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Tim Hart lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Folk Songs of Olde England, Vol. 1 (1968) 01. Lish Young Buy-A-Broom [add]
02. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy [add]
03. Maid That's Deep in Love [add]
04. The Rambling Sailor [add]
05. Bruton Town [add]
06. Farewell Nancy [add]
07. The Dalesman's Litany [add]
08. The Brisk Butcher [add]
09. The Stately Sountherner [add]
10. Who's the Fool Now [add]
11. A Wager a Wager [add]
12. Babes in the Wood [add]
13. Adam and Eve [add]

Summer Solstice (1971) 01. The False Knight on the Road [add]
02. Bring Us in Good Air [add]
03. Of All the Birds [add]
04. I Live Not Where I Love [add]
05. The Ploughboy and the Cockney [add]
06. Westron Wynde [add]
07. Sorry the Day I Was Married [add]
08. Dancing at Whitsun [add]
09. Fly Up My Cock [add]
10. Cannily Cannily [add]
11. Adam Catched Eve [add]
12. Three Drunkened Maidens [add]
13. Serving Girls Holiday [add]

Folk Songs of Olde England, Vol. 2 (1976) 01. My Son John [add]
02. Earl Richard [add]
03. Paddy Stole the Rope [add]
04. The Gardener [add]
05. Bay of Boscay [add]
06. Queen Eleanor's Confession [add]
07. Horn of the Hunter [add]
08. Copshawholme Fair [add]
09. Oats and Beans [add]
10. Fiddlers Green [add]
11. Capt. Wedderburn's Courtship [add]
12. Turkey Rhubarb [add]
13. Bold Fisherman [add]

Tim Hart (1979) 01. Keep on Travelling [add]
02. Tuesday Afternoon [add]
03. Hillman Avenger [add]
04. Lovely Lady [add]
05. Come to My Window [add]
06. Nothing to Hide [add]
07. Overseas [add]
08. Time After Time [add]
09. As I Go My Way [add]

Tim Hart and Maddy Prior (2003) 01. The Rambling Sailor [add]
02. Bruton Town [add]
03. Farewell Nancy [add]
04. The Brisk Butcher [add]
05. The Stately Southerner [add]
06. Who's the Fool Now [add]
07. Babes in the Wood [add]
08. Adam and Eve [add]
09. My Son John [add]
10. Earl Richard [add]
11. Horn of the Hunter [add]
12. Oats and Beans and Barley Grows [add]
13. Fiddlers Green [add]
14. Turkey Rhubarb [add]
15. Copshawholme Fair [add]
16. The Bold Fisherman [add]

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