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Tracy Nelson lyrics
Genre: Blues
Mother Earth (1972) 01. The Same Old Thing [add]
02. I'm That Way [add]
03. Mother Earth (Provides for Me) [add]
04. Tennessee Blues [add]
05. I Want to Lay Down Beside You [add]
06. Someday My Love May Grow [add]
07. (Staying Home and Singing) Homemade Songs [add]
08. Thinking of You [add]
09. The Memory of Your Smile [add]
10. I Don't Do That Kind of Thing Anymore [add]

Tracy Nelson (1974) 01. Slow Fall [add]
02. Love Has No Pride [add]
03. Hold an Old Friend's Hand [add]
04. Rock Me in Your Cradle [add]
05. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [add]
06. After the Fire Is Gone [add]
07. Lean on Me [add]
08. I Wish Someone Would Care [add]
09. Down So Low [add]

Sweet Soul Music (1975) 01. Sweet Soul Music [add]
02. Looking for a Sign [add]
03. Joabim [add]
04. Nothing I Can't Handle [add]
05. Baby I Found Out [add]
06. Lies [add]
07. Same Old Blues [add]
08. We Just Can't Make It Anymore [add]
09. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [add]
10. Going to Tennessee [add]

Time Is on My Side (1976) 01. Anything You Want [add]
02. Time Is on My Side [add]
03. The Woman in Your Heart [add]
04. I Could Have Been Your Best Friend [add]
05. Sudden Changes [add]
06. I've Never Loved You More [add]
07. Let the Memory Fade [add]
08. An Arm and a Leg [add]
09. You Just Can't Forget Her (Can You Fool) [add]
10. Couldn't Do Nothin' Right [add]
11. Let the Memory Fade [alternate take/*] [add]

Homemade Songs (1978) 01. God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind) [add]
02. I've Been There Before [add]
03. Ice Man [add]
04. Summer of the Silver Comet [add]
05. Tightrope [add]
06. You Don't Need to Move a Mountain [add]
07. She's Taking My Part [add]
08. Friends of a Kind [add]
09. Sounds of the City [add]
10. Suddenly [add]

In the Here and Now (1993) 01. Every Night of the Week [add]
02. Living the Blues [add]
03. In the Here and Now [add]
04. Walk Away [add]
05. Go Down, Sunshine [add]
06. Motherless Child Blues [add]
07. When It All Comes Down [add]
08. It Hurts Me Too [add]
09. Whatever I Am, You Made Me [add]
10. Miss You Like the Devil [add]
11. Please Send Me Someone to Love [add]

I Feel So Good (1995) 01. I Want to Know [add]
02. I Need All the Help I Can Get [add]
03. Don't Go No Further [add]
04. Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair [add]
05. Words Unspoken [add]
06. The Fool [add]
07. I Live off the Love You Give Me [add]
08. I Feel So Good [add]
09. Meet Me Halfway [add]
10. Love Won't Come [add]

Move On (1996) 01. Livin' on Love [add]
02. Got Me Goin' [add]
03. I Was Good to You Baby [add]
04. Playin' It Safe [add]
05. Tonight I'll Dream [add]
06. Drowning in Memories [add]
07. Ladies' Man [add]
08. Move On [add]
09. You Never Broke My Heart [add]
10. Somebody Loves You [add]
11. Playin' It Safe [version] [add]

Tracy Nelson Country (1996) 01. Sad Situation [add]
02. I Fall to Pieces [add]
03. Stay as Sweet as You Are [add]
04. Stand by Your Man [add]
05. Blue Blue Day [add]
06. That's All Right [add]
07. I Can't Go on Loving You [add]
08. You're Still My Baby [add]
09. Now You're Gone [add]
10. Why, Why, Why [add]
11. I'm So Lonsome I Could Cry [add]
12. I Wanna Be Your Mama Again [*] [add]
13. Wait, Wait, Wait [*] [add]
14. You Win Again [*] [add]

Ebony and Irony (2001) 01. You Will Find Me There [add]
02. Strongest Weakness [add]
03. Got a New Truck [add]
04. If You Knew How Much [add]
05. Last Chance [add]
06. How Much Truth [add]
07. Still Not Out of the Woods [add]
08. I Must Be Crazy [add]
09. Even Now [add]
10. Quicksand [add]
11. Strongest Weakness [alternate take] [add]
12. Silent Trail [add]

Live from Cell Block D (2003) 01. I Need All the Help I Can Get [add]
02. Walkin' After Midnight [add]
03. God Will [add]
04. Got a New Truck [add]
05. Tennessee Blues [add]
06. Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair [add]
07. After the Fire Is Gone [add]
08. Mother Earth [add]
09. Strongest Weakness [add]
10. Down So Low [add]
11. Feel So Good [add]

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