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Genre: Blues
I'm a Stranger Too! (1970) 01. A Short While Ago [add]
02. A Song for Susan [add]
03. I Am a Child [add]
04. Have You Seen My Baby? [add]
05. Devil Got Your Woman [add]
06. Homunculus [add]
07. Love You Like a Man lyrics
08. Lonely Time [add]
09. Look Down the Road [add]
10. Old Kentucky Home (Turpentine and Dandelion Wine) lyrics
11. Time to Go Home [add]

Don't It Drag On (1972) 01. Lonesome Georgia Brown [add]
02. Down in the Flood [add]
03. I've Got Mine [add]
04. Statesboro Blues [add]
05. Another Way to Find You [add]
06. No Expectations [add]
07. Friend of the Devil [add]
08. Don't It Drag On [add]
09. Every Mother's Son [add]
10. Mail Order Mystics [add]
11. I Feel the Same [add]

It Ain't Easy (1984) 01. Footloose [add]
02. It Ain't Easy [add]
03. John Hurt Medley [add]
04. No Money Down [add]
05. Green Rocky Road [add]
06. Guilty [add]
07. Maybellene [add]
08. Rosalie [add]
09. One Plus One [add]
10. Ninety Nine Year Blues [add]
11. The Glory of Love [add]
12. Sitting on Top of the World [add]
13. Once in a Very Blue Moon [add]
14. So Long, Harry Truman lyrics

Another Way to Find You [live] (1991) 01. High Heel Sneakers/Big Boss Man [add]
02. Another Way to Find You [add]
03. Down in the Flood [add]
04. Lonely Time [add]
05. Lonesome Georgia Brown [add]
06. Statesboro Blues [add]
07. Catfish [add]
08. Every Mother's Son [add]
09. I Got Mine [add]
10. Don't It Drag On [add]
11. Love You Like a Man lyrics
12. I Feel the Same [add]
13. Friend of the Devil [add]
14. Shake Sugaree [add]
15. Tulane [add]
16. Have You Seen My Baby? [add]
17. A Song for Susan [add]
18. Homunculus [add]

Happier Blue (1993) 01. Happier Blue [add]
02. Memphis in the Meantime [add]
03. The Devil's Real [add]
04. No More Cane on the Brazos/Mail Order Mystics [add]
05. No Reward [add]
06. Already Gone (Flatfoot Blues) [add]
07. Killing the Blues [add]
08. Rock & Roll Doctor [add]
09. Magnolia [add]
10. Honeysuckle Dog [add]
11. Take It All [add]
12. Time to Spend [add]

Up on the Lowdown (1995) 01. Link of Chain [add]
02. 'Deed I Do [add]
03. What Was It You Wanted [add]
04. Up on the Lowdown [add]
05. Bittersweet [add]
06. Talk Memphis [add]
07. Can't Shake These Blues [add]
08. I Am the Ride [add]
09. Time to Go Home [add]
10. Jailhouse Blues [add]

Small Revelations (1997) 01. Thanks to You [add]
02. Slow Surprise [add]
03. Hold On [add]
04. Caveman [add]
05. Help Me Now [add]
06. Small Revelations [add]
07. Winsome Smile [add]
08. Dust My Broom [add]
09. Sportin' Life [add]
10. Hook, Line and Sinker [add]

Drive You Home Again (1999) 01. Drive You Home Again lyrics
02. Tell Me Why You Love Me lyrics
03. No Love Today lyrics
04. Hey, Hey, Hey lyrics
05. Get a Better One lyrics
06. Hold On II lyrics
07. So Long lyrics
08. Duncan & Brady [add]
09. Steel Guitar [add]
10. Don't Make Promises [add]
11. Rattlesnake Preacher [add]

Live As I'll Ever Be (2000) 01. Intro [add]
02. Hold in I [add]
03. The Devil's Real [add]
04. Link of Chain [add]
05. No Love Today (Intro) [add]
06. No Love Today lyrics
07. Caveman [add]
08. Winsome Smile [add]
09. Slow Surprise [add]
10. Help Me Now [add]
11. Small Revelations [add]
12. Can't Shake These Blues [add]
13. Dust My Broom [add]
14. I Am the Ride [add]
15. Up on the Lowdown [add]
16. Killing the Blues [add]

Train Home (2003) 01. Train Home [add]
02. Outside In [add]
03. Confirmation [add]
04. Crocodile Man [add]
05. Lola [add]
06. Desolation Row [add]
07. Call Time [add]
08. Candy Man [add]
09. Never Needed It More [add]
10. Let It Go [add]
11. Kind Woman [add]

Honeysuckle Dog (2004) 01. Sunshine Lady [add]
02. Tribute to Mississippi John Hurt [add]
03. Honeysuckle Dog [add]
04. Rattlesnake Preacher [add]
05. Rosalie [add]
06. Guilty [add]
07. It Ain't Easy [add]
08. Lonely Time [add]
09. Homunculus [add]
10. Braden River [add]
11. Steel Guitar [add]
12. Jailhouse Blues [add]

Leave the Light On (2006) 01. Open Up [add]
02. Leave the Light On [add]
03. Shillin' for the Blues [add]
04. Seems So Real [add]
05. Origin of Species lyrics
06. Cold Trail Blues [add]
07. Diplomacy [add]
08. Father's Day [add]
09. Visions of Johanna [add]
10. Blues in the Bottle [add]
11. John Hardy [add]
12. John Hardy (Reprise) [add]

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