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Dave Van Ronk lyrics
Genre: Blues
Hesitation Blues (0000) 01. Samson and Delilah [add]
02. Fixin' to Die [add]
03. Long John [add]
04. Motherless Children [add]
05. I Buyed Me a Little Dog [add]
06. Poor Lazarus [add]
07. Cruel Ship's Captain [add]
08. Kansas City Blues [add]
09. House Carpenter [add]
10. Fair and Tender Ladies [add]
11. Hesitation Blues [add]
12. Hang Me, Oh Hang Me [add]
13. Come Back Baby [add]
14. Sprig of Thyme [add]
15. Silver Dagger [add]
16. Death Letter Blues [add]

Just Dave Van Ronk (1964) 01. Candy Man [add]
02. Frankie's Blues [add]
03. Bad Dream Blues [add]
04. Pastures of Plenty [add]
05. Didn't It Rain [add]
06. Wanderin' [add]
07. God Bless the Child [add]
08. Blue Monday [add]
09. Baby, Let Me Lay It on You [add]
10. House of the Rising Sun [add]

Gambler's Blues (1965) 01. Duncan and Brady [add]
02. Black Mountain Blues [add]
03. In the Pines [add]
04. My Baby's So Sweet [add]
05. Twelve Gates to the City [add]
06. Winin' Boy Blues [add]
07. If You Leave Me Pretty Momma [add]
08. Backwater Blues [add]
09. Careless Love [add]
10. Betty and Dupree [add]
11. K.C. Moan [add]
12. Gambler's Blues [add]
13. John Henry [add]
14. How Long [add]

No Dirty Names (1966) 01. One Meatball [add]
02. One of These Days [add]
03. Song of the Wandering Aengus [add]
04. Keep It Clean [add]
05. Zen Koans Gonna Rise Again [add]
06. Freddie [add]
07. Statesboro Blues [add]
08. Midnight Hours Blues [add]
09. 'Bout a Spoonful [add]
10. Mean World Blues [add]
11. Blues Chante/Salty Papa Blues [add]
12. The Old Man [add]
13. Alabama Song [add]

Dave Van Ronk, Folksinger (1967) 01. Samson and Delilah [add]
02. Cocaine Blues [add]
03. You've Been a Good Old Wagon lyrics
04. Fixin' to Die [add]
05. Hang Me, Oh Hang Me [add]
06. Long John [add]
07. Chicken Is Nice [add]
08. He Was a Friend of Mine [add]
09. Motherless Children [add]
10. Stackerlee [add]
11. Mr. Noah [add]
12. Come Back Baby [add]
13. Poor Lazarus [add]

Sunday Street (1976) 01. Sunday Street [add]
02. Jesus Met the Woman at the Well [add]
03. Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning [add]
04. Maple Leaf Rag [add]
05. Down South Blues [add]
06. Jivin' Man Blues [add]
07. That Song About the Midway [add]
08. The Pearls [add]
09. That'll Never Happen No More [add]
10. Mamie's Blues [add]
11. Swinging on a Star [add]

Hummin' to Myself (1990) 01. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away) [add]
02. Makin' Whoopee [add]
03. I Can't Give You Anything But Love [add]
04. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]
05. Hummin' to Myself [add]
06. Hong Kong Blues [add]
07. I'm Just a Lucky So and So [add]
08. The Fresno Shuffle [add]
09. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You [add]
10. Two Sleepy People [add]
11. It Ain't Necessarily So [add]
12. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? [add]
13. Jack, You're Dead! [add]

Peter & the Wolf (1990) 01. Peter and the Wolf [add]
02. Swing on a Star [add]
03. I'm Proud to Be a Moose [add]
04. Foolish Frog [add]
05. Mairzy Doats [add]
06. The Teddy Bear's Picnic [add]
07. Green Green Rocky Road [add]

A Chrestomathy (1992) 01. Tell Old Bill [add]
02. Cocaine Blues [add]
03. Motherless Children [add]
04. Poor Lazarus [add]
05. Mr Noah [add]
06. Come Back Baby [add]
07. If I Had to Do It All Over Again [add]
08. Kentucky Moonshiner [add]
09. Fair and Tender Ladies [add]
10. Alley Oop [add]
11. Chelsea Morning [add]
12. Clouds [add]
13. Swinging on a Star [add]
14. Dink's Song [add]
15. Romping Through the Swamp [add]
16. My Little Grass Shack [add]
17. You's a Viper [add]
18. Temptation Rag [add]
19. Stealin' [add]
20. John Hurt [add]
21. Sunday Street [add]
22. The Entertainer [add]
23. Candy Man [add]
24. Teddy Bear's Picnic [add]
25. Mack the Knife [add]
26. Tango Ballad [add]
27. Losers [add]
28. Garden State Stomp [add]
29. Two Sleepy People [add]
30. The Fresno Shuffle [add]

Going Back to Brooklyn (1994) 01. Losers [add]
02. Blood Red Moon lyrics
03. Honey Hair [add]
04. Head Inspector [add]
05. Luang Prabang [add]
06. Antelope Rag [add]
07. Tantric Mantra [add]
08. Gaslight Rag [add]
09. Last Call [add]
10. Garden State Stomp [add]
11. Zen Koans Gonna Rise Again [add]
12. The Whores of San Pedro [add]
13. Left Bank Blues [add]
14. Another Time and Place [add]

From...Another Time & Place (1995) 01. Another Time & Place [add]
02. Lovin' Spoonful [add]
03. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man [add]
04. The Old Man [add]
05. Frankie's Blues [add]
06. Honey Hair [add]
07. Kansas City Blues [add]
08. Down South Blues [add]
09. Bad Dream Blues [add]
10. Losers [add]
11. Long John [add]
12. He Was a Friend of Mine [add]

Statesboro Blues (1996) 01. Intro [live] [add]
02. Green Green Rocky Road [live] [add]
03. Jesus Met the Woman at the Well [live] [add]
04. Somebody Else But Me [live] [add]
05. Come Back Baby (Let's Talk It over One More Time) [live] [add]
06. The Boll Weevil [live] [add]
07. St. James Infirmary [live] [add]
08. Blood Red Moon lyrics
09. Baby, Let Me Lay It on You [add]
10. Statesboro Blues [add]
11. Dry Land Blues [add]
12. Keep It Clean [add]
13. Left Bank Blues [add]

Live at Sir George Williams University (1997) 01. Gambler's Blues [add]
02. That Will Never Happen No More [add]
03. The Old Man [add]
04. St. Louis Tickle [add]
05. Frankie and Albert [add]
06. Down and Out [add]
07. W.C. Fields Routine [add]
08. Mack the Knife [add]
09. Song of the Wandering Angus [add]
10. Mean World Blues [add]
11. Keep It Clean [add]
12. Statesboro Blues [add]
13. Cocaine [add]

Somebody Else Not Me (1999) 01. Michigan Water Blues [add]
02. Somebody Else, Not Me [add]
03. Old Hannah [add]
04. The Entertainer [add]
05. Did You Hear John Hurt? [add]
06. Old Blue [add]
07. Sportin' Life [add]
08. Casey Jones [add]
09. Pastures of Pletny [add]
10. Song to Woody [add]

Sweet & Lowdown (2001) 01. I'll See You in My Dreams [add]
02. Comes Love [add]
03. Zoot Suit [add]
04. As Time Goes By [add]
05. Some of These Days [add]
06. Thanks for the Memory [add]
07. Puttin' on the Ritz [add]
08. Blues in the News [add]
09. I'd Rather Charleston [add]
10. I Can't Get Started [add]
11. Sweet and Low Down [add]
12. I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone [add]
13. Your Feet's Too Big [add]
14. Bye Bye Blackbird [add]
15. A Cottage for Sale [add]

...And the Tin Pan Bended and the Story Ended... [live] (2004) 01. Down South Blues [add]
02. Dave Speaks [add]
03. You've Been a Good Old Wagon lyrics
04. Dave Speaks [add]
05. Don't You Leave Me Here [add]
06. Dave Speaks [add]
07. Did You Hear John Hurt? [add]
08. Dave Speaks [add]
09. Green, Green Rocky Road [add]
10. Dave Speaks [add]
11. Jelly Jelly [add]
12. Nobody Knows You (When You're Down and Out) [add]
13. Dave Speaks [add]
14. One Meatball [add]
15. Buckets of Rain [add]
16. Dave Speaks [add]
17. Sometime (Whatcha Gonna Do) [add]
18. Sportin' Life Blues [add]
19. Dave Speaks [add]
20. Ace in the Hole [add]
21. Dave Speaks [add]
22. St. James Infirmary [add]
23. Thank You [add]
24. Urge for Going [add]

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