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Chris While lyrics
Genre: Folk
Higher Potential (1999) 01. Everything Turns [add]
02. Tyre Tracks in the Snow [add]
03. The Light in My Mothers Eye [add]
04. Angels Walk Among Us [add]
05. The Leaving [add]
06. It's a Wonderful Life [add]
07. Love Has Gone to War [add]
08. When Love Asks [add]
09. Two Shades Deeper Than Blue [add]
10. The Weight of Loving You [add]
11. The Heart Maybe Right [add]
12. Racing to Millenium [add]
13. Digging Holes [add]

Stages (2000) 01. Girl Gone Wrong [add]
02. Class Reunion [add]
03. 100 Miles [add]
04. Even the Desert Bares a Seed [add]
05. Piecework [add]
06. Winter Shines [add]
07. Seven Years of Rust [add]
08. Love Has Gone to War [add]
09. The Devil in Me [add]
10. Hard to Be the Way [add]
11. The Weight of Loving You [add]
12. Starting All Over Again [add]
13. From This Wood [add]
14. I Can't Stay [add]
15. Shot Through the Heart [add]
16. The Fool on the Hill [add]
17. The Leaving [add]
18. The Jewel in the Crown [add]
19. Blue Songs on a Red Guitar [add]
20. Angels Walk Among Us [add]
21. Diggin' Holes [add]
22. The Light in My Mothers Eye [add]
23. The Thorn Upon the Rose [add]
24. Lonely Morning Blues [add]
25. Find My Way Back Home [add]
26. Tyre Tracks in the Snow [add]
27. The Heart Maybe Right [add]
28. White Water Running [add]
29. Only One Man [add]
30. I Only Want to Be with You [add]
31. Circle Round the Sun [add]
32. Separate Lives [add]

Perfect Mistake (2004) 01. Make Each Moment Count [add]
02. Westward [add]
03. Perfect Mistake [add]
04. Follow Your Heart [add]
05. Pass It On [add]
06. When You Think It's All Over It's Just Begun [add]
07. Dancing with the Angels [add]
08. Shattered [add]
09. Now That Love Has Gone [add]
10. Road Fever [add]
11. Broken Wheel [add]
12. Generation Game [add]

Chris & Kellie While (2004) 01. Broken Things [add]
02. Give Me Wings [add]
03. Talk to Me Mendocino [add]
04. Van Dieman's Land [add]
05. In My Room [add]
06. Power of Two [add]
07. Memories of You [add]
08. One of These Days [add]
09. Safe Place [add]
10. Empty Hearts [add]
11. 100 Miles [add]

Here and Now (2006) 01. On My Way [add]
02. The Here and Now [add]
03. Breathe [add]
04. Flourish [add]
05. Cover Our Eyes [add]
06. Steady Breathing [add]
07. All Around the World [add]
08. Feel Good List [add]
09. Innocent New Year [add]
10. So Long Old Pal [add]

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