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Genre: R&B
Stoop Down Baby...Let Your Daddy See (1972) 01. Stoop Down Baby Let Your Daddy See [add]
02. The Things I Used to Do [add]
03. My Story [add]
04. Mother Fuyer [add]
05. Something to Remember You By [add]
06. Sometime Soon [add]
07. This Is My Life [add]

Footprints in My Bed (1990) 01. Love Crazy [add]
02. Use What You Got [add]
03. What's to Become of the World [add]
04. Roll the Dice [add]
05. Footprints in My Bed [add]
06. Big Red Caboose [add]
07. Hello Central [add]
08. Jack You Up [add]
09. Voodoo Woman [add]
10. Nuts for Sale [add]

Back to the Blues (1991) 01. Don't Let Success (Turn Our Love Around) [add]
02. Goin' to the Dogs [add]
03. Bow-Legged Woman [add]
04. I Ain't Superstitious [add]
05. Tell Papa [add]
06. Story of My Life [add]
07. My Adorable One [add]
08. I Ain't Jivin' Baby [add]
09. Strange Things Happening [add]

Holdin' Hands with the Blues (1992) 01. Holdin' Hands With the Blues [add]
02. You're Gonna Miss Me [add]
03. That's How Much I Love You, Sweetheart [add]
04. Millie (The Fine Filly) [add]
05. Finders Keepers [add]
06. Going Back to Rock & Roll [add]
07. Selfish Lover [add]
08. Heavens to Betsy [add]
09. One Slick Woman [add]
10. I'm Only Guilty of Loving You [add]

Nasty Chick (1992) 01. I Want to Play With Your Poodle [add]
02. Her Ding-A -Ling [add]
03. Use What You Got [add]
04. One Slick Woman [add]
05. Jack You Up [add]
06. Stoop Down '88 [add]
07. Big Red Caboose [add]
08. That's How Much I Love You, Sweetheart [add]
09. I'm the Son [add]

I Got a Big Fat Woman (1994) 01. I Got a Big Fat Woman [add]
02. I Cain't Work and Watch You [add]
03. Comming Prison Farm [add]
04. Today I Started Loving You Again [add]
05. She Like to Live High on the Hog [add]
06. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man [add]
07. You Lost What You Had [add]
08. Rock Me Baby [add]
09. Look on Yonder's Wall [add]
10. Tin Pan Alley [add]

Blue Class Blues (1998) 01. I Wanna Funk Wid You [add]
02. If I Didn't Have the Blues [add]
03. Trouble [add]
04. Telephone Line [add]
05. I'm a Dreamer [add]
06. 5 O'Clock in the Morning [add]
07. Savannah Lee [add]
08. I Ain't Looking for Much Crowd [add]
09. Mr. Blues [add]
10. Get off My Case [add]

Y2K Recorded "Live" (2000) 01. Funk With You [add]
02. Big Fat Woman [add]
03. Hello Central [add]
04. Don't Deceive Me [add]
05. What Have You Got on Me [add]
06. Mr. Blues [add]
07. Stoop Down [add]
08. It's All Over [add]
09. Everyday/Finale [add]

From the heart and Soul (2001) 01. Ribshack Blues Caf? [add]
02. Someday Baby [add]
03. One Eyed Woman [add]
04. I Found the Kinda Love [add]
05. What Goes Up [add]
06. I Know a Hoochie Mama [add]
07. Come Back Home [add]
08. Black Widow Spider [add]
09. Betty Boo [add]
10. MR. D.J. [add]

I Won't Give Up (2002) 01. Spring Time [add]
02. Keep Singing the Blues [add]
03. Hattie [add]
04. Sweet Woman/Sweet Man [add]
05. Hurt Me So [add]
06. Cheating Game [add]
07. In the Mood We're In [add]
08. Doggin Me Around [add]
09. Won't Give Up [add]
10. Got to Find a Cure [add]

I Did It All (2005) 01. I Did It All [Radio Edit] [add]
02. Easy Blues [add]
03. Married to Four Women [add]
04. I Like It Like That [add]
05. You Are Not the Woman [add]
06. She Got It [add]
07. I Love You Sweetheart [add]
08. I'm Coming to See You Baby [add]
09. Let Me Jack You Baby [add]
10. Little Old Blues Man [add]
11. You Can't Run [add]
12. I Did It All [Adult Version] [add]
13. Bonus Material [DVD] [add]

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