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Otis Taylor lyrics
Genre: Blues
When Negroes Walked the Earth (2000) 01. Bowlegged Charlie [add]
02. Country Boy, Girl [add]
03. 500 Roses [add]
04. Cuckoo [add]
05. 12 String Mile [add]
06. They Don't Want Me [add]
07. Cold at Midnight [add]
08. Tight Wire Blues [add]
09. Naggin' Woman Blues [add]
10. 9th Cavalry Blues [add]
11. Tight Wire Blues [add]
12. Pretty Polly [add]

White African (2001) 01. My Soul's in Louisiana [add]
02. Resurrection Blues [add]
03. Momma Don't You Do It [add]
04. 3 Days and 3 Nights [add]
05. Round and Round [add]
06. Stick on You [add]
07. Rain So Hard lyrics
08. Lost My Horse [add]
09. Saint Martha Blues [add]
10. Ain't No Cowgirl [add]
11. Hungry People [add]

Respect the Dead (2002) 01. Ten Million Slaves [add]
02. Hands on Your Stomach [add]
03. Changing Rules [add]
04. 32nd Time [add]
05. Baby So [add]
06. Shaker Woman [add]
07. Black Witch [add]
08. Seven Hours of Light [add]
09. I Like You, But I Don't Love You [add]
10. Jump Jelly Belly [add]
11. Three Stripes on a Cadillac [add]
12. Just Live Your Life [add]

Truth Is Not Fiction (2003) 01. Rosa, Rosa [add]
02. Kitchen Towel [add]
03. Comb Your Brown Hair [add]
04. Babies Don't Lie [add]
05. Be My Frankenstein [add]
06. House of the Crosses lyrics
07. Past Times [add]
08. Shakie's Gone [add]
09. Be My Witness [add]
10. Nasty Letter [add]
11. Walk on Water [add]
12. Baby, Please Don't Go [add]

Double V (2004) 01. Please Come Home Before It Rains [add]
02. Took Their Land [add]
03. Plastic Spoon [add]
04. Mama's Selling Heroin [add]
05. 505 Train [add]
06. Mandan Woman [add]
07. Sounds of Attica [add]
08. It's Done Happened Again [add]
09. He Never Raced on Sunday [add]
10. Hurry Home [add]
11. Reindeer Meat [add]
12. Buy Myself Some Freedom [add]

Below the Fold (2005) 01. Feel Like Lightning [add]
02. Boy Plays Mandolin [add]
03. Hookers in the Street [add]
04. Mama's Got a Friend [add]
05. Working for the Pullman Company [add]
06. Your Children Sleep Good Tonight [add]
07. Didn't Know Much About Education [add]
08. Went to Hermes lyrics
09. Government Lied [add]
10. Right Side of Heaven [add]

Definition of a Circle (2007) 01. Little Betty [add]
02. Black's Mandolin Boogie [add]
03. Looking Over Your Fence [add]
04. They Wore Blue [add]
05. Few Feet Away [add]
06. Something in Your Back Pocket [add]
07. My Name Is General Jackson [add]
08. Love and Hesitation [add]
09. Majaraja Daughter [add]
10. Long Long Life [add]
11. Mexican Cowboy [add]
12. Lifetime of Freedom [add]

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