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Mem Shannon lyrics
Genre: Blues
A Cab Driver's Blues (1995) 01. 5th Ward Horseman [add]
02. Play the Guitar Son [add]
03. $17.00 Brunette [add]
04. You Ain't Nothin' Nice [add]
05. My Baby's Been Watching TV [add]
06. Me and My Bed [add]
07. Ode to Benny Hill [add]
08. Taxicab Driver [add]
09. The Miserable Bastard [add]
10. One Hot Night [add]
11. Dick Tie Commandos [add]
12. The Boogie Man [add]
13. Maxine [add]
14. The Older Broad [add]
15. Got to Go [add]
16. Chantelle [add]
17. If This Ain't the Blues [add]
18. Food Drink and Music [add]

2nd Blues Album (1997) 01. Wrong People in Charge [add]
02. Old Men [add]
03. Charity [add]
04. Say That Then (The Parlez-Vous Francais Song) lyrics
05. One Thin Dime [add]
06. Mirror Mirror [add]
07. My Humble Opinion [add]
08. Down Broke [add]
09. Do You 'Yuh' What I Say [add]
10. Mr. Blues [add]
11. The Blues Is Back [add]

Spend Some Time with Me (1999) 01. Who Are They lyrics
02. Paying My Dues lyrics
03. Not My Friend [add]
04. Don't Talk About My Mama [add]
05. The Last Time I Was Here [add]
06. Pray for the Children [add]
07. Dirty Dishes [add]
08. A Certain Shade of Blue [add]
09. Spend Some Time With Me [add]
10. Mother's Love [add]
11. Born in This Time [add]
12. No Such Thing [add]

Memphis in the Morning (2001) 01. Drowning on My Feet [add]
02. Why I Sing the Blues [add]
03. Memphis in the Morning [add]
04. S.U.V. [add]
05. Invisible Man [add]
06. Tired Arms [add]
07. I Smell Something [add]
08. You Belong to Him [add]
09. I Love the Way You Love [add]
10. Unconditional Love [add]
11. Shake Up the Floor [add]
12. Doing the Best That I Can [add]

I'm From Phunkville (2005) 01. The Reason [add]
02. Swing Tiger Swing [add]
03. Perfect World [add]
04. Phunkville [add]
05. I'll Kiss a Pitbull [add]
06. Battle Ground [add]
07. The Lights of Caracas (I Didn't Know) [add]
08. Sweet Potato [add]
09. No Religion [add]
10. Forget About Me [add]
11. Eleanor Rigby [add]
12. Ignant Stick [add]
13. We Going [add]

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