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Genre: Blues
Ain't It Nice (1991) 01. Memory of You [add]
02. Check It Out [add]
03. Worry, Worry [add]
04. One More Mile [add]
05. Ain't It Nice [add]
06. What You Doin' to Me [add]
07. I'm Good [add]
08. Ma Bea's [add]
09. Come Home [add]
10. Feel So Good [add]
11. Stranded [add]

Too Hurt to Cry (1994) 01. Too Hurt to Cry [add]
02. Going Down the Road [add]
03. A Man and the Blues [add]
04. Willie Mae [add]
05. Blues Train [add]
06. Just Sitting Here Thinking [add]
07. Good Man Feeling Bad [add]
08. This Thing Called Love [add]
09. 911 [add]
10. In Case We Both Are Wrong [add]
11. Night Time Is the Right Time [add]
12. Countdown [add]
13. All Night Long [add]

Live at B.L.U.E.S. in Chicago (1994) 01. Mother in Law Blues [add]
02. A Man and His Blues [add]
03. All My Life [add]
04. Looking Good [add]
05. Ship Made of Paper [add]
06. Black Night [add]
07. I'm Good [add]
08. Dirty Work Going On [add]
09. Rock Me [add]
10. Sadie [add]
11. Tin Pan Alley [add]
12. If You Got to Love Somebody [add]

Long Way to Ol' Miss (1996) 01. Long Way to Ol' Miss [add]
02. Blues in My Bedroom [add]
03. Dirty Works [add]
04. It Ain't Right [add]
05. Ain't Got Long to Stay [add]
06. My Friend [add]
07. Don't Know Much About Love [add]
08. Extension 309 [add]
09. All My Life [add]
10. Ain't No Love in Your Heart [add]
11. Don't Drive Me Away [add]
12. Black Night [add]
13. What You Doin' to Me [add]

Everybody Needs Somebody (1998) 01. Better Days [add]
02. Don't Mess With My Baby [add]
03. Thought I Was Lucky [add]
04. My Baby's Gone [live] [add]
05. One More Mile [live] [add]
06. Too Hurt to Cry [live] [add]
07. Everybody Needs Somebody [live] [add]
08. I Just Want a Little Bit [live] [add]
09. All Your Love [live] [add]
10. Chicago Bound [live] [add]
11. No Love in Your Heart [live] [add]
12. Since I Met You Baby [live] [add]

Make Room for the Blues (1998) 01. Do You Love Me [add]
02. Saturday Night [add]
03. I Had a Dream [add]
04. Make Room for the Blues [add]
05. Teach Me How to Lie [add]
06. 3-6-9 [add]
07. Help Me Make It [add]
08. Address in the Street [add]
09. I'm Hooked [add]
10. I'm What You Need [add]
11. Me and My Baby [add]
12. I Know Where I've Been [add]
13. Somebody Else [add]

Ghetto [live] (1998) 01. Little Red Rooster [add]
02. Nineteen Years Old [add]
03. What Will Tomorrow Bring [add]
04. I'm Not the Same Person [add]
05. Ghetto [add]
06. Dust My Broom [add]
07. I Wonder Why [add]
08. You Don't Love Me [add]
09. Chili con Came [add]
10. Blue Guitar [add]
11. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
12. Bobby's Rock [add]
13. Tell Him He Got to Go [add]
14. Chicken Shack [add]

Comin' Alive (2001) 01. Lonely Streets [add]
02. Born in the Delta [add]
03. Check It Out [add]
04. Look Like It's Gonna Rain [add]
05. Lonesome Whistle Blow [add]
06. Someone Like You [add]
07. Sittin' Here Thinkin' [add]
08. Bad Luck [add]
09. Don't Tell Me Your Trouble [add]
10. I Can't Stop Loving You [add]
11. Something New [add]
12. Someone You Should Know [add]

Blues and Trouble (2004) 01. That Will Never Do [add]
02. Mean Old World [add]
03. Mean Mistreatin' Woman [add]
04. Going Down Slow [add]
05. Can't Get No Grindin [add]
06. Troubles, Troubles, Troubles [add]
07. Treat My Baby Right [add]
08. Reconsider Baby [add]
09. Memory of You [add]
10. Come Home [add]
11. Somebody Got to Go [add]
12. Sloppy Drunk [add]
13. As the Years Go Passing By [add]

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