Rising, Moon High [add]
05. Clare to Here [add]
06. Chairman and the Little Man [add]
07. Country Boys [add]
08. Slow Burning [add]
09. Companion [add]
10. Nightmares [add]
11. May You Never [add]

Ralph, Albert & Sydney [live] (1977) 01. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down [add]
02. Nanna's Song [add]
03. Nettle Wine [add]
04. Lunar Lullaby [add]
05. First Song [add]
06. Grande Affaire [add]
07. Big Tree [add]
08. Michael in the Garden [add]
09. Dry Bone Rag [add]
10. Zimmerman Blues lyrics
11. Maginot Waltz [add]
12. Five Knuckle Shuffle [add]
13. When I Was a Cowboy [add]
14. Let Me Down Easy [add]
15. Naomi [add]
16. Sylvia [add]
17. Streets of London [add]
18. River Rising, Moon High [add]
19. Sweet Mystery [add]
20. Winnie's Rag [add]
21. Waltzing Matilda [add]

Slide Away the Screen (1977) 01. Love Grows [add]
02. One Heart [add]
03. Gold in California [add]
04. Van Nuys (Cruise Night) [add]
05. London Apprentice [add]
06. Traces [add]
07. Banjo Man [add]
08. Trouble I'm In [add]
09. Wish I Could Pray [add]
10. I'm Looking over My Shoulder for You [add]
11. If I Don't Get Home [add]
12. Heroes and Villains [add]
13. Harry (Don't Go) [add]
14. Autumn [add]
15. Promises [add]
16. White Dress [add]
17. Save the Last Dance for Me [add]

Water of Dreams (1982) 01. Got to Be with You [add]
02. Please Don't Haunt Me [add]
03. I'm Not a Rock [add]
04. Hands of Joseph [add]
05. Pykey Boy [add]
06. Bentley & Craig [add]
07. Grey Sea Strand [add]
08. Water of Dreams [add]
09. Affairs of the Heart [add]
10. Cold on the Stones [add]
11. I Want You [add]
12. Geordie's on the Road [add]
13. Song for Martin [add]
14. England [add]

Blue Skies Black Heroes (1988) 01. Truckin Lil' Babe [add]
02. Coalman Blues [add]
03. Fables Ain't Nothing But Doggone Lies [add]
04. Drybone Shuffle [add]
05. Louis Collins [add]
06. Love in Vain [add]
07. I Can't Be Satisfied [add]
08. Corrine What Makes You Treat Me So? [add]
09. Statesboro Blues [add]
10. Arthur Blake [add]
11. Kindhearted Woman Blues [add]
12. Untrue Blues [add]
13. Early This Morning [add]
14. Working on the Railroad [add]
15. Leah's Favourite [add]
16. I Bid You Goodnight [add]

The Boy with a Note (1992) 01. Overture (Son of the Sea Wave) [add]
02. Meet the Detective [Introductory Narration] [add]
03. Summer Girls [add]
04. The Slim Lover (Narration) [add]
05. Irish Girl [add]
06. The Fitzroy (Narration) [add]
07. Slip Shod Tap Room Dance (Soho So What) [add]
08. These Soho Streets (Narration) [add]
09. No Grown Man's Land (Narration) [add]
10. Reprive of Home (Laugharne) (Narration) [add]
11. Conundrum of Time (Shouldn't You Be Dancing) [add]
12. Milk for One (Storm in a Tea Cup) [add]
13. Leaving for the States (Narration) [add]
14. Wonderful Country (A Proposition of Prepositions) [add]
15. Caitlin's Dream (Summer Birds Are Leaving) [add]
16. The Certain Tide (Narration) [add]
17. Continuing Investigations (Narration) [add]
18. Get Me a Doctor [add]
19. The Tunnels "Never End" in Sight (Narration) [add]
20. I Miss You Most of All [add]
21. Naked at the Station (Narration) [add]
22. Cradled in the Rocking Boat [add]

Sand in Your Shoes (1995) 01. Tous Les Animaux Sont Tristes [add]
02. The Islands [add]
03. Fear of Flying [add]
04. Care in the Community [add]
05. I Don't Think About You [add]
06. Enemy Within (The Band) [add]
07. Sand in Your Shoes [add]
08. Jesus Wept [add]
09. After Rain [add]
10. Peppers and Tomatoes [add]
11. The Case of Otto Schwartzkopf [add]
12. Daddy's Whistling Home [add]
13. Still in Dreams [add]
14. An Irish Blessing [add]

Travelling Man [live] (1999) 01. Streets of London [add]
02. Nanna's Song [add]
03. Still in Dreams [add]
04. When I Was a Cowboy [add]
05. Nettle Wine [add]
06. Barges [add]
07. Another Rain Has Fallen [add]
08. Gypsy [add]
09. Tequila Sunset [add]
10. Hands of Joseph [add]
11. Jesus Wept [add]
12. Please Don't Haunt Me [add]
13. I Don't Think About You [add]
14. Weather the Storm [add]
15. Sweet Petulie [add]
16. Harry (Don't Go) [add]
17. Girl from the North Country [add]
18. Colombus Stockade [add]
19. Let Me Down Easy [add]
20. After Rain [add]
21. Arthur Blake [add]
22. Terminus [add]
23. Mr Connaughton [add]
24. Peppers & Tomatoes [add]
25. The Ferryman [add]

Red Sky (2000) 01. Up [add]
02. Wagon on the Motorway [add]
03. In the Dreamtime [add]
04. One Day Away from You [add]
05. Lost Boys [add]
06. Bicker and Rue [add]
07. Now This Has Started [add]
08. Easter Lilies [add]
09. Raining in My Heart [add]
10. Icarus Survived the Fall [add]
11. Saucers (Aquamarine) [add]
12. When Love Has Gone [add]
13. Let Me Fly or Let Me Fall [add]
14. I Suppose [add]
15. I Love Driving West [add]
16. I'm Not Really Blue [add]
17. Fin [add]
18. I'll Keep This with Mine (Leaving 'Liggan Woods) [add]
19. Red Sky at Night [add]

National Treasure (2002) 01. Stagolee [add]
02. C'mon in My Kitchen [add]
03. Saucer & Cup [add]
04. Tickling the Trout [add]
05. National Seven [add]
06. Weeping Willow [add]
07. Hard Times [add]
08. I'm Satisfied [add]
09. Pretty Boy Floyd [add]
10. If I Had Possession [add]
11. Sweet Jivin Woman [add]
12. An Nans Tewl Hyr Dhe'n Mor [add]
13. I Will Do My Last Singing... [add]
14. Hard Travelling [add]

The Journey (2006) 01. Drybone Shuffle [add]
02. The Bells of Rhymney [add]
03. Girls from the North Country [add]
04. Pasadena [add]
05. Nannna's Song [add]
06. The Mermaid and the Seagull [add]
07. Spiral Staircase [add]
08. Michael in the Garden [add]
09. Summer Come Along [add]
10. Factory Girl [add]
11. Too Tight Rag [add]
12. The Ferryman [add]
13. Viola Lee Blues [add]
14. Birdman [add]
15. Barges [add]
16. Zimmerman Blues lyrics
17. Summer Lightning [add]
18. Streets of London [add]
19. (Hey Babe) Would I Lie to You [add]
20. Grande Affaire [add]
21. Ladies Love Outlaws [add]
22. Tequila Sunrise [add]
23. Marie [add]
24. River Rising Moon High [add]
25. Weather the Storm [add]
26. Promises [add]
27. Love Grows [add]
28. A Leaf Must Fall [add]
29. Blues Run the Game [add]
30. Red Apple Juice [add]
31. Messrs, Stephenson and Watt [add]
32. Water of Dreams [add]
33. Bentley and Craig [add]
34. Hands of Joseph [add]
35. Kenny the Kangaroo [add]
36. Old Puggy Mearns [add]
37. I Like Rubbish [add]
38. Drybone Shuffle [add]
39. Keeping the Night at Bay [add]
40. From Clare to Here [add]
41. Can't Be Satisfied [add]
42. Hesitation Blues [add]
43. Stealin' [add]
44. Slip Shod Tap Room Dance [add]
45. Prison Wall Blues [add]
46. That'll Do Babe [add]
47. Summer Girls [add]
48. The Setting [add]
49. Jesus Wept [add]
50. Peppers and Tomatoes [add]

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