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Ron Levy lyrics
Genre: Blues
Voodoo Boogaloo (0000) 01. Organ Colossus [add]
02. Voodoo Boogaloo [add]
03. Love Retoined [add]
04. Better Save Yo'seff [add]
05. Spy on the Fly [add]
06. Spank! [add]
07. Wes Side West [add]
08. Memphis Mem'ries [add]

Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom (1985) 01. I Know You Know I Know [add]
02. Chicken Fried Snake [add]
03. So Many Roads [add]
04. Why You Stay Out So Late? [add]
05. Party in Nogales [add]
06. Big Town Playboy [add]
07. It's Hot in Here [add]
08. My Heart's in Trouble [add]
09. Knee Squeeze [add]
10. Must Have Missed a Turn Somewhere [add]

Safari to New Orleans (1988) 01. Stir the Roux With You [add]
02. Life Is Like That [add]
03. The Fall Guy [add]
04. Big Mamou [add]
05. Coconut Milk [add]
06. Mary Can't Count [add]
07. Cool the Fool [add]
08. The South Shall Rise Again [add]
09. Carry on Our Carrying On [add]
10. Nine Pound Hammer [add]
11. Everybody's Gotta Cry Sometime [add]

B-3 Blues and Grooves (1992) 01. Levtronic Blues [add]
02. Summertime [add]
03. Smoke N' Fire [add]
04. Gimme a Break [add]
05. Prayin' the Blues, Pt. 1 [add]
06. Funk Finger [add]
07. Eema's Song [add]
08. 'Mo Chain Smokin' [add]
09. Meter Made [add]
10. Rooseveltin' [add]
11. Prayin' the Blues, Pt. 2 [add]

Zim Zam Zoom: Acid Blues on B-3 (1996) 01. Zim Zam Zoom [add]
02. C.C. Rider [add]
03. Lost Tribes [add]
04. U Rockin' Me [add]
05. Sons of Abraham [add]
06. Silver Cannonball [add]
07. Last Go Round [add]
08. Lonely Avenue [add]

Greaze Is What's Good (1998) 01. Can I Change My Mind [add]
02. Greaze Is What's Good [add]
03. One People [add]
04. Mr. Mr. Blasta from the Past'da [add]
05. What d'Freak [add]
06. Big Fine Lil' Lass [add]
07. What's Going On [add]
08. Long Time Ago [add]
09. In the Middle / The King [add]
10. J-J-Jazz It Up [add]
11. Gangsta's to Blame [add]

Live! (2001) 01. Sons of Abraham [add]
02. Blues for BB [add]
03. Like, Like Dope [add]
04. Gaucha Girl [add]
05. Levtronic Blues [add]
06. Funky Monkey Boogaloo [add]
07. Confusions [add]

Assorted Special Guests (2003) 01. Knee Squeeze w/Ronnie Earl [add]
02. Chicken Fried Snake w/Jimmie Vaughn & Ronnie Earl [add]
03. Groovelatin' Acid Blues w/Lowell Fulson [add]
04. Chillin Out w/Albert Collins [add]
05. Defrostin' w/Albert Collins & Memphis Horns [add]
06. Prayin the Blues w/Gray Sargent [add]
07. Greaze Is What's Good w/Melvin Sparks [add]
08. J-J-Jazz It Up w/Freddie Hubbard [add]
09. U Rockin' Me w/Sax Gordon & Melvin Sparks [add]
10. Square Business w/Smokin' Joe Kubeck [add]
11. The Life You Save w/ B'nois King [add]
12. Some Help I Don't Need w/BB King [add]
13. Smoke & Fire w/Smokey Wilson [add]

Finding My Way (2003) 01. I Try & I Try [add]
02. Best Cookies (In the Neighborhood) [add]
03. Steady Like Freddy [add]
04. The Wes Side [add]
05. Exfiled [add]
06. Cuch Cuch [add]
07. Some Sorta Blue [add]
08. Finding My Way [add]
09. Spangled Star Boogaloo [*] [add]

Green Eyed Soul (2003) 01. Always Outnumbered [add]
02. The Soulside [add]
03. Like, Like Dope [add]
04. Lovin' You Again [add]
05. Green Eyed Soul [add]
06. Silver Plated [add]
07. Soulard Soul Stew [add]
08. Yo Bro' Yossel [add]
09. El Fuego de Lowell [add]

Jazz-A-Licious Grooves (2003) 01. Eema's Song [add]
02. Summertime [add]
03. J-J-Jazz It Up [add]
04. Greaze Is What's Good [add]
05. Big Fine Lil' Lass [add]
06. Zim Zam Zoom [add]
07. Lost Tribes [add]
08. Sons of Abraham [add]
09. Silver Cannonball [add]
10. Long Time Ago [add]
11. What d'Freak [add]
12. Mr. Mr. Blasta from the Past'da [add]

After Midnight Grooves (2004) 01. After Midnight Groove [add]
02. Groovin' Wichu [add]
03. Just the Way It Went [add]
04. Like Back in the Day [add]
05. Slinky [add]
06. Keepin' Up the Love [add]
07. Back at the Levshack [add]

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