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Kate Rusby lyrics
Genre: Folk
Kate Rusby & Kathryn Roberts (1995) 01. The Recruited Collier [add]
02. Ned of the Hill [add]
03. The Lorry Ride [add]
04. The Queen & The Soldier [add]
05. Courting Is a Pleasure [add]
06. The Constant Lovers [add]
07. The Dark-Eyed Sailor [add]
08. Hunting the Hare [add]
09. The Plains of Waterloo [add]
10. Exile [add]

Hourglass (1998) 01. Sir Eglamore [add]
02. As I Roved Out [add]
03. Jolly Ploughboys [add]
04. Annan Waters [add]
05. Stananivy/Jack & Jill [add]
06. A Rose in April [add]
07. Radio Sweethearts [add]
08. I Am Stretched on Your Grave [add]
09. Old Man Time [add]
10. Drowned Lovers [add]
11. Bold Riley [add]

Sleepless (1999) 01. The Cobbler's Daughter [add]
02. I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love This Night [add]
03. The Fairest of All Yarrow [add]
04. The Unquiet Grave [add]
05. Sho Heen [add]
06. Sweet Bride [add]
07. All God's Angels [add]
08. The Wild Goose [add]
09. The Duke and the Tinker [add]
10. Our Town [add]
11. The Sleepless Sailor [add]
12. Cow Song [*] [add]
13. Botany Bay [*] [add]

Little Lights (2001) 01. Playing of Ball [add]
02. I Courted a Sailor [add]
03. Withered and Died [add]
04. Merry Green Broom [add]
05. Let the Cold Wind Blow [add]
06. Canaan's Land [add]
07. Some Tyrant [add]
08. William and Davy [add]
09. Who Will Sing Me Lullabies [add]
10. Matt Hyland [add]
11. My Young Man [add]

Underneath the Stars (2004) 01. The Good Man [add]
02. The Daughter of Megan [add]
03. Let Me Be [add]
04. Cruel [add]
05. The Blind Harper [add]
06. The White Cockade [add]
07. Young James [add]
08. Falling [add]
09. Bring Me a Boat [add]
10. Polly [add]
11. Sweet William's Ghost [add]
12. Underneath the Stars [add]

The Girl Who Couldn't Fly (2005) 01. Game of All Fours [add]
02. The Lark [add]
03. No Names [add]
04. Mary Blaize [add]
05. A Ballad [add]
06. You Belong to Me [add]
07. Elfin Knight [add]
08. Bonnie House of Airlie [add]
09. Moon Shadow [add]
10. Wandering Soul [add]
11. Fare Thee Well [add]
12. Little Jack Frost [*] lyrics

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