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The Bluegrass Cardinals lyrics
Genre: Country
The Bluegrass Cardinals (1976) 01. Bird Dog [add]
02. Girl at the Crossroads Bar [add]
03. I Couldn't Believe It Was True [add]
04. Baby Rocked Her Dolly [add]
05. Prisoner's Song [add]
06. Where No One Stands Alone [add]
07. Are You Missing Me [add]
08. Leaving Harlan [add]
09. There Is a Fountain [add]
10. My Aching Heart [add]
11. Never Ending Sea of Love [add]
12. Rollin' On [add]

Welcome to Virginia (1977) 01. Roll on Muddy River [add]
02. She Keeps Hanging On [add]
03. Journey to My Savior's Side [add]
04. Lorene [add]
05. We Know the Man [add]
06. Darling Corey [add]
07. Ridin' on the L & N [add]
08. Blue Eyed Boston Boy [add]
09. Plant Some Flowers [add]
10. Darcey Farrow [add]
11. Jesus, Lead Me Evermore [add]
12. Mississippi River Man [add]

Livin' in the Good Old Days (1978) 01. I Think We're Livin' in the Good Old Days [add]
02. Knee Deep in Loving You [add]
03. Dedication to Lester Flatt [add]
04. What's Good for You [add]
05. Darling Is It Too Late Now? [add]
06. Sweet Hour of Prayer [add]
07. On Down the Line [add]
08. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight [add]
09. The First One to Love You [add]
10. Greener Pastures [add]
11. You Took All the Ramblin' Out of Me [add]
12. Uncle Billy Play Your Fiddle for Me [add]

Cardinal Soul (1979) 01. Low and Lonely [add]
02. Nothing Can My Loving You [add]
03. With Half a Heart [add]
04. Blue Is the Color of Lonesome [add]
05. I Feel Good [add]
06. Gift of Love [add]
07. Don't Give up on Me [add]
08. 32 Acres [add]
09. The Old Man in the Park [add]
10. I've Had a Time [add]
11. Mountain Laurel [add]

Live & on Stage (1980) 01. Pretty Red Wing [add]
02. Ramblin' Fever [add]
03. Day I Lose My Mind [add]
04. 18 Wheels [add]
05. Tribute to Lester Flatt [add]
06. Leather Britches [add]
07. Don't Come Running [add]
08. Sing a Family Song [add]
09. Old Fashioned Preacher [add]
10. Riverdale Flash [add]
11. Somewhere Tonight [add]
12. Mansion on the Hill [add]
13. Take Your Shoes Off Moses [add]
14. Feudin' Banjos [add]
15. I Love You Because [add]
16. Banjo Signal [add]
17. Time Changes Everything [add]
18. East Tennessee Blues [add]
19. Draggin' the Bow [add]
20. Dear Old Dixie [add]
21. Village Bells Hornpipe [add]
22. Lil' Liza Jane [add]
23. Earl's Breakdown [add]
24. Come Walk With Me [add]
25. Carry Me Back to Old Tennessee [add]
26. I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) [add]
27. Lee Highway Blues [add]

Sunday Mornin' Singin' (1980) 01. Sunday Mornin' Singin' [add]
02. Crossing of Jordan [add]
03. He Is Near [add]
04. Carpenter of Wood [add]
05. Shine Hallelujah Shine [add]
06. March Around the Throne [add]
07. Touch of God's Hand [add]
08. Angels Rock Me to Sleep [add]
09. From Cradle to Cross to Crown [add]
10. Just a Little Talk With Jesus [add]
11. Sailing for Glory [add]
12. Sweet Hour of Prayer [*] [add]
13. The First Time I Heard About Heaven [*] [add]
14. Where Rainbows Touch Down [*] [add]
15. I Hope That My Lord Will Let Me In [*] [add]
16. The Old Fashioned Preacher [live/*] [add]
17. Don't Give Up on Me [*] [add]
18. That's the Way I Want to Go [live/*] [add]

Where Rainbows Touch (1982) 01. Where Rainbow Touch Down [add]
02. Morristown [add]
03. Lifegate [add]
04. Apple Trees and Honey Bees [add]
05. Wasting Away [add]
06. First Time I Heard About Heaven [add]
07. Running Around [add]
08. I Hope My Lord Will Let Me in [add]
09. I Know It's Wrong to Love You [add]
10. Lee Berry Rye [add]

Cardinal Class (1983) 01. Puylleybone Gayden [add]
02. Warm Kentucky Sunshine [add]
03. Rolling Away [add]
04. Is Your Heart Right With God [add]
05. Country Poor and Country Proud [add]
06. Way Out There [add]
07. Thistles and Roses [add]
08. Up and Down the Mountain [add]
09. That Home Above [add]
10. I've Heard the Wind Blow [add]
11. Gravel in Your Shoe [add]

Home Is Where the Heart Is (1984) 01. Be Good to My Little Baby Girl [add]
02. Rebel's Last Request [add]
03. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby [add]
04. Home Is Where the Heart Is [add]
05. Wicked Path of Sin [add]
06. Slowly [add]
07. Five Days of Heaven [add]
08. Slowly Getting You Out of the Way [add]
09. It Rained [add]
10. Tiny Broken Heart [add]
11. Colorado [add]
12. It's Mighty Dark to Travel [add]

The Shining Path (1986) 01. Wash the Feet of Jesus [add]
02. Bring Him Your Talents [add]
03. Just Let Me Fall [add]
04. Live Beyond the Grave [add]
05. Shining Path [add]
06. My Lord's Been A-Walkin' [add]
07. I Will [add]
08. Way Down Deep in My Soul [add]
09. The Carpenter Shop [add]
10. What Would I Do Without Your Son? [add]
11. That's the Way I Want to Go [add]
12. The Land of the Living [add]
13. A-Packin' Up and Gettin' Ready [add]

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