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Lester Flatt lyrics
Genre: Country
Flatt on Victor (1970) 01. I Can't Tell the Boys [add]
02. Father's Table Grace [add]
03. Pick Away [add]
04. Head over Heels in Love [add]
05. She's a Little Bit Country [add]
06. Everything We Had Goin' Is Gone [add]
07. Little Cabin Home on the Hill [add]
08. Cedar Hill [add]
09. Let Our Love Shine Through [add]
10. Everybody Has One (But You) [add]

The One and Only Lester Flatt (1970) 01. Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms [add]
02. Drink That Mash and Talk That Trash [add]
03. We'll Meet Again Sweetheart [add]
04. Sunny Side of the Mountain [add]
05. Mockin' Banjo [add]
06. I'd Like to Have Papa Show Me Around [add]
07. Yonder Stands Like Maggie [add]
08. I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open [add]
09. Flatland Two-Step [add]
10. Down the Road [add]

Lester 'n' Mac [live] (1971) 01. I Ain't Lyin' [add]
02. Messin' with the Kid [add]
03. All Night Lover [add]
04. Ain't the Worst (That You Could Find) [add]
05. Johnny B. Goode [add]
06. Dangerous Things [add]
07. Rumble Groove [add]
08. Hey Miss Bessie [add]
09. Ragtop Cadillac [add]
10. I'll Never Love Another [add]

Foggy Mountain Breakdown (1973) 01. February Snow [add]
02. Cabin on the Hill [add]
03. Cuttin' the Grass [add]
04. The Good Old Fashioned Way [add]
05. Love Is the Key [add]
06. Foggy Mountain Breakdown [add]
07. I Got It on My Mind, Today [add]
08. She Didn't Say Goodbye [add]
09. It's Sad to Be Alone [add]
10. Good Ole You Know Who [add]

On the South Bound (1973) 01. Salty Dog Blues [add]
02. Just a Strand From [add]
03. Mama's and Daddy's Little Girl [add]
04. How Lonely Can You Get? [add]
05. I'm Waiting to Hear You Call Me Darling [add]
06. On the Southbound [add]
07. Are You Coming Back to Me [add]
08. You Can't Trust a Friend Anymore [add]
09. Me & Your Memory [add]
10. When You Are Lonely [add]

Before You Go (1974) 01. Before You Go [add]
02. Have You Come to Say Goodbye [add]
03. The Haskel Stomp [add]
04. Love's Come Over Me [add]
05. Country Living [add]
06. Never Ending Song of Love [add]
07. I'm Gonna Get My Picture Took [add]
08. McCormick String Picnic [add]
09. She Left Me Because I Drink [add]
10. Crazy Life [add]

Over the Hills to the Poorhouse (1974) 01. Over the Hills to the Poorhouse [add]
02. 'tis Sweet to Be Remembered [add]
03. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again [add]
04. More Pretty Girls Than One [add]
05. I'll Go Stepping Too [add]
06. The Girl I Love Don't Pay Me [add]
07. Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me [add]
08. I'm a Stranger in This World [add]
09. Blue Ridge Cabin Home [add]
10. Waiting for the Boys to Come [add]

Heaven's Bluegrass Band (1977) 01. Dixie Flyer [add]
02. Home Without Love Is Just a House [add]
03. Great Big Woman [add]
04. The Night Daddy Passed Away [add]
05. You Know You Caused It All [add]
06. The House of Bottles and Cans [add]
07. Heaven's Bluegrass Band [add]
08. Ten Years of Heartaches [add]
09. Love Me Lorena [add]
10. Gone With the Delta Queen [add]
11. I'm Gonna Sit Down Beside My Jesus [add]

Live at the Bluegrass Festival (1986) 01. Foggy Mountain Breakdown [instrumental] [add]
02. Lost All My Money [add]
03. Homestead on the Farm [add]
04. Rawhide [instrumental] [add]
05. Wabash Cannonball [add]
06. Orange Blossom Special [instrumental] [add]
07. Nine Pound Hammer [add]
08. Flint Hill Special [instrumental] [add]
09. Get in Line Brother [add]
10. Blue Moon of Kentucky [add]
11. Will You Be Loving Another Man? [add]
12. Little Cabin on the Hill [add]
13. Salty Dog Blues [add]
14. Dig a Hole in the Meadow [add]
15. Cumberland Gap [add]

Lester Raymond Flatt (1989) 01. Come Back Darling [add]
02. Wreck of the Old '97/Remarks [add]
03. Some Old Day [add]
04. Listen to the Mockingbird [instrumental] [add]
05. When It's Time for the Whippoorwill to Sing [add]
06. Remarks/Down the Road [add]
07. I Won't Care (A Hundred Years from Now) [add]
08. It Was Only the Wind [add]
09. Remarks/My Cabin in Caroline [add]
10. Remarks/I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open [add]
11. Foggy Mountain Chimes [instrumental] [add]
12. That Old Book of Mine [add]

Pickin' Time (1996) 01. Uncle Billy Play Your Fiddle for Me [add]
02. Pickin' Time [add]
03. Cabin on the Hill [add]
04. Bluegrass Shuffle [add]
05. Goin' up on Black Mountain [add]
06. I Love You Until I Am Dizzy [add]
07. We Don't Care What Mama Allow [add]
08. If You Ain't Tried It Don't Knock It [add]
09. On My Mind [add]
10. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight [add]
11. Auction Sale [add]
12. Little Brown Church [add]

Live at Vanderbilt (2002) 01. Flint Hill Special [add]
02. Lost All My Money [add]
03. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight [add]
04. Homestead on the Farm [add]
05. Rawhide [add]
06. Wabash Cannonball [add]
07. Orange Blossom Special [add]
08. Nine Pound Hammer [add]
09. Get in Line Brother [add]
10. The Fall Is a Lonesome Time for Me [add]
11. I Know What It Means to Be Lonesome [add]
12. Dig a Hole in the Meadow [add]
13. Uncle Pen [add]
14. Blue Moon of Kentucky [add]
15. My Old Used to Be [add]
16. Will You Be Loving Another Man? [add]
17. My Little Cabin Home on the Hill [add]
18. Cryin' Holy Unto the Lord [add]
19. Sally Goodin' [add]
20. Mule Skinner Blues [add]
21. Salty Dog Blues [add]
22. Red Wing [add]
23. Wreck of the Old '97 [add]
24. Martha White Theme [add]
25. Cumberland Gap [add]
26. Foggy Mountain Breakdown [add]

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