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Ray Wylie Hubbard lyrics
Genre: Country
Ray Wylie Hubbard & The Cowboy Twinkies (1975) 01. West Texas Country Western Dance Band [add]
02. Portales [add]
03. $60 Ford [add]
04. Bordertown Girl [add]
05. Lovin' of the Game [add]
06. Compromise [add]
07. Blackeyed Peas [add]
08. Jazzbo Dancer [add]
09. He's the One (Who Made Me #2) [add]
10. Belly of Texas [add]

Off the Wall (1978) 01. Redneck Mother [add]
02. What a Way to Go [add]
03. Bittersweet Funky Tuesday [add]
04. Prairie Madness [add]
05. Saturday Night [add]
06. Gypsies Got the Right to Steal [add]
07. Hearts Are Absent Tonight [add]
08. Radio Song [add]
09. Mexico Bar [add]
10. Freeway Church of Christ [add]

Loco Gringos Lament (1994) 01. Dust of the Chase [add]
02. Just to Hold You [add]
03. Love Never Dies [add]
04. Little Angel Comes A-Walkin' [add]
05. After the Fall [add]
06. Wanna Rock and Roll [add]
07. I've Seen That Old Highway [add]
08. Didn't Have a Prayer [add]
09. Bless the Hearts of the Lonely [add]
10. Loco Gringo's Lament [add]
11. The Real Trick [add]
12. The Messenger lyrics

Lost Train of Thought (1995) 01. Here Comes the Night [add]
02. Sweet Lips Goodbye [add]
03. Basics of Love [add]
04. These Eyes [add]
05. When She Sang Amazing Grace [add]
06. Runaway Freight Train [add]
07. Portales [add]
08. Rockabilly Rock [add]
09. Love in Vain [add]
10. Twist of Fate [add]
11. Wanna Rock and Roll [add]

Dangerous Spirits (1997) 01. Dangerous Spirits [add]
02. If Heaven Is Not a Place to Go [add]
03. Without Love (We're Just Wastin' Time) [add]
04. Hey That's All Right [add]
05. Last Train to Amsterdam [add]
06. The Last Younger Son [add]
07. Resurrection [add]
08. Crimson Dragon Tattoo [add]
09. The Sun Also Rises [add]
10. The Ballad of the Crimson Kings [add]

Crusades of the Restless Knights (1999) 01. Crows [add]
02. There Are Some Days [add]
03. The Lovers in Your Dreams [add]
04. Conversation With the Devil [add]
05. Red Dress [add]
06. The River Bed [add]
07. This River Runs Red [add]
08. After the Harvest [add]
09. Airplane Fell Down in Dixie [add]
10. The Messenger lyrics

Live at Cibolo Creek Country Club (2000) 01. Loco Gringo's Lament [add]
02. Without Love (We're Just Wastin' Time) [add]
03. Ballad of the Crimson Kings [add]
04. When She Sang Amazing Grace [add]
05. Last Train to Amsterdam [add]
06. There Are Some Days [add]
07. The River Bed [add]
08. Last Younger Son [add]
09. Wanna Rock and Roll [add]
10. Redneck Mother [add]

Eternal & Lowdown (2001) 01. Three Days Straight [add]
02. The Sleep of the Just [add]
03. Mississippi Flush [add]
04. Sugar Cane [add]
05. Night Time [add]
06. Black Dog [add]
07. Joyride [add]
08. Weevils [add]
09. Don't Bother Asking Me [add]
10. Didn't Have a Prayer [add]
11. After All These Years [add]

Growl (2003) 01. The Knives of Spain [add]
02. No Lie [add]
03. Name Droppin' [add]
04. Purgatory Road lyrics
05. Bones [add]
06. Preacher [add]
07. Rooster [add]
08. Rock-N-Roll Is a Vicious Game [add]
09. Stolen Horses [add]
10. Little Mama [add]
11. Screw You, We're from Texas [add]

Delirium Tremolos (2005) 01. The Beauty Way [add]
02. Rock and Roll Gypsies [add]
03. Dallas After Midnight [add]
04. Torn in Two [add]
05. Drivin' Wheel [add]
06. This Mornin' I Am Born Again [add]
07. Dust of the Chase [add]
08. Roll and I Tumble [add]
09. Cooler-N-Hell [add]
10. Choctaw Bingo [add]

Snake Farm (2006) 01. Snake Farm [add]
02. Kilowatts [add]
03. Heartaches and Grease [add]
04. The Way of the Fallen [add]
05. Mother Hubbard's Blues [add]
06. Rabbit [add]
07. Polecat [add]
08. Old Guitar [add]
09. Wild Gods of Mexico [add]
10. Live and Die Rock and Roll [add]
11. Resurrection [add]

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