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Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice lyrics
Genre: Rock
Xiao (2004) 01. Paper Trail Blues [add]
02. Caribou Christ in the Great Void [add]
03. Weird Wisteria Tangles Carrion Christ But Intends No Harm [add]
04. Lions in Love [add]
05. Cobra Christ of the Cabbages [add]
06. Return of the Nose [add]

Harem of the Sundrum & the Witness Figg (2005) 01. Leave Your Perch... [add]
02. Perch Modifier [add]
03. Vengeance, Pt. 2 [add]
04. Sundrum Ladies [add]
05. Babylon the Great, Pt. 3 [add]
06. (Ask A) Sufist Chef [add]
07. Spiritual Inmate [add]
08. Forgiveness Figg (Bethany Hotel Blues) [add]
09. Eagle Claw [add]
10. Warn Winch, Pts. 2-3 [add]

Buck Dharma (2005) 01. Hideous Whisker & His Woman [add]
02. Rot On [add]
03. Risen from the Ashes [add]
04. Satya Sai Scupetty Plays "Reverse Jam Band" [add]
05. Owl Fowl [add]
06. Steven the Harvester Presides O'er the Din of the Cups [add]
07. I Am the One I Am & He Is the Caretaker of My Heart [add]
08. Spear of Destiny [add]
09. Wicked World [add]

The Flood (2005) 01. Snake Earl [add]
02. The Flood [add]
03. (I Wanna Live In) Sunbeam Creek [add]
04. Dogpaddlin' Home to Live with My Lord lyrics
05. Imeltime of the Season (Interlude) [add]
06. Satya Sai Sweeeetback Plays "Oxblood Boots" [add]

Gipsy Freedom (2006) 01. Friend, That Just Isn't So [add]
02. Didn't It Rain [add]
03. Don't Love the Liar [add]
04. Hey Pig He Stole My Sound [add]
05. Sun Sets on Clarion [add]
06. Dead Effigy [add]
07. Dead End Days with Ceasar [add]
08. Genesis Joplin [add]
09. Don't Love the Liar [multimedia track] [add]

Second Attention (2006) 01. Crucifixion, Pt. 2 [add]
02. Portrait in the Clouds [add]
03. Rolling One Sun Blues [add]
04. Sweet Xiao Li [add]
05. Hot Death [add]
06. Mother Midnight [add]
07. The Bleeder [add]
08. Madonna [add]
09. Dead Sue [add]
10. Los Angeles Manna [add]

James and the Quiet (2007) 01. The Pushers [add]
02. In a Bucket [add]
03. Spitting at the Cameras [add]
04. Delia [add]
05. We Must Also Love the Thieves [add]
06. Invisible Children [add]
07. Blood [add]
08. Blessed Damnation [add]
09. Future Dream [add]
10. James & The Quiet [add]
11. Wired to the Sky [add]

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