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Jerry Jeff Walker lyrics
Genre: Country
Mr. Bojangles (1968) 01. Gypsy Songman lyrics
02. Mr. Bojangles [add]
03. Little Bird lyrics
04. I Makes Money (Money Don't Make Me) lyrics
05. Round and Round lyrics
06. I Keep Changin' lyrics
07. Maybe Mexico lyrics
08. Broken Toys lyrics
09. The Ballad of the Hulk lyrics
10. My Old Man lyrics
11. Mr. Bojangles [*] lyrics
12. Round and Round [*] lyrics

Driftin' Way of Life (1969) 01. Driftin' Way of Life [add]
02. Morning Song to Sally lyrics
03. Shell Game [add]
04. Ramblin', Scramblin' [add]
05. No Roots in Ramblin' [add]
06. Old Road lyrics
07. North Cumberland Blues [add]
08. Let It Ride [add]
09. Fading Lady [add]
10. Gertrude [add]
11. Dust on My Boots [add]

Five Years Gone (1969) 01. Help Me Now lyrics
02. Blues in Your Mind [add]
03. Seasons Change lyrics
04. About Her Eyes lyrics
05. Janet Says lyrics
06. Dead Men Got No Dreams lyrics
07. Tracks Run Through the City [add]
08. Happiness Is a Good Place to Visit But It Was So Sad in Fayetteville [add]
09. Courage of Love [add]
10. A Letter Sung to Friend [add]
11. Mr. Bojangles [add]
12. Born to Sing a Dancin' Song [add]

Bein' Free (1970) 01. I'm Gonna Tell on You [add]
02. Stoney lyrics
03. Where Is the D.A.R. When You Really Need Him [add]
04. A Secret [add]
05. Nobody's [add]
06. Some Go Home lyrics
07. But for the Time [add]
08. Vince Triple-O Martin [add]
09. Harmonica Talk [add]
10. Please Let Me Be [add]
11. More Often Than Not lyrics

Jerry Jeff Walker (1972) 01. Hill Country Rain lyrics
02. Charlie Dunn lyrics
03. That Old Time Feeling lyrics
04. Her Good Lovin' Grace [add]
05. Hairy Ass Hillbillies lyrics
06. David and Me lyrics
07. L.A. Freeway [add]
08. Curly and Lil [add]
09. That Old Beat-Up Guitar lyrics
10. When I Had You [add]
11. Moon Child [add]
12. The Continuing Saga of the Classic Bummer or Is This My Free One-Way ... [add]

Viva Terlingua [live] (1973) 01. Gettin' By lyrics
02. Desperados Waiting for a Train [add]
03. Sangria Wine lyrics
04. Little Bird lyrics
05. Get It Out lyrics
06. Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother [add]
07. Backslider's Wine [add]
08. Wheel [add]
09. London Homesick Blues lyrics

Walker's Collectibles (1974) 01. Salvation Army Band [add]
02. Will There Be Any lyrics
03. She Left Me Holdin' lyrics
04. I Like to Sleep Late in the Morning [add]
05. My Old Man lyrics
06. Rock Me Roll Me [add]
07. The First Showboat lyrics
08. Well of the Blues [add]
09. Wingin' It Home to Texas lyrics
10. O.D. Corral [add]

Ridin' High (1975) 01. Public Domain lyrics
02. Pick Up the Tempo [add]
03. Like a Coat from the Cold [add]
04. I Love You lyrics
05. Night Rider's Lament lyrics
06. Goodbye Easy Street lyrics
07. Pot Can't Call the Kettle Black [add]
08. Mississippi You're on My Mind [add]
09. Jaded Lover lyrics
10. Pissin' in the Wind [add]

A Good Night for Singin' (1976) 01. Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night [add]
02. Standin' at the Big Hotel [add]
03. Couldn't Do Nothin' Right lyrics
04. Won't You Give Me One More Chance lyrics
05. Head Full of Nothin' [add]
06. Old Five and Dimers Like Me [add]
07. Very Short Time lyrics
08. Some Day I'll Get Out of These Bars [add]
09. Stoney lyrics
10. Dear John Letter Lounge lyrics
11. Leroy lyrics
12. It's a Good Night for Singing [add]

A Man Must Carry On (1977) 01. Stereo Chickens [add]
02. Don't It Make You Wanna Dance? [add]
03. Roll on Down the Road [add]
04. Song for the Life [add]
05. Leavin' Texas lyrics
06. Honky Tonk Music [add]
07. Railroad Lady lyrics
08. Ro-Deo-Deo Cowboy [add]
09. Derby Day [add]
10. Long Afternoons [add]
11. His Heart Was So Full of Mischief [add]
12. The Stranger (He Was the Kind) [add]
13. Rockin' Chair [add]
14. It Shall Be a Midnight Music [add]
15. Luckenbach Moon [add]
16. Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn [add]
17. My Buddy [add]
18. Stranger (He Was the Kind) (Reprise) [add]
19. Mr. Bojangles [add]
20. L.A. Freeway [add]
21. Sea Cruise Medley: Sea Cruise/Johnny B. Goode/Peggy Sue/Sea Cruise [add]
22. One Too Many Mornings [add]
23. Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother [add]
24. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]

Contrary to Ordinary (1978) 01. Tryin' to Hold the Wind up With a Sail [add]
02. Saturday Night Special lyrics
03. Suckin' a Big Bottle of Gin [add]
04. What Are We Doing? [add]
05. Till We Gain Control Again [add]
06. Contrary to Ordinary [add]
07. We Were Kinda Crazy Then lyrics
08. Deeper Than Love lyrics
09. I Spent All My Money Lovin' You lyrics
10. Carry Me Away lyrics

Jerry Jeff (1978) 01. Eastern River Avenue [add]
02. Lone Wolf lyrics
03. Bad News lyrics
04. Boogie Mama lyrics
05. I'm Not Strange lyrics
06. Her Good Lovin' Grace [add]
07. Comfort and Crazy lyrics
08. Follow lyrics
09. Banks of the Old Bandera [add]

Too Old to Change (1979) 01. Too Old to Change [add]
02. I Ain't Living Long Like This lyrics
03. I'll Be Your San Antone Rose lyrics
04. Old Nashville Cowboy lyrics
05. Hands on the Wheel [add]
06. Cross the Borderline [add]
07. Mountains of Mexico [add]
08. Then Came the Children [add]
09. Northeast Texas Women lyrics
10. Me and Bobby McGee [add]

Gypsy Songman (1988) 01. Gypsy Songman lyrics
02. Morning Song to Sally lyrics
03. Mr. Bojangles [add]
04. I Makes Money (Money Don't Make Me) [Money Don't Make Me] [add]
05. Viva Luckenbach lyrics
06. Woman in Texas [add]
07. I Promise to Love You [add]
08. She Knows Her Daddy Sings lyrics
09. Little Man lyrics
10. The Road You Choose lyrics
11. May Music Be Your Wings lyrics
12. My Old Man lyrics
13. Little Bird lyrics
14. Stoney lyrics
15. That Old Beat-Up Guitar lyrics
16. David and Me lyrics
17. Railroad Lady lyrics
18. Driftin' Way of Life [add]

Live from Gruene Hall (1989) 01. Lovin' Makes Livin' Worthwhile lyrics
02. Pickup Truck Song lyrics
03. Long, Long Time [add]
04. I Feel Like Hank Williams Tonight [add]
05. Man With the Big Hat [add]
06. Quiet Faith of Man [add]
07. Little Bird lyrics
08. Woman in Texas [add]
09. Rodeo Wind lyrics
10. Trashy Women lyrics

Navajo Rug (1991) 01. Navajo Rug lyrics
02. Just to Celebrate [add]
03. Blue Mood lyrics
04. Lucky Man lyrics
05. I'm All Through Throwing Good Love After Bad lyrics
06. Rockin' on the River [add]
07. Nolan Ryan (He's a Hero to Us All) [add]
08. Flowers in the Snow [add]
09. If I'd Loved You Then lyrics
10. Detour lyrics

Hill Country Rain (1992) 01. Rock & Roll My Baby [add]
02. So Bad Last Night lyrics
03. Singin' the Dinosaur Blues lyrics
04. Time to Stay Home [add]
05. Last Night I Fell in Love Again [add]
06. The Man He Used to Be [add]
07. Curly and Lil [add]
08. The Dutchman lyrics
09. To the Artist [add]
10. Hill Country Rain lyrics

Christmas Gonzo Style (1994) 01. I'll Be Home for Christmas [add]
02. White Christmas [add]
03. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [add]
04. The Christmas Song [add]
05. Medley: Here Comes Santa Claus/Up on the Housetop [add]
06. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
07. Jingle Bells [add]
08. Walking in a Winter Wonderland [add]
09. Frosty the Snowman [add]
10. Jingle Bell Rock [add]
11. The Twelve Days of Christmas [add]
12. We Wish You a Merry Christmas [add]

Viva Luckenbach! [live] (1994) 01. Gettin' By lyrics
02. Viva Luckenbach lyrics
03. What I Like About Texas lyrics
04. Learning to P'like and Luckenbach Women's Lib [add]
05. Some Phone Numbers lyrics
06. I'll Be Here in Ther Morning [add]
07. I Makes Money (Money Don't Make Me) lyrics
08. Keep Texas Beautiful lyrics
09. The Gift lyrics
10. Little Man lyrics
11. Gonzo Compadres lyrics
12. Movin' On lyrics

Night After Night [live] (1995) 01. Contrary to Ordinary [add]
02. Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother [add]
03. London Homesick Blues lyrics
04. Mr. Bojangles [add]
05. Sangria Wine lyrics
06. Got Lucky Last Night lyrics
07. Trashy Women lyrics
08. The First Showboat lyrics
09. Stoney lyrics
10. L.A. Freeway [add]
11. Jaded Lover lyrics
12. Desperados Waiting for a Train [add]
13. Ro-Deo-Deo Cowboy [add]
14. Don't It Make You Wanna Dance? [add]
15. Takin' It as It Comes [add]

Scamp (1996) 01. Down in Texas [add]
02. Life on the Road [add]
03. Love Changes Everything lyrics
04. Manny's Hat Song lyrics
05. He Was a Friend of Mine [add]
06. Higher Ground lyrics
07. Bad Girl lyrics
08. Life's Too Short lyrics
09. Long Old Dusty Road [add]
10. Let 'Er Go [add]
11. Last Song lyrics

Cowboy Boots & Bathin Suits (1998) 01. Come Away to Belize With Me [add]
02. Barefottin' [add]
03. Gringo in Belize [add]
04. Champagne Don't Hurt Me, Baby [add]
05. Wanted for Love [add]
06. Boats to Build [add]
07. Sloop John B. [add]
08. Rhythm of the Rain [add]
09. Fred Neil Medley lyrics
10. The Moon Is Still over Her Shoulder [add]
11. Cowboy Boots & Bathin' Suits [add]
12. Those Were the Days [add]
13. Listen To the Fallin' Rain [add]

Gonzo Stew (2001) 01. It Don't Matter lyrics
02. Little Old Town Called New Orleans [add]
03. Texas on My Mind [add]
04. The Cape lyrics
05. Alright Guy lyrics
06. Where Was I lyrics
07. Candles and Cut Flowers lyrics
08. Every Drop of Water lyrics
09. Let the Ponies Run [add]
10. She Made Herself a Promise [add]
11. The Other Jerry Jeff lyrics
12. Dang Me lyrics
13. Down the Road [add]

Jerry Jeff Jazz (2003) 01. How Long Has This Been Going On? [add]
02. It's Always You [add]
03. That Old Feeling [add]
04. I Fall in Love Too Easily [add]
05. My Funny Valentine [add]
06. Takin' a Chance on Love [add]
07. Everything Happens to Me [add]
08. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning [add]
09. Cottage for Sale [add]
10. But Not for Me [add]
11. There Will Never Be Another You [add]
12. Time After Time [add]
13. I Get Along Without You Very Well [add]
14. Look for the Silver Lining [add]

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