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Grandpa Jones lyrics
Genre: Country
Strictly Country Tunes (1959) 01. What'll I Do With the Baby-O [add]
02. I Don't Know Gee from Haw [add]
03. Stay in the Wagon Yard [add]
04. You Done Me Mean and Hateful [add]
05. Grandpa's Getting Married Again [add]
06. Down in Dixie (Where They Say You All) [add]
07. Jennie Get the Hoe Cakes Done [add]
08. Hello Blues [add]
09. Fix Me a Pallet [add]
10. Rain Is Still Falling [add]
11. Melinda [add]
12. Five String Banjo Boogie [add]

Do You Remember? (1962) 01. Going Down the Country [add]
02. Tears That Make Believe [add]
03. Don't Sweet Talk Me [add]
04. I'm Hog Wild Crazy Over You [add]
05. Fast Moving Night Train [add]
06. I Ain't Got Much to Lose [add]
07. New Pins and Needles [add]
08. Jesse James [add]
09. I Guess You Don't Remember Now [add]
10. Mountain Maw [add]
11. Weary Lonesome Me [add]
12. Kitty Clyde [add]

Evening with Granpa Jones (1963) 01. Eight More Miles to Louisville [add]
02. Don't Bring Your Banjo Home [add]
03. Dark as a Dungeon [add]
04. Daylight Savings Time [add]
05. Waiting for a Train [add]
06. Old Rattler's Pup [add]
07. All American Boy [add]
08. Huntin's over for Tonight [add]
09. Pickin' Time [add]
10. Mountain Dew [add]
11. Old Towser [add]
12. When the Jone's Get Together [add]

Rollin' Along with Grandpa Jones (1963) 01. Rock Island Line [add]
02. Time, Time, Time, Time [add]
03. Chicken Don't Roost Too High [add]
04. My Little Nagging Wife [add]
05. Take It on Out the Door [add]
06. You've Come Back to Me [add]
07. My Old Red River Home [add]
08. Mule Train [add]
09. Going Down Town [add]
10. The Bald-Headed End of a Broom [add]
11. How Many Biscuits Can You Eat? [add]
12. I Often Wonder Why You Changed Your Mind [add]
13. Happy Little Home in Arkansas [add]
14. Golden Rocket [add]
15. Daisy Dean [add]
16. Darby's Ram [add]

Remembers the Brown's Ferry Four (1966) 01. On the Jericho Road [add]
02. I'll Meet You in the Morning [add]
03. When I Get to the End of the Way [add]
04. No Tears in Heaven [add]
05. Gone Home [add]
06. Turn Your Radio on [add]
07. Keep on the Firing Line [add]
08. Just Over in the Gloryland [add]
09. Old Camp Meeting Time [add]
10. Empty Mansion [add]
11. Gloryland Way [add]

Everybody's Grandpa (1968) 01. Are You from Dixie? [add]
02. Steady Drips of Water [add]
03. Eight More Miles to Louisville [add]
04. Banjo Am the Instrument [add]
05. Springtime Comes But Once a Year [add]
06. Goin' Down to the River [add]
07. Heart Full of Love [add]
08. Night Train to Memphis [add]
09. Don't Look Back [add]
10. Falling Leaves [add]

Live (1969) 01. Fix Me a Pallet [add]
02. Dooley [add]
03. Air, the Sunshine, and the Rain [add]
04. Castles in the Air [add]
05. Old Rattler's Pup [add]
06. My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean [add]
07. Rocky Top [add]
08. I Don't Love Nobody [add]
09. John Henry [add]
10. The Last Ol' Shevel [add]
11. Southern Bound [add]
12. 15 Cents Is All I Got [add]

Family Album (1979) 01. I'll Be Around [add]
02. Sweet Luis [add]
03. Jazz Essential [add]
04. Changes [add]
05. Injury Time [add]
06. Ming [add]
07. Life Force [add]
08. Got to Do [add]
09. Sensual Wave [add]
10. Inspiration [add]
11. When It's Cold [add]
12. The Heat Up [add]

Steppin' Out Kind (2006) 01. It's Raining Here This Morning [Remake] [add]
02. I'll Be Around if You Need Me [Remake] [add]
03. Grandpa's Boogie [add]
04. Heart Stealin' Mama [add]
05. Eight More Miles to Louisville [add]
06. Alimony Trouble [add]
07. Five String Banjo Boogie [add]
08. Ridin' on That Train [add]
09. Darby's Ram [add]
10. Take It on out the Door [add]
11. The Feudin' Boogie [add]
12. Mule Train [add]
13. Move It on Over [add]
14. What'll I Do with the Baby-O [add]
15. Steppin' out Kind [add]
16. Don't Sweet Talk Me [add]
17. Send in Your Name and Address [add]
18. That Depot in the Sky [add]
19. Old Rattler [add]
20. You'll Make Our Shack a Mansion [add]
21. Get Back on the Glory Road [add]
22. There's a Grave in the Wave of the Ocean [add]
23. Maybe You Will Miss Me When I'm Gone [add]
24. There's a Hole in the Ground [add]
25. When Mussolini Laid His Pistol Down [add]
26. Two-Time Annie [add]

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