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The Red Clay Ramblers lyrics
Genre: Country
Stolen Love (1976) 01. Yellow Rose of Texas [add]
02. Big Sciota [add]
03. Abe's Retreat [add]
04. The Golden Vanity [add]
05. Stolen Love [add]
06. I Got What It Takes [add]
07. Keep the Home Fires Burning [add]
08. Honey Babe [add]
09. Balleydesmond Polka [add]
10. Wind and Rain [add]
11. She's Been After Man Ever Since [add]
12. Kingdom Coming [add]
13. Staten Island Hornpipe [add]
14. Parting Hand [add]
15. Forked Deer [add]

Merchants Lunch (1977) 01. Merchant's Lunch lyrics
02. A Beefalo Special [add]
03. Woman Down in Mephis [add]
04. Molly Put the Kettle On [add]
05. Milwaukee Blues [add]
06. Melancholy [add]
07. Rabbit in the Pea Patch [add]
08. I've Got Plans [add]
09. Kildare's Fancy/Ships Are Sailing/High Yellow [add]
10. Daniel Prayed [add]
11. Forked Deer [add]
12. Henhouse Blues [add]
13. Sweet and Slow [add]

Twisted Laurel (1977) 01. Blue Jay/The Girl I Left Behind Me [add]
02. Twisted Laurel [add]
03. The Hobo's Last Letter [add]
04. Rockingham Cindy [add]
05. Mississippi Delta Blues [add]
06. The Telephone Girl [add]
07. Will You Miss Me [add]
08. The Ace [add]
09. The Corrugated Lady [add]
10. When Bacon Was Scarce/Ryestraw lyrics
11. I Was Only Teasing You [add]
12. Fifty Miles of Elbow Room [add]
13. Flying Cloud Cotillion [add]
14. Beale Street Blues [add]

Chuckin' the Frizz (1979) 01. Fourth of July at a Country Fair [add]
02. Thoroughly African Man [add]
03. Cabin Home [add]
04. Hot Buttered Rum [add]
05. Three Bells Road [add]
06. Baby Grand [add]
07. Play "Rocky Top" [add]
08. Santa Anna's March/Fine Times at Our House/Donegal Reel [add]
09. Aragon Mill [add]
10. Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo [add]
11. Tilly, Take Your Time [add]
12. Paddy Won't You Drink Some Cider [add]

Hard Times (1981) 01. Chesapeake Bay [add]
02. Wind and Rain [add]
03. Fiddler a Dram/Murphy's Hornpipe [add]
04. Matinee Idol [add]
05. The Face in the Mirror [add]
06. Hard Times (Come Again No More) [add]
07. Chicken [add]
08. Trip to Sligo/Priest and His Boots/Three Little Drummers [add]
09. I Crept into the Crypt [add]
10. When the Goldenrod Is Blooming Once Again [add]
11. Three Guys [add]
12. The Gang's Gone Home [add]
13. Long Time Traveling [add]

A Lie of the Mind (1986) 01. Run Sister Run [add]
02. South of the Border/In the Pines [add]
03. Honey Babe [add]
04. I Love You a Thousand Ways [add]
05. Home Is Where the Heart Is [add]
06. Seeing It Now [add]
07. Blue Jay/The Gal I Left Behind Me [add]
08. Light Years Away [add]
09. Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase [add]
10. Red Rocking Chair [add]
11. Montana Underscoring [add]
12. Killing Floor [add]
13. Can't Live Without 'Em Blues [add]
14. Folding the Flag/Hard Times [add]

It Ain't Right (1986) 01. It Ain't Right [add]
02. Valley of the Dry Bones [add]
03. Dust and Nothing Else [add]
04. Jim Canaan's [add]
05. Regions of Rain lyrics
06. Merchant's Lunch lyrics
07. Old Fashioned Girl [add]
08. Way Long Gone [add]
09. Life's a Mystery [add]
10. The Willow Garden [add]
11. Satan's Choir [add]
12. Fall on My Knees/The Wandering Boys [add]

Far North (1989) 01. Far North [add]
02. Blue Duluth [add]
03. Amy's Theme (Kitchen) [add]
04. Gourd, Pt. 1 [add]
05. Gourd, Pt. 2 [add]
06. Amy's Theme (Field) [add]
07. Roll on Buddy/Montage [add]
08. Gangar [add]
09. Big Ships [add]
10. Katie's Ride [add]
11. Train Through the Big Woods [add]
12. Night Harps [add]
13. Run Sister Run [add]
14. Camptown Races: Amy's Theme [add]
15. Amy's Theme (Over the Hill) [add]

Rambler (1992) 01. Cotton-Eyed Joe [add]
02. Cajun Billy [add]
03. Black Smoke Train [add]
04. Saro Jane [add]
05. Annie Oakley [add]
06. Queen of Skye [add]
07. Ninety and Nine [add]
08. Mile Long Medley [add]
09. Darlin' Say/Pony Cart [add]
10. Hiawatha's Lullaby [add]
11. What Does the Deep Sea Say? [add]
12. Ryan's/Jordan Reel [add]
13. Barbeque [add]
14. One Rose/Hot Buttered Rum [add]
15. Polkas [add]

Yonder (2001) 01. Way Down Yonder [add]
02. The Old Jawbone/Man of the House [add]
03. Snufdipper [add]
04. Neuse River [add]
05. Root, Hog, or Die [add]
06. Half a Life Without a Dog [add]
07. Churchill and Roosevelt [add]
08. Diamond Joe [add]
09. My Name Is Moses [add]
10. C-H-I-C-K-E-N [add]
11. Tarzan [add]
12. Long Day's Journey into Night [add]
13. What's the Matter With the Mill? [add]

Live (2001) 01. Wahoo [add]
02. Pictures for You [add]
03. One Meatball [add]
04. The Cat Came Back [add]
05. Pal-Ya-Chee [add]
06. Valley of the Dry Bones [add]
07. It Ain't Right [add]
08. Fiddlesticks [add]
09. Jim Canaan's [add]
10. Should've Seen It Coming [add]
11. Hiawatha's Lullaby [add]
12. The Saratogy Hornpipe [add]
13. Follow You All Over the World [add]
14. Cotton-Eyed Joe [add]
15. I Crept into the Crypt [add]
16. Fire on the Mountain [add]

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