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Ian Matthews lyrics
Genre: Folk
Matthews Southern Comfort (1969) 01. Colorado Springs Eternal [add]
02. Comercial Proposition [add]
03. Castle Far [add]
04. Please Be My Friend [add]
05. What We Say [add]
06. Fly Pideon Fly [add]
07. Watch [add]
08. Sweet Bread [add]
09. Thoughts for a Friend [add]
10. I've Lost You [add]
11. Once Upon a Lifetime [add]

Second Spring (1969) 01. Ballad of Obray Ramsey [add]
02. Moses in the Sunshine [add]
03. Jinkson Johnson [add]
04. The Tale of the Trial [add]
05. Blood Red Roses [add]
06. Even As [add]
07. Darcy Farrow [add]
08. Something in the Way She Moves [add]
09. Southern Comfort [add]

If You Saw Thro' My Eyes (1971) 01. Desert Inn [add]
02. Hearts [add]
03. Never Ending [add]
04. Reno Nevada [add]
05. Little Known [add]
06. Hinge I [add]
07. Hinge II [add]
08. Southern Wind [add]
09. It Came Without Warning [add]
10. You Couldn't Lose [add]
11. Morgan the Pirate [add]
12. If You Saw Thro' My Eyes [add]

Tigers Will Survive (1971) 01. Never Again [add]
02. Close the Door Lightly When You Go [add]
03. Unamerican Activity Dream [add]
04. Morning Song [add]
05. Only Dance [add]
06. Tigers Will Survive [add]
07. Midnight on the Water [add]
08. Right Before My Eyes [add]
09. Da Doo Ron Ron [add]
10. Hope You Know [add]
11. Please Be My Friend [add]

Later That Same Year [US Version] (1971) 01. Woodstock [add]
02. To Love [add]
03. And Me [add]
04. Tell Me Why [add]
05. My Lady [add]
06. And When She Smiles (She Makes the Sun Shine) [add]
07. Mare, Take Me Home [add]
08. Sylvie [add]
09. The Brand New Tennessee Waltz [add]
10. For Melanie [add]
11. Road to Ronderlin [add]

Journeys from Gospel Oak (1972) 01. Knowing the Game [add]
02. Polly [add]
03. Things You Gave Me [add]
04. Mobile Blue [add]
05. Tribute to Hank Williams [add]
06. Met Her on a Plane [add]
07. Bride 1945 [add]
08. Franklin Avenue [add]
09. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man [add]
10. Sing Me Back Home [add]

Valley Hi (1973) 01. Keep on Sailing [add]
02. Old Man at the Mill [add]
03. Shady Lies [add]
04. These Days [add]
05. Leaving Alone [add]
06. 7 Bridges Road [add]
07. Save Your Sorrows [add]
08. What Are You Waiting For [add]
09. Propinquity [add]
10. Blue Blue Day [add]

Some Days You Eat the Bear and Some Days the Bear Eats You (1974) 01. Ol' 55 [add]
02. I Don't Wanna Talk About It [add]
03. A Wailing Goodbye [add]
04. Keep on Sailing [add]
05. Tried So Hard [add]
06. Dirty Work [add]
07. Do I Still Figure in Your Life [add]
08. Home [add]
09. Biloxi [add]
10. The Fault [add]

Go for Broke (1975) 01. Darkness, Darkness [add]
02. I'll Be Gone [add]
03. Brown Eyed Girl [add]
04. Rhythm of the West [add]
05. Groovin' [add]
06. Lonely Hunter [add]
07. Steamboat [add]
08. A Fool Like You [add]
09. Just One Look [add]
10. When the Morning Comes [add]

Hit and Run (1976) 01. The Frame [add]
02. One Day Without You [add]
03. Times [add]
04. I Will Not Fade Away [add]
05. Tigers Will Survive [add]
06. Just One Look [add]
07. Help to Guide Me [add]
08. Shuffle [add]
09. Hit and Run [add]

Stealin' Home (1978) 01. Gimme An Inch Girl [add]
02. Don't Hang up Your Dancing Shoes [add]
03. Ring of the Night [add]
04. Man in the Station [add]
05. Let There Be Blues [add]
06. Carefully Taught [add]
07. Stealing Home [add]
08. Shake It lyrics
09. Yank and Mary (Smile) [add]
10. Slip Away [add]
11. Sail My Soul [add]

Siamese Friends (1979) 01. You Don't See Me [add]
02. Survival [add]
03. Heat Wave [add]
04. Home Somewhere [add]
05. Crying in the Night [add]
06. The Baby, She's on the Street [add]
07. Hearts on the Line [add]
08. Anna [add]
09. Lies [add]
10. Runaway [add]

Spot of Interference (1980) 01. I Survived the '70s [add]
02. She May Call You Up Tonight [add]
03. I Can't Fade Away [add]
04. The Hurt [add]
05. Driftwood from Disaster [add]
06. Why Am I [add]
07. No Time at All (See How They Run) [add]
08. For the Lonely Hunter [add]
09. See Me [add]
10. Civilisation [add]
11. What Do I Do [add]

Shook (1983) 01. Shorting Out [add]
02. Views (Dance Goes On) [add]
03. Wild Places [add]
04. Indiscreet [add]
05. Wish [add]
06. Driver [add]
07. Tomorrow Falls on Saturday [add]
08. Fear Strikes Out [add]
09. Over, Under, Sideways, Down [add]
10. Room Service [add]

Walking a Changing Line (1988) 01. Dream Sequence [add]
02. Standing Still [add]
03. Except for a Tear [add]
04. Following Every Finger [add]
05. Alive Alone [add]
06. Smell of Home [add]
07. On Squirrel Hill [add]
08. Shadows Break [add]
09. This Fabrication [add]
10. Lovers by Rote [add]
11. Only a Motion [add]
12. Why Fight [add]

Pure and Crooked (1990) 01. Like Dominoes [add]
02. Mercy Street [add]
03. A Hardly Innocent Mind [add]
04. New Shirt [add]
05. Bridge of Cherokee [add]
06. Busby's Babes [add]
07. Rains of '62 [add]
08. Say No More [add]
09. Perfect Timing [add]
10. Out of My Range [add]
11. This Town's No Lady [add]
12. Drive [add]
13. Voices [add]
14. I Don't Wanna Talk About It [add]
15. Wings [add]
16. O'Connell Street Revisited [add]

Skeleton Keys (1993) 01. Cover Girl [add]
02. Jumping off the Roof [add]
03. Compass and Chart [add]
04. God's Empty Chair [add]
05. True Location of the Heart [add]
06. Back of the Bus [add]
07. A Cross to Bear [add]
08. The Ties We Break [add]
09. Timing [add]
10. Get It Back [add]
11. Every Crushing Blow [add]
12. Living in Reverse [add]

Dark Ride (1994) 01. I Drove [add]
02. Girl With the Clouds in Her Eyes [add]
03. Ballad of Cruene Hall [add]
04. Tigers Will Survive (Pt. II, Darcy's Song) [add]
05. The Breath of Life [add]
06. Save Her Love [add]
07. For Better or Worse [add]
08. Davey's Stung [add]
09. Morning Glory [add]
10. In London [add]
11. This Is It [add]
12. Rooted to the Spot [add]
13. The Dark Ride [add]

Scion (1995) 01. Touch Her If You Can [add]
02. Yankee Lady [add]
03. Belle [add]
04. Later That Same Year [add]
05. I Believe in You [add]
06. Sylvie [add]
07. And When She Smiles [add]
08. And Me [add]
09. Old Rud [add]
10. Jinkson Johnson [add]
11. Something in the Way She Moves [add]
12. Ballad of Obray Ramsey [add]
13. Touch Her If You Can [Mix] [add]

God Looked Down (1996) 01. The Beat I Walk [add]
02. God Looked Down [add]
03. Southern Wind [add]
04. You'll Know Lightening [add]
05. Along Again Blues [add]
06. This Train [add]
07. Power of Blue [add]
08. Eye of the Needle [add]
09. King of the Hill [add]
10. Trigger Man [add]
11. So Many Eyes [add]
12. If It's Not One Thing, It's Another [add]

Nights in Manhattan (And Points West) [live] (1997) 01. On Squirrel Hill [add]
02. Keep on Sailing [add]
03. Man in a Station [add]
04. Alive Alone [add]
05. Seven Bridges Road [add]
06. Except for a Tear [add]
07. Reno, Nevada [add]
08. Woodstock [add]
09. Shadows Break [add]
10. Following Every Finger [add]
11. Meet on the Ledge [add]
12. Standing Still [add]
13. Sights in Manhattan [add]
14. Even the Guiding Light [add]
15. Darkness, Darkness [add]
16. This Fabrication [add]

Excerpts from Swine Lake (1998) 01. Something Mighty [add]
02. Horse Left in the Rain [add]
03. Dance of Fate [add]
04. Trail of the Survivor [add]
05. Changes [add]
06. Cave In [add]
07. Heroes [add]
08. Touching the Fleece [add]
09. Even If It Kills Me [add]
10. Sight Unseen [add]
11. Where the Big Boss Run [add]
12. Break a Window, Break a Heart [add]

A Tiniest Wham (2000) 01. I'm Alive [add]
02. Swinging from the Yardarm [add]
03. Our Secret Storm [add]
04. Funk and Fire [add]
05. Another Delta Dawn [add]
06. Like Mercury [add]
07. The Great Afterthought [add]
08. Sister [add]
09. Sicknote [add]
10. The Power and the Glory [add]
11. The Onliest [add]
12. Tailspin [add]

Zumbach's Coat (2006) 01. Cartwheel Avenue [add]
02. Flying Visit [add]
03. One Door Opens [add]
04. Power [add]
05. Blind Faith [add]
06. Contact [add]
07. Favorite Son [add]
08. July Rain [add]
09. To Be White [add]
10. The Other Shoe [add]
11. Start Again [add]
12. The Limburg Gurl and the Traveling Man [add]

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