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Roy Carrier lyrics
Genre: Cajun
Nasty Girls (0000) 01. He's the Man [add]
02. Mama Told Papa [add]
03. You Got Me Dancin' [add]
04. I'm a Hog for You [add]
05. Watch That Dog [add]
06. Mama's House [add]
07. Nasty Girl [add]
08. I Don't Know [add]
09. Tired of Lyin' [add]
10. I Like It Like That [add]
11. Jump That Rope [add]
12. I Want It Right Now [add]
13. Born With the Blues [add]
14. She's in Love With the Zydeco [add]
15. Mama Didn't Know [add]

Zydeco Strokin' (1995) 01. Stroking [add]
02. Leaving Lawtell [add]
03. Maria [add]
04. New York City [add]
05. Oh Bye Bye [add]
06. Baby Do Right [add]
07. You Better Watch Out [add]
08. I Wanna Do My Thing [add]
09. Shake That Booty [add]
10. I'm Leaving Town [add]
11. My Baby Wants to Leave Me [add]
12. Tequila [add]

Soulful Side of Zydeco (1995) 01. So Far So Good [add]
02. Rocking with Roy [add]
03. When I Get to Know You Better [add]
04. Same Old Place [add]
05. Zydeco All Night [add]
06. Show Me How to Love [add]
07. Love and Hate [add]
08. Zydeco Lawtell [add]
09. Daddy's Dream [add]
10. I Found a Love [add]
11. Business in the Street [add]
12. My Baby Don't Wear No Shoes [add]
13. Ouside Man [add]
14. Everybody's Picking on Me [add]
15. Let Me Be Your Man [add]

Twist and Shout (1998) 01. 1. Have Some Fun, at the Offshore Lounge [add]
02. 2. Do Right Sometime [add]
03. 3. Back Bone Zydeco [add]
04. 4. I Want To Thank You [add]
05. 5. Bye Bye Black Girl [add]
06. 6. My Little Woman (Wanted to Fight) [add]
07. 7. The Zydeco Beat [add]
08. 8. Josephine Par Se Ma Femme [add]
09. 9. Two For The Road [add]
10. 10. Been Gone Too Long [add]
11. 11. If You Want to Dance, You've Gotta Twist and Shout [add]
12. 12. Ma Tit Fille [add]
13. 13. Show You How To Love [add]
14. 14. Hot Pants [add]
15. 15. What You Gonna Do With a Man Like That [add]
16. 16. Jambalaya [add]
17. 17. I Don't Know What You Want [add]
18. 18. Some Real Zydeco [add]
19. 19. Good Night [add]

Offshore Blues & Zydeco (2000) 01. Chicago [add]
02. Who Got Her [add]
03. I'm the One You Need [add]
04. My Baby Don't Wear No Shoes [add]
05. Kansas City [add]
06. Hot Pepper [add]
07. Leaving Lawtell [add]
08. Living in the USA [add]
09. Teebu [add]
10. Black Snake Is in My Room [add]
11. You Stole My Love [add]
12. Tired of Worrying [add]
13. She's in Love With the Zydeco [add]
14. Let the Good Times Roll [add]
15. Zydeco's Back Again [add]
16. Mama Don't Know [add]
17. You Don't Have to Go [add]
18. You Got Me Dancing [add]
19. You Used to Call Me in the Morning [add]
20. On My Way Back Home [add]

Whiskey Drinkin' Man (2001) 01. Whiskey Drinkin' Man [add]
02. Gotta Right to Love That Woman [add]
03. Allons Dancer [add]
04. Bad Luck [add]
05. I Found My Woman [add]
06. Ti Garcon [add]
07. Co-Fet? [add]
08. Time to Start [add]
09. My Toot Toot [add]
10. Take Me Back [add]
11. Take Me Home [add]
12. Don't You Leave Me [add]
13. On My Way Back Home [add]
14. Rock-It Like Roy [add]
15. Bugga Bear [add]
16. Boogie All Night [add]

Living Legend (2004) 01. Put a Hump in Your Back [add]
02. Everybody Call Me Shoon [add]
03. Don't Touch That [add]
04. I Got Something for You Baby [add]
05. I Come from the Country [add]
06. What You Gonna Do With a Man Like That [add]
07. You Told Me That You Love Me [add]
08. She Burnt the Bacon [add]
09. Do the Lala Dance [add]
10. Take Me Crosstown [add]
11. Bring Me Coffee in the Morning [add]
12. You Got Me Dancing [add]

Zydeco Soul (2006) 01. Offshore Blues [add]
02. Rocking with Roy [add]
03. Everybody's Picking on Me [add]
04. Let's Go Down [add]
05. Oh Bye Bye [add]
06. Bird Without His Feathers [add]
07. I Found a Love [add]
08. I'm Coming Home to Stay [add]
09. My Baby Don't Wear No Shoes [add]
10. Old Grandma and Grandpa [add]
11. Let the Meatball Roll [add]
12. Zydeco Lawtell [add]
13. What You Gonna Do with a Man Like That [add]
14. Same Old Places [add]
15. Show Me How to Love [add]

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