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The Lilly Brothers lyrics
Genre: Country
Folk Songs from Southern Mountains (1961) 01. In My Dear Old Southern Home [add]
02. Midnight on the Stormy Sea [add]
03. Forgotten Soldier Boy [add]
04. Down on the Banks of the Ohio [add]
05. Where Is My Sailor Boy? [add]
06. Sinner You Better Get Ready [add]
07. What Would You Give in Exchange? [add]
08. Oh, Hide You in the Blood [add]
09. Old Joe Clarke [add]
10. Little Annie [add]
11. 'Neath That Cold Grey Tomb of Stone [add]
12. Barbara Allen [add]
13. John Hardy [add]
14. Cornbread and 'Lasses and Sassafras Tea [add]
15. The Waves on the Sea [add]
16. Saints Go Marching In [add]

Country Songs (1964) 01. Dig a Hole in the Meadow [add]
02. Goodbye Maggie [add]
03. I'm Troubled, I'm Troubled [add]
04. Long Black Veil [add]
05. Butcher Boy [add]
06. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms [add]
07. Weeping Willow Tree [add]
08. There'll Come a Time [add]
09. Open Up Them Pearly Gates [add]
10. Rosewood Casket [add]
11. Jack and Mae [add]
12. Knoxville Girl [add]

Live at Hillbilly Ranch (1965) 01. Flint Hill Special [instrumental] [add]
02. Forsaken Love [add]
03. Billboard Song [add]
04. Walking With You in My Dreams [add]
05. Katy Cline [add]
06. Picture on the Wall [add]
07. Knoxville Girl [add]
08. Down in Caroline [add]
09. Shuckin' the Corn [instrumental] [add]
10. Lonely Moon [add]
11. Hide Ye in the Blood [add]
12. Watermelon Hanging on the Vine [add]
13. The Old Man's Story [add]
14. Randy Lynn Rag [instrumental] [add]
15. Joy Bells [add]
16. Foggy Mountain Top [instrumental] [add]
17. Shenandoah Breakdown [instrumental] [add]
18. I'm Going to Make Heaven My Home [add]
19. Distant Drums [add]
20. When Our Lord Shall Come Again [add]
21. False Hearted Lover [add]
22. Lightning Express [add]
23. Birdie [instrumental] [add]

What Will I Leave Behind (1973) 01. I Would Not Be Denied [add]
02. In a Little Village Churchyard [add]
03. On My Way to Glory [add]
04. What Will I Leave Behind [add]
05. What Would the Profit Be [add]
06. Will You Meet Me Over Yonder [add]
07. I'll Live On [add]
08. I Need the Prayers of Those I Love [add]
09. On the Sunny Side of Life [add]
10. The Dying Boy's Prayer [add]
11. The Great Reaping Day [add]
12. I Have Found the Way [add]

On the Radio 1952-1953 (2002) 01. Intro [add]
02. Why Don't You Tell Me So [add]
03. That Star Belongs to Me [add]
04. Here Rattler Here [add]
05. Rawhide [add]
06. Girl With the Blue Velvet Band [add]
07. Why Did You Wander [add]
08. Don't Make Me Go to Bed and I'll Be Good [add]
09. The Old Man's Story [add]
10. I'll Still Write Your Name in the Sand [add]
11. No Mother or Dad [add]
12. Cumberland Gap [add]
13. The Old Home Town [add]
14. Good Old Mountain Dew [add]
15. What Is a Home Without Love [add]
16. We're Going to Have a Big Time Here Tonight [add]
17. When the Saints Go Marching In [add]
18. Sinner You Better Get Ready [add]
19. The Prisoner's Song [add]
20. Cumberland Gap - Outro [add]

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