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The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band lyrics
Genre: Country
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (1967) 01. Buy for Me the Rain [add]
02. Euphoria [add]
03. Melissa [add]
04. You Took the Happiness (Out of My Head) [add]
05. Hard Hearted Hannah (The Vamp of Savannah) [add]
06. Holding [add]
07. Song for Jutta [add]
08. Candy Man [add]
09. Dismal Swamp [add]
10. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate [add]
11. You're Gonna Get It In the End [add]

Ricochet (1967) 01. Shadow Dream Song [add]
02. Ooh Po Pe Do Girl [add]
03. Coney Island Washboard [add]
04. Put a Bar in My Car [add]
05. It's Raining Here in Long Beach [add]
06. I'll Search the Sky [add]
07. Truly Right [add]
08. Tide of Love [add]
09. Happy Fat Annie [add]
10. I'll Never Forget What's Her Name [add]
11. Call Again [add]
12. The Teddy Bear's Picnic [add]

Pure Dirt (1968) 01. Buy for Me the Rain [add]
02. It's Raining Here in Long Beach [add]
03. Dismal Swamp [add]
04. Tide of Love [add]
05. Holding [add]
06. Call Again [add]
07. You're Gonna Get It in the End [add]
08. Shadow Dream Song [add]
09. Song for Jutta [add]
10. The Teddy Bear's Picnic [add]
11. Truly Right [add]
12. Put a Bar in My Car [add]
13. Candy Man [add]
14. I'll Search the Sky [add]

Rare Junk (1968) 01. Reason to Believe [add]
02. End of Your Line [add]
03. Willie the Weeper [add]
04. Hesitation Blues (Oh! Baby Must I Hesitate?) [add]
05. Sadie Green (The Vamp of New Orleans) [add]
06. Collegiana [add]
07. Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jibe [add]
08. Cornbread and 'Lasses (Sassafrass Tea) [add]
09. Number and a Name [add]
10. Mournin' Blues [add]
11. These Days [add]

Alive (1969) 01. Crazy Words, Crazy Tunes [add]
02. Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) [add]
03. Foggy Mountain Breakdown [add]
04. Alligator Man [add]
05. Buy for Me the Rain [add]
06. Candy Man [add]
07. Rock Me Baby [add]
08. Fat Boys (Can Make It in Sanata Monica) [add]
09. Crazy Words, Crazy Tunes [add]

Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy (1970) 01. Some of Shelly's Blues [add]
02. Prodigal's Return [add]
03. Cure [add]
04. Travelin' Mood [add]
05. Chicken Reel [add]
06. Yukon Railroad [add]
07. Livin' Without You [add]
08. Clinch Mountain Backstep [add]
09. Rave On [add]
10. Billy in the Low Ground [add]
11. Jessie James [add]
12. Uncle Charlie Interview [add]
13. Mr. Bojangles [add]
14. Opus 36 [add]
15. Santa Rosa [add]
16. Propinquity [add]
17. Uncle Charlie [add]
18. Randy Lynn Rag [add]
19. House at Pooh Corner [add]
20. Swanee River [add]
21. Uncle Charlie Interview #2/Spanish Fandango [add]

All the Good Times (1971) 01. Sixteen Tracks [add]
02. Fish Song [add]
03. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
04. Down in Texas [add]
05. Creepin' 'Round Your Back Door [add]
06. Daisy [add]
07. Slim Carter [add]
08. Hoping to Say [add]
09. Baltimore [add]
10. Jamaica, Say You Will [add]
11. Do You Feel It Too [add]
12. Civil War Trilogy [add]
13. Diggy Liggy Lo [add]

Will the Circle Be Unbroken (1972) 01. Grand Ole Opry Song [add]
02. Keep on the Sunny Side [add]
03. Nashville Blues [add]
04. You Are My Flower [add]
05. The Precious Jewel [add]
06. Dark as a Dungeon [add]
07. Tennessee Stud [add]
08. Black Mountain Rag [add]
09. Wreck on the Highway [add]
10. The End of the World [add]
11. I Saw the Light [add]
12. Sunny Side of the Mountain [add]
13. Nine Pound Hammer [add]
14. Losin' You (Might Be the Best Thing Yet) [add]
15. Honky Tonkin' [add]
16. You Don't Know My Mind [add]
17. My Walkin' Shoes [add]
18. Lonesome Fiddle Blues [add]
19. Cannonball Rag [add]
20. Avalanche [add]
21. Flint Hill Special [add]
22. Togary Mountain [add]
23. Earl's Breakdown [add]
24. Orange Blossom Special [add]
25. Wabash Cannonball [add]
26. Lost Highway [add]
27. Doc Watson & Merle Travis First Meeting (Dialogue) [add]
28. Way Downtown [add]
29. Down Yonder [add]
30. Pins and Needles (In My Heart) [add]
31. Honky Tonk Blues [add]
32. Sailin' on to Hawaii [add]
33. I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes [add]
34. I Am a Pilgrim [add]
35. Wildwood Flower [add]
36. Soldier's Joy [add]
37. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
38. Both Sides Now [add]

Stars & Stripes Forever (1974) 01. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
02. Dirt Band Interview [add]
03. Cosmic Cowboy, Pt. 1 [add]
04. Aluminum Record Award [add]
05. Fish Song [add]
06. Mr. Bojangles [add]
07. Vassar Clements Interview [add]
08. Listen to the Mockingbird [add]
09. The Sheik of Araby [add]
10. Resign Yourself to Me [add]
11. Dixie Hoedown [add]
12. Cripple Creek [add]
13. The Mountain Whippoorwill (Or, How Hillbilly Jim Won the Great ...) [add]
14. Honky Tonkin' [add]
15. House at Pooh Corner [add]
16. Buy Me for the Rain [add]
17. Oh, Boy! [add]
18. Teardrops in My Eyes [add]
19. Glocoat-Blues [add]
20. Stars and Stripes Forever [add]
21. Battle of New Orleans [add]
22. It Came from the 50's (Blast from the Past)/Jeff Hanna [add]
23. My True Story [add]
24. Diggy Liggy Lo [add]

Symphonion Dream (1975) 01. Winter White (Wind Harp)/Raleigh-Durham Reel [add]
02. The Battle of New Orleans [add]
03. Bayou Jubilee [add]
04. Sally Was a Goodun [add]
05. Hey, Good Lookin' [add]
06. Classical Banjo I/Malaguena/Classical Banjo II [add]
07. Daddy Was a Sailor [add]
08. Sleeping on the Beach [add]
09. Santa Monica Pier [add]
10. Ripplin' Waters [add]
11. All I Have to Do Is Dream [add]
12. Mother of Love [add]
13. The Moon Just Turned Blue [add]
14. Gotta Travel On [add]
15. Joshua Come Home/Solstice (Wind Harp)/Symphonion Montage [add]

Dirt Band (1978) 01. In for the Night [add]
02. Wild Nights [add]
03. For a Little While [add]
04. Lights [add]
05. Escaping Reality [add]
06. Whoa Babe [add]
07. White Russia [add]
08. You Can't Stop Loving Me Now [add]
09. On the Loose [add]
10. Angel [add]

American Dream (1979) 01. An American Dream [add]
02. In Her Eyes [add]
03. Take Me Back [add]
04. Jas'moon [add]
05. Dance the Night Away [add]
06. New Orleans [add]
07. Happy Feet [add]
08. Do You Feel the Way That I Do [add]
09. What's on Your Mind [add]
10. Wolverton Mountain [add]

Gold from Dirt (1980) 01. Mr. Bojangles [add]
02. Some of Shelly's Blues [add]
03. Jamaica, Say You Will [add]
04. The Battle of New Orleans [add]
05. All I Have to Do Is Dream [add]

Let's Go (1982) 01. Heartaches in Heartaches [add]
02. Special Look [add]
03. Shot Full of Love [add]
04. Never Together (But Close Sometimes) [add]
05. Goodbye Eyes [add]
06. Maryann [add]
07. Too Many Heartaches in Paradise [add]
08. Don't Get Sand in It [add]
09. Let's Go [add]
10. Dance Little Jean [add]

Hold On (1987) 01. Fishin' in the Dark [add]
02. Joe Knows How to Live [add]
03. Keepin' the Road Hot [add]
04. Blue Ridge Mountain Girl [add]
05. Angelyne [add]
06. Baby's Got a Hold on Me [add]
07. Dancing to the Beat of a Broken Heart [add]
08. Oh What a Love [add]
09. Oleanna [add]
10. Tennessee [add]

Workin' Band (1988) 01. Workin' Man (Nowhere to Go) [add]
02. I've Been Lookin' [add]
03. Soldiier of Love [add]
04. Down That Road Tonight [add]
05. Baby Blues [add]
06. Corduroy Road [add]
07. Johnny O [add]
08. Thunder and Lightnin' [add]
09. A Lot Like Me [add]
10. Living Without You [add]
11. Brass Sky [add]
12. I've Been Lookin' (Reprise) [add]

Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Vol. 2 (1989) 01. Life's Railway to Heaven [add]
02. Grandpa Was a Carpenter [add]
03. When I Get My Rewards [add]
04. Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan [add]
05. Little Mountain Church House [add]
06. And So It Goes [add]
07. When It's Gone [add]
08. Mary Danced With Soldiers [add]
09. Riding Alone [add]
10. Sitting on Top of the World [add]
11. Lovin' on the Side [add]
12. Lost River [add]
13. Bayou Jubilee [add]
14. Blues Berry Hill [add]
15. Turn of the Century [add]
16. One Step Over the Line [add]
17. You Ain't Going Nowhere [add]
18. The Valley Road [add]
19. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
20. Amazing Grace [add]

The Rest of the Dream (1991) 01. From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come) [add]
02. Waitin' on a Dark Eyed Gal [add]
03. Junior's Grill [add]
04. Blow Out the Stars, Turn Off the Moon [add]
05. The Rest of the Dream [add]
06. Just Enough Ashland City [add]
07. Hillbilly Hollywood [add]
08. Snowballs [add]
09. Wishing Well [add]
10. You Made Life Good Again [add]

Live Two Five (1991) 01. High Horse [add]
02. I've Been Lookin' [add]
03. Make a Little Magic [add]
04. You Ain't Going Nowhere [add]
05. The Long Hard Road (The Sharecropper's Dream) [add]
06. Stand a Little Rain [add]
07. Dance Little Jean [add]
08. Mr. Bojangles [live] [add]
09. Workin' Man (Nowhere to Go) [add]
10. Ripplin' Waters [add]
11. El Harpo [add]
12. Fishin' in the Dark [add]
13. Baby's Got a Hold on Me [add]
14. Face on the Cutting Room Floor [add]
15. Partners, Brothers and Friends [add]
16. Cadillac Ranch [add]

Acoustic (1994) 01. How Long? [add]
02. Cupid's Got a Gun [add]
03. Sarah in the Summer [add]
04. Let It Roll [add]
05. Hello, I Am Your Heart [add]
06. Love Will Find a Way [add]
07. Tryin' Times [add]
08. This Train Keeps Rolling Along [add]
09. Badlands [add]
10. One Sure Honest Line [add]
11. The Broken Road [add]

The Christmas Album (1997) 01. Colorado Christmas [add]
02. We Three Kings [add]
03. Christmas Dinner [add]
04. One Christmas Tree [add]
05. Silent Night [add]
06. This Christmas Morning [add]
07. Silver Bells [add]
08. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear [add]
09. Love Has Brought Him Here [add]
10. The Little Drummer Boy [add]
11. Jingle Bells [add]

Bang Bang Bang (1998) 01. If This Ain't Love [add]
02. Bang Bang Bang [add]
03. Singing to the Scarecrow [add]
04. Forget the Job (Get a Life) [add]
05. It's About Time [add]
06. Down the Road [add]
07. Nickel in the Well [add]
08. Rent, Groceries, and Gasoline [add]
09. Dry Town [add]
10. The Monkey Song [add]
11. Southbound Train [add]

Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Vol. 3 (2002) 01. Take Me in Your Lifeboat [add]
02. Milk Cow Blues [add]
03. I Find Jesus [add]
04. Hold Whatcha Got [add]
05. Mama's Opry [add]
06. Diamonds in the Rough [add]
07. Lonesome River [add]
08. Some Dark Holler [add]
09. The Lowlands [add]
10. Love, Please Come Home [add]
11. Goodnight Irene [add]
12. I Know What It Means to Be Lonesome [add]
13. I'll Be Faithful to You [add]
14. Tears in the Holston River [add]
15. Fishin' Blues [add]
16. Save It, Save It [add]
17. Wheels [add]
18. Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms [add]
19. Oh Cumberland [add]
20. I Am a Pilgrim [add]
21. Sallie Ann [instrumental] [add]
22. Catfish John [add]
23. Roll the Stone Away [add]
24. All Prayed Up [add]
25. Return to Dismal Swamp, Pt. 2 [instrumental] [add]
26. There Is a Time [add]
27. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
28. Farther Along [instrumental] [add]

Welcome to Woody Creek (2004) 01. Walkin' in the Sunshine [add]
02. Forever Don't Last [add]
03. Jealous Moon [add]
04. It's Morning [add]
05. Get Back [add]
06. She [add]
07. Safe Back Home [add]
08. Party on the Mountain [add]
09. Any Love But Our Love [add]
10. It's a New Day [add]
11. Old Time's Sake [add]
12. Midnight at Woody Creek [add]

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