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Bugs Henderson lyrics
Genre: Rock
At Last [live] (1978) 01. Boppin' the Blues/Blue Suede Shoes [add]
02. Love Junkie [add]
03. Takes My Breath Away [add]
04. Honest I Do [add]
05. Shuffle King [add]
06. Texas Ballbuster [add]
07. Hound Dog/Gigglebush Boogie [add]

Still Flyin' (1981) 01. Baby Ruth [add]
02. Judi Likes the Blues [add]
03. Still Flyin' [add]
04. Hide Away [add]
05. Please Have Mercy [add]
06. Heart Attack [add]
07. Thirteen Ways [add]
08. Drug Store Blues [add]
09. Little Brother [add]
10. Not Guilty [add]

American Music (1993) 01. Black Hawk Waltz [add]
02. Dance Till the Moon Go Down [add]
03. 'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do [add]
04. Back to Louisiana [add]
05. Big Legged Woman [add]
06. Honky Tonk [add]
07. She Thinks I Still Care [add]
08. Rocket in My Pocket [add]
09. Tore Down [add]
10. American Music [add]
11. Shuffle King [add]

Years in the Jungle (1993) 01. Anthem for the Blues [add]
02. She Feels Good [add]
03. Lost in Austin [add]
04. Big D Shuffle [add]
05. Stabbed in the Back [add]
06. Sweet Marie [add]
07. Summertime Blues [add]
08. Little Miss Rainbow [add]
09. Honey Mama [add]
10. Blues in Reverse [add]
11. Video S.O.B. [add]
12. Cowboy [add]

Daredevils of the Red Guitar (1994) 01. Hit the Bricks [add]
02. Sweet and Mean [add]
03. Daredevils of the Red Guitar [add]
04. Raw-Hide [add]
05. Love Somebody [add]
06. Rebel Rouser [add]
07. The Road [add]
08. Ventures Medley: Walk-Don't Run/Perfidia/Lullaby of the Leaves/Slaugh [add]
09. These Eyes [add]
10. Airplay [add]
11. Judi Likes the Blues [add]
12. Brandon's Song [add]
13. Jitterbugs, Pt. 2 [add]

Gitarbazndrumz: Live (1994) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Take Your Time [add]
03. Jitterbugs [add]
04. Sleepwalk [add]
05. Lucille [add]
06. Good Stuff [add]

That's the Truth (1995) 01. Foreplay [add]
02. Take Your Time [add]
03. That's the Truth [add]
04. Blue Casino [add]
05. Look Out [add]
06. Heartbreak Gumbo [add]
07. Johnny B. Goode [add]
08. Good Stuff [add]
09. You Can't Sit Down [add]
10. Audio Liner Notes [add]

Four Tens Strike Again (1996) 01. Lucille [add]
02. Can't Find Love lyrics
03. Highway 61 Revisited [add]
04. Black Spring [add]
05. Sunshine of Your Love [add]
06. Lost in the Shuffle [add]
07. Don't Do It [add]
08. Just Like a Woman [add]
09. Crippled Gnat Bounce [add]
10. Blue Casino [add]
11. Four Tens Strike Again [add]
12. Deal 'Em [add]
13. One More Hand [add]
14. Audio Liner Notes [add]

Henderson and Jones [live] (1997) 01. Crossroads [add]
02. Drug Store Blues [add]
03. Love Me [add]
04. Got My Mojo Workin' [add]
05. Big Roar [add]
06. Ain't Nobody's Business [add]
07. Texas Ballbuster [add]
08. Wild Side of Life [add]
09. Crippled Gnat Bounce [add]
10. Audio Liner Notes [add]

Legendary Jams, 1976-1980 [live] (1997) 01. Boogie on Down [add]
02. Green Onions [add]
03. Talk to Your Daughter [add]
04. It's My Own Fault, Baby [add]
05. Don't Want No Woman [add]
06. Bluetex [add]
07. Stranglehold [add]
08. Audio Liner Notes [add]

Have Blues...Must Rock (1998) 01. No One Owns the Blues [add]
02. Lovin' Yourself [add]
03. Chain Me [add]
04. Tramp on Your Street [add]
05. Look What Love Can Do [add]
06. Uncle John [add]
07. I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink [add]
08. My Baby [add]
09. Drug Store Blues [add]
10. Thirteen Ways [add]
11. Have Blues...Must Rock [add]
12. Hide Away [add]
13. I Love You Day [Audio Liner Notes] [add]

Call of the Wild: Live at the Meisenfrei (2000) 01. Hide Away [add]
02. Heartbreak Gumbo [add]
03. Big D Shuffle [add]
04. Chain Me [add]
05. Love Junkie [add]
06. Lost in the Shuffle [add]
07. Honey Mama [add]
08. Blues in Reverse [add]
09. Drug Store Blues [add]
10. Daredevils of the Red Guitar [add]
11. The Big Roar [add]
12. It Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do [add]
13. Got My Mojo Working [add]
14. Rocket in My Pocket [add]
15. Ventures Medley: Walk, Don't Run/Perfidia/Lullaby of the ... [add]
16. Outside Woman Blues [add]
17. Blue Casino [add]
18. Johnny Heat [add]
19. Texas Ballbuster [add]
20. Dance Till the Moon Go Down [add]
21. Lucille [add]
22. Big D Shuffle/Link Wray Medley: Big D Shuffle/Rumble/Raw-Hide [add]
23. Audio Liner Notes [add]

Heartbroke Again [live] (2000) 01. Dance Until the Moon Goes Down [add]
02. She Thinks I Still Care [add]
03. Baby, What You Want Me to Do [add]
04. Lost in Austin [add]
05. Heartbroke Again [add]
06. The Stumble [add]
07. Sweet and Mean [add]
08. Tore Down [add]
09. I'll Play American Music [add]
10. Suzie Q/My Babe [add]
11. Going Back to Louisiana [add]
12. Together Again [add]
13. Sweet Little Sixteen [add]
14. Rocket in Pocket [add]
15. Nobody Business [add]
16. Shuffle King [add]

Adventures of The Shuffle Kings (2001) 01. Welcome [add]
02. Starvation Box [add]
03. Blindboy King Jr. [add]
04. Johnny Heat [add]
05. Takes My Breath Away [add]
06. Live and Learn [add]
07. Amazing Blues Pedal [add]
08. Heartbroke Again [add]
09. Autumn Lullaby [add]
10. Shuffle King Ad [add]
11. Terminal Blue [add]
12. Funky Talk [add]
13. Kyra [add]
14. Armadillo Shake [add]
15. Roll Me Over [add]
16. Bugs Henderson Ad [add]
17. Good Morning Texas [add]
18. Angel Baby [add]
19. Judi Likes the Blues [add]
20. The PBS Song [add]
21. The Hawk [add]
22. (She Took The) Night Train [add]
23. Sen-Sa-Shun [add]
24. Bat Man [add]
25. Honest I Do [add]
26. Side Tracked [add]
27. Vacation [add]
28. No Thanks [add]
29. Shocked, Stunned, & Bewildered [add]
30. Band Talk [add]
31. Texas Guitar Players [add]
32. Roll Me Over [add]
33. Audio Liner Notes [add]

We're a Texas Band: Live in Germany (2003) 01. Look What Love Can Do [add]
02. Pleasure Tent of the Porno Duck [add]
03. Ticket to Ride [add]
04. Blues in Reverse [add]
05. Good Mornin' Texas [add]
06. She Feels Good [add]
07. For What It's Worth [add]
08. Sweet Marie [add]
09. We're an American Band [add]
10. She Thinks I Still Care [add]
11. Hide Away [add]
12. Oh Lonesome Me [add]
13. Shadow of the Rose [add]
14. Stabbed in the Back [add]
15. Highway 61 Revisited [add]
16. Tom's Trip to Texas [add]
17. Big D Shuffle [add]
18. Shakey Ground/Try a Little Harder/Day Tripper Medley [add]
19. Lawdy Miss Clawdy [add]
20. Sweet Little Sixteen [add]
21. Beatles Medley/Sleepwalk: With a Little Help from My Friends/Can't Buy [add]
22. Woman on Fire [add]
23. Hello Mary Lou [add]
24. Blue Casino [add]
25. Going Down [add]

Stormy Love (2004) 01. Stormy Love [add]
02. Hold the Line [add]
03. Shining Again [add]
04. Maid of Sugar-Maid of Spice [add]
05. The Vent [add]
06. Tom's Trip to Texas [add]
07. Woman on Fire [add]
08. (The Whole World) Sighs [add]
09. The Vent-Refried [add]
10. The Train Song (Lover's Prayer) [add]
11. Wish I Could Write Like Billy Joe [add]
12. Shadow of the Rose [add]
13. Audio Liner Notes [add]

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