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Genre: R&B
Post (1985) 01. From St. Kilda to King's [add]
02. Incident on South Dowling [add]
03. Look So Fine, Feel So Low [add]
04. White Train [add]
05. Luck [add]
06. Blues for Skip [add]
07. Adelaide [add]
08. Satisty Your Woman [add]
09. You Can Put Your Shoes... [add]
10. Standing on the Street of... [add]
11. Little Decisions [add]

Gossip (1987) 01. Last Train to Heaven [add]
02. Before the Old Man Died [add]
03. Leaps and Bounds [add]
04. Incident on South Dowling [add]
05. Don't Harm the Messenger [add]
06. Somebody's Forgetting Somebody (Somebody's Letting Somebody Down) [add]
07. Execution [add]
08. Darling It Hurts [add]
09. Before Too Long [add]
10. Look So Fine, Feel So Low [add]
11. Stories of Me [add]
12. Tighten Up [add]
13. Down on My Speedway [add]
14. White Train [add]
15. Randwick Bells [add]

Under the Sun (1988) 01. Dumb Things [add]
02. Same Old Walk [add]
03. Big Heart [add]
04. Don't Stand So Close to the Window [add]
05. Forty Miles to Saturday Night [add]
06. Untouchable [add]
07. Know Your Friends [add]
08. To Her Door lyrics
09. Under the Sun [add]
10. Desdemona [add]
11. Happy Slave [add]
12. Crosstown [add]
13. Little Decisions [add]
14. Bicentennial [add]

So Much Water, So Close to Home (1989) 01. You Cant Take It with You [add]
02. Sweet Guy [add]
03. Most Wanted Man in the World [add]
04. I Had Forgotten You [add]
05. Shes a Melody Stupid Song [add]
06. South of Germany [add]
07. Careless [add]
08. Moon in the Bed [add]
09. No You [add]
10. Everything's Turning to White [add]
11. Pigeon/Jundamurra [add]
12. Cities of Texas [add]

Comedy (1992) 01. Don't Start Me Talking [add]
02. Stories of Me [add]
03. Wintercoat [add]
04. It's All Downhill from Here [add]
05. Leaving Her for the Last Time [add]
06. Brighter [add]
07. Your Little Sister (Is a Big Girl Now) [add]
08. I Won't Be Your Dog Anymore [add]
09. Take Your Time [add]
10. Sydney from a 727 [add]
11. Buffalo Ballet [add]
12. I Can't Believe We Were Married [add]
13. From Little Things Big Things Grow [add]
14. Blue Stranger [add]
15. (You Can Put Your) Shoes Under My Bed [add]
16. Invisible Me [add]
17. Little Boy Don't Lose Your Balls [add]

Wanted Man (1994) 01. Summer Rain [add]
02. God's Hotel [add]
03. She's Rare [add]
04. Just Like Animals [add]
05. Love Never Runs on Time [add]
06. Song from the Sixteenth Floor [add]
07. Maybe This Time for Sure [add]
08. Ball and Chain [add]
09. You're Still Picking the Same Sore [add]
10. Everybody Wants to Touch Me [add]
11. We've Started a Fire [add]
12. Lately [add]
13. Nukkanya [add]

Live, May 1992 (1994) 01. Foggy Highway [add]
02. To Her Door lyrics
03. Wintercoat [add]
04. Taught By Experts [add]
05. From Little Things Big Things Grow [add]
06. I Can't Believe We Were Married [add]
07. Until Death Do Them Part [add]
08. Same Old Walk [add]
09. Don't Explain [add]
10. Stupid Song [add]
11. Brand New Ways [add]
12. Stories of Me [add]
13. Everything Turning to White [add]
14. Dumb Things [add]
15. Just Like Animals [add]
16. Keep It to Yourself [add]
17. I Won't Be Your Dog Anymore [add]
18. I Was Hoping You'd Say That [add]
19. Careless [add]

Deeper Water (1995) 01. Blush [add]
02. Extra Mile [add]
03. I'll Forgive But I Won't Forget [add]
04. Queen Stone [add]
05. Deeper Water [add]
06. Madeleine's Song [add]
07. Difficult Woman [add]
08. Give in to My Love [add]
09. I've Been a Fool [add]
10. Anastasia Changes Her Mind [add]
11. California [add]
12. Gathering Storm [add]

Live at Continental & Esplanade (1996) 01. When I First Met Your Ma [add]
02. Maralinga [add]
03. God's Hotel [add]
04. Everybody Wants to Touch Me [add]
05. Somebody's Forgetting Somebody (Somebody's Letting Somebody Down) [add]
06. Just Like Animals [add]
07. To Her Door lyrics
08. Pouring Petrol on a Burning Man [add]
09. Dumb Things [add]
10. Cities of Texas [add]
11. She's Rare [add]
12. Darling It Hurts [add]
13. Careless [add]
14. Summer Rain [add]

Words & Music (1998) 01. Little Kings [add]
02. I'll Be Your Lover Now [add]
03. Nothing on My Mind [add]
04. Words and Music [add]
05. How to Make Gravy [add]
06. Gutless Wonder [add]
07. Tease Me [add]
08. I'd Rather Be Blind [add]
09. She Answers the Sun (Lazybones) [add]
10. The Beat of Your Heart [add]
11. It Started With a Kiss [add]
12. Glory Be to God [add]
13. Saturday Night and Sunday Morning [add]
14. Charlie Owen's Slide Guitar [add]
15. Melting [add]

Smoke (2000) 01. Our Sunshine [add]
02. You Can't Take It with You [add]
03. Until Death Do Them Part [add]
04. I Can't Believe We Were Married [add]
05. I Don't Remember a Thing [add]
06. Teach Me Tonight [add]
07. Sydney from a 747 [add]
08. Night After Night [add]
09. Whistling Bird [add]
10. Stories of Me [add]
11. Taught by Experts [add]
12. Gathering Storm [add]
13. Shy Before You Lord [add]

Nothing But a Dream (2001) 01. If I Could Start Today Again [add]
02. Change Your Mind [add]
03. Midnight Rain [add]
04. I Close My Eyes and Think of You [add]
05. Somewhere in the City [add]
06. Just About to Break [add]
07. Love Is the Law [add]
08. The Pretty Place [add]
09. I Wasted Time [add]
10. Would You Be My Firend? [add]
11. Smoke Under the Bridge [add]

Ways & Means (2004) 01. Guinnamatta [add]
02. The Oldest Story in the Book [add]
03. Heavy Thing [add]
04. Won't You Come Around? [add]
05. These Are the Days [add]
06. Beautiful Feeling lyrics
07. Crying Shame [add]
08. Sure Got Me lyrics
09. To Be Good Takes a Long Time lyrics
10. Can't Help You Now [add]
11. Nothing But a Dream lyrics
12. Little Bit O' Sugar lyrics
13. Forty-Eight Angels [add]
14. Your Lovin' Is on My Mind lyrics
15. You Broke a Beautiful Thing [add]
16. My Way Is to You lyrics
17. Curly Red [add]
18. King of Fools lyrics
19. Young Lovers [add]
20. Big Fine Girl [add]
21. Let's Fall Again [add]

Foggy Highway (2005) 01. Stumbling Block [CD-ROM Track] [add]
02. Rally Round the Drum [CD-ROM Track] [add]
03. Ghost Town [CD-ROM Track] [add]
04. Song of the Old Rake [CD-ROM Track] [add]
05. Don't Stand So Close to the Window [CD-ROM Track] [add]
06. Passed Over [CD-ROM Track] [add]
07. They Thought I Was Asleep [CD-ROM Track] [add]
08. You're Learning [CD-ROM Track] [add]
09. Foggy Highway [CD-ROM Track] [add]
10. Down to My Soul [CD-ROM Track] [add]
11. Cities of Texas [CD-ROM Track] [add]
12. Meet Me in the Middle of the Air [multimedia track] [add]
13. [CD-ROM Track] [add]

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