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Mick Abrahams lyrics
Genre: Rock
Mick Abrahams (1971) 01. Greyhound Bus [add]
02. Awake [add]
03. Winds of Change [add]
04. Why Do You Do Me This Way [add]
05. Big Queen [add]
06. Not to Rearrange [add]
07. Seasons [add]

At Last (1972) 01. When I Get Back [add]
02. Absent Friends [add]
03. Time Now to Decide [add]
04. Whole Wide World [add]
05. Up and Down, Pt. 1 [add]
06. Up and Down, Pt. 2 [add]
07. Maybe Because [add]
08. The Good Old Days [add]
09. You'll Never Get It from Me [add]

One (1996) 01. Driftin' Blues [add]
02. Do Re Mi [add]
03. Mystery Train [add]
04. 13 Question Method [add]
05. Gnatz [add]
06. How Long Blues [add]
07. My Uncle [add]
08. Jesus on the Mainline [add]
09. Saunton Strut [add]
10. How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live ? [add]
11. Just Passing By [add]
12. Billy the Kid [add]
13. Lawdy Miss Clawdy [add]
14. Old Mother Nicotine [add]
15. I Wanna Love You [add]
16. Could This Be the Woman in y.. [add]
17. Taste for Alcohol [add]
18. Whenever I See Her [add]
19. Houdini [add]
20. Saturday Matinee [add]
21. On and On [add]

Mick's Back (1996) 01. The River's Invitation [add]
02. Bad Feeling [add]
03. Cold Women With Warm Hearts [add]
04. Time to Love [add]
05. Leaving Home Blues [add]
06. Long Grey Mare [add]
07. You'd Be a Millionaire [add]
08. Send Me Some Lovin' [add]
09. Yolanda [add]
10. Little Red Rooster [add]
11. Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City [add]
12. So Much Hard Luck [add]
13. Skyline Drive [add]

Live in Madrid (1997) 01. Let's Get Down to Business [add]
02. Wanna Know How to Love [add]
03. Let Me Love You Baby [add]
04. Stay With Me [add]
05. Automobile [add]
06. Blues [add]
07. Steel Blues [add]
08. Cat Squirrel [add]
09. Guitar Boogie [add]
10. Rock Me [add]

This Is (1999) 01. My Sunday Feeling [add]
02. It's Breaking Me Up [add]
03. Serenade to a Cuckoo [add]
04. Move on Alone [add]
05. Cat's Squirrel [add]
06. Some Day the Sun Won't Shine for You [add]
07. A Song for Jeffrey [add]
08. Dharma for One [add]
09. Beggars Farm [add]
10. Rock Me Baby [add]

Live: All Tore Down (2003) 01. It's Only Love [add]
02. All Tore Down [add]
03. Lies [add]
04. Billy the Kid [add]
05. I Wonder Who [add]
06. The Victim [add]
07. Cat's Squirrel [add]
08. Slow Down [add]
09. Dead Man's Hill [add]

Leaving Home Blues (2005) 01. So Much Trouble [Acoustic] [add]
02. Billy the Kid [Acoustic] [add]
03. Gnatz [Acoustic] [add]
04. Black Night Is Falling [Acoustic] [add]
05. Going Down Slow [Acoustic] [add]
06. Driftin' Blues [Acoustic] [add]
07. Leaving Home Blues [Acoustic] [add]
08. How Long Blues [Acoustic] [add]
09. Trouble in Mind [Acoustic] [add]
10. Jesus on the Mainline [Acoustic] [add]
11. You Got It Wrong [Electric] [add]
12. Lies [Electric] [add]
13. The Victim [Electric] [add]
14. I Wonder Who [Electric] [add]
15. Cat Squirrel [Electric] [add]
16. How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live? [Electric] [add]
17. The Dead Man's Hill [Electric] [add]
18. Rock Me Baby [Electric] [add]

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