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Maria Muldaur lyrics
Genre: Blues
Maria Muldaur (1974) 01. Any Old Time [add]
02. Midnight at the Oasis [add]
03. My Tennessee Mountain Home [add]
04. I Never Did Sing You a Love Song [add]
05. The Work Song [add]
06. Don't You Feel My Leg (Don't You Get Me High) [add]
07. Walkin' One and Only [add]
08. Long Hard Climb [add]
09. Three Dollar Bill [add]
10. Vaudeville Man [add]
11. Mad Mad Me [*] [add]

Waitress in a Donut Shop (1974) 01. Squeeze Me [add]
02. Gringo en Mexico [add]
03. Cool River [add]
04. I'm a Woman [add]
05. Sweetheart [add]
06. Honey Babe Blues [add]
07. If You Haven't Any Hay [add]
08. Oh Papa [add]
09. It Ain't the Meat (It's the Motion) [add]
10. Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) [add]
11. Travelin' Shoes (Traditional) [add]

Sweet Harmony (1976) 01. As an Eagle Stirreth in Her Nest [add]
02. Back by Fall [add]
03. I Can't Stand It [add]
04. Jon the Generator [add]
05. Lying Song [add]
06. Rockin' Chair [add]
07. Sad Eyes [add]
08. Sweet Harmony [add]
09. We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye [add]
10. Wild Bird [add]

Southern Winds (1978) 01. Make Love to the Music [add]
02. Say You Will [add]
03. I'll Keep My Light in My Window [add]
04. I Got a Man [add]
05. Cajun Moon [add]
06. I Can't Say No [add]
07. Here Is Where Your Love Belongs [add]
08. That's the Way Love Is [add]
09. Joyful Noise [add]
10. My Sister and Brothers [add]

Open Your Eyes (1979) 01. Fall in Love Again [add]
02. Finally Made Love to a Man [add]
03. Birds Fly South (When Winter Comes) [add]
04. Heart of Fire [add]
05. Lover Man [add]
06. Open Your Eyes [add]
07. (No More) Dancin' in the Street [add]
08. Elona [add]
09. Clean Up Woman [add]
10. Love Is Everything [add]

There Is a Love (1982) 01. Keep My Eyes on You [add]
02. I Was Made to Love You [add]
03. There Is a Love [add]
04. Sundown [add]
05. I Do [add]
06. Infinite Mercy [add]
07. In the Holy Name of Jesus [add]
08. Is My Living in Vain? [add]

Sweet and Slow (1983) 01. Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love [add]
02. Adam and Eve Had the Blues [add]
03. Blues for Hoagy (Laid Back Blues) [add]
04. There's Going to Be the Devil to Pay [add]
05. Sweet and Slow [add]
06. Brother, Seek and Ye Shall Find [add]
07. Oh Papa [add]
08. Lover Man [add]
09. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You [add]
10. Prelude to a Kiss [add]

Live in London (1985) 01. Talk to Me [add]
02. There Must Be a Better Word Somewhere [add]
03. It's in the Book [add]
04. Sweet and Slow [add]
05. Rio de Janeiro Blue [add]
06. Ain't No Man Righteous, No Not One [add]
07. Never Make a Move Too Soon [add]
08. What About the Price [add]

On the Sunny Side (1992) 01. Would You Like to Swing on a Star? [add]
02. The Story Book Ball [add]
03. Cooking Breakfast for the One I Love [add]
04. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
05. Never Swat a Fly [add]
06. Melancholy Baby [add]
07. Put on a Happy Face [add]
08. The Circus Song [add]
09. Side by Side [add]
10. Mockin' Bird Hill [add]
11. Coat of Many Colors [add]
12. Prairie Lullaby [add]
13. Dream a Little Dream of Me [add]

Louisiana Love Call (1992) 01. Second Line [add]
02. Best of Me [add]
03. Louisiana Love Call [add]
04. Cajun Moon [add]
05. Creole Eyes [add]
06. Blues Wave [add]
07. Dem Dat Know [add]
08. So Many Rivers to Cross [add]
09. Don't You Feel My Leg (Don't You Get Me High) [add]
10. Layin Right Here in Heaven [add]
11. Without a Friend Like You [add]
12. Southern Music [add]

Meet Me at Midnite (1994) 01. Trouble With My Lover [add]
02. Meet Me at Midnight [add]
03. Send the Man Back Home [add]
04. Sweet Simple Love [add]
05. Power in Music [add]
06. Ease the Pain [add]
07. Trouble With Love [add]
08. Recovered Soul [add]
09. Down So Love [add]
10. Serve Somebody [add]
11. Woman's Lament [add]
12. Mississippi Muddy Water [add]

Jazzabelle (1995) 01. Your Molecular Structure [add]
02. Weeping Willow Blues [add]
03. Everybody Cryin' Mercy [add]
04. Rio de Janeiro Blue [add]
05. You're My Thrill [add]
06. Long as You're Living [add]
07. Elona [add]
08. Do Your Duty [add]
09. Don't You Feel My Leg (Don't You Get Me High) [add]
10. September Rain [add]
11. Southern Music [add]
12. Where [add]

Fanning the Flames (1996) 01. Home of the Blues [add]
02. Fanning the Flames [add]
03. Trust in My Love [add]
04. Somebody Was Watching over Me [add]
05. Heaven on Earth [add]
06. Stand by Me [add]
07. Talk Real Slow [add]
08. Stop Runnin' from Your Own Shadow [add]
09. Can't Pin Yo' Spin on Me [add]
10. Brotherly Love [add]
11. Well, Well, Well [add]
12. Strange and Foreign Land [add]

Southland of the Heart (1998) 01. Ring Me Up [add]
02. Get up, Get Ready [add]
03. Southland of the Heart [add]
04. Latersville [add]
05. Think About You [add]
06. There's a Devil on the Loose [add]
07. Fool's Paradise [add]
08. One Short Life [add]
09. If I Were You [add]
10. Someday When We're Both Alone [add]
11. Blues Gives a Lesson [add]

Swingin' in the Rain (1998) 01. Choo 'N Gunn [add]
02. ABA Daba Honeymoon [add]
03. If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake [add]
04. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah [add]
05. Singin' in the Rain [add]
06. Three Little Fishies [add]
07. Peanut [add]
08. Mairzy Doats [add]
09. Animal Fair [add]
10. A Bushel and a Peck [add]
11. Jeepers Creepers [add]
12. 'A' You're Adorable [add]
13. Heck, I'd Go! [add]

Meet Me Where They Play the Blues (1999) 01. Soothe Me [add]
02. I Wanna Be Loved [add]
03. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You [add]
04. It Ain't the Meat (It's the Motion) [add]
05. We Can Let It Happen Tonight [add]
06. Meet Me Where They Play the Blues [add]
07. It Feels Like Rain [add]
08. Blues So Bad [add]
09. Misery and the Blues [add]
10. He Don't Have the Blues Anymore [add]
11. All to Myself Alone [add]
12. The Promised Land [add]

Richland Woman Blues (2001) 01. Richland Woman Blues [add]
02. Grasshoppers in My Pillow [add]
03. It's a Blessing [add]
04. Me and My Chauffeur Blues [add]
05. Put It Right Here (Or Keep It Out There) [add]
06. My Man Blues [add]
07. In My Girlish Days [add]
08. In My Girlish Days [add]
09. Far Away Blues [add]
10. I Got to Move [add]
11. Lonesome Desert Blues [add]
12. Soul of a Man [add]
13. I Belong to That Band [add]
14. It's a Blessing (Reprise) [add]

Animal Crackers in My Soup: The Songs of Shirley Temple (2002) 01. Animal Crackers in My Soup [add]
02. At the Codfish Ball [add]
03. You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach, Baby [add]
04. Hey! What Did the Blue Jay Say? [add]
05. We Should Be Together [add]
06. On the Good Ship Lollipop [add]
07. I Love to Walk in the Rain [add]
08. This Is a Happy Little Ditty [add]
09. Early Bird [add]
10. When I Grow Up [add]
11. An Old Straw Hat [add]
12. Goodnight, My Love [add]
13. Lullaby to a Doll [add]

A Woman Alone with the Blues (2003) 01. Fever [add]
02. I Don't Know Enough About You [add]
03. Moments Like This [add]
04. Winter Weather [add]
05. Some Cats Know [add]
06. Everything Is Moving Too Fast [add]
07. Waitin' for the Train to Come In [add]
08. The Freedom Train [add]
09. Black Coffee [add]
10. A Woman Alone With the Blues [add]
11. For Every Man There's a Woman [add]
12. I'm Gonna Go Fishin' [add]

Love Wants to Dance (2004) 01. The Lies of Handsome Men [add]
02. If Dreams Come True [add]
03. Love Dance [add]
04. Isn't That the Thing to Do? [add]
05. Moonlight [add]
06. Lonely Moon [add]
07. Baby You're My Destiny [add]
08. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues [add]
09. The Strong Stand Alone [add]
10. Every Day's a New Day [add]

Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul (2005) 01. I Am Sailin' [add]
02. Long as I Can See You Smile [add]
03. Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul [add]
04. Ain't What You Used to Have [add]
05. Lookin' the World Over [add]
06. Empty Bed Blues [add]
07. Tricks Ain't Walkin' [add]
08. Crazy Cryin' Blues [add]
09. She Put Me Outdoors [add]
10. Decent Woman Blues [add]
11. I'm Goin' Back [add]
12. Take a Stand [add]

Heart of Mine: Love Songs of Bob Dylan (2006) 01. Buckets of Rain [add]
02. Lay Baby Lay (Lay Lady Lay) [add]
03. To Be Alone with You [add]
04. Heart of Mine [add]
05. Make You Feel My Love [add]
06. Moonlight [add]
07. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go [add]
08. Golden Loom [add]
09. On a Night Like This [add]
10. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight [add]
11. Wedding Song [add]
12. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere [add]

Naughty, Bawdy and Blue (2007) 01. Down Home Blues [add]
02. Up the Country Blues [add]
03. Separation Blues [add]
04. A Good Man Is Hard to Find [add]
05. Handy Man lyrics
06. New Orleans Hop Scop Blues [add]
07. Smile [add]
08. TB Blues [add]
09. One Hour Mama lyrics
10. Empty Bed Blues [add]
11. Early Every Morn [add]
12. Yonder Come the Blues lyrics

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