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John Kay lyrics
Genre: Rock
John Kay & the Sparrow (0000) 01. Twisted [add]
02. Goin' to California [add]
03. Baby, Please Don't Go [add]
04. Down Goes Your Love Life lyrics
05. Bright Lights, Big City [add]
06. Can't Make Love by Yourself [add]
07. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [add]
08. King Pin [add]
09. Square Headed People [add]
10. Chasin' Shadows [add]
11. Green Bottle Lover [add]
12. Isn't It Strange [add]

Wolftracks (0000) 01. All I Want Is All You Got [add]
02. None of the Above [add]
03. You [add]
04. Every Man for Himself [add]
05. Five Finger Discount [add]
06. Hold Your Head Up [add]
07. Hot Night in a Cold Town [add]
08. Down to Earth [add]
09. For Rock-N-Roll [add]
10. Balance [add]

Forgotten Songs & Unsung Heroes (1972) 01. Many a Mile [add]
02. Walk Beside Me lyrics
03. You Win Again lyrics
04. To Be Alive lyrics
05. Bold Marauder lyrics
06. Two of a Kind [add]
07. Walkin' Blues lyrics
08. Somebody lyrics
09. I'm Movin' On [add]

My Sportin' Life (1973) 01. Heroes and Devils lyrics
02. Dance to My Song lyrics
03. Drift Away lyrics
04. Easy Evil lyrics
05. Moonshine (Friend of Mine) [add]
06. Sing With the Children lyrics
07. Nobody Lives Here Anymore lyrics
08. My Sporting Life lyrics
09. Giles of the River lyrics

All in Good Time (1978) 01. Give Me Some News I Can Use lyrics
02. The Best Is Barely Good Enough lyrics
03. That's When I Think of You lyrics
04. Ain't Nobody Home (In California) lyrics
05. Ain't Nothin' Like It Used to Be lyrics
06. Business Is Business lyrics
07. Show Me How You'd Like It Done lyrics
08. Down in New Orleans lyrics
09. Say You Will lyrics
10. Hey I'm Alright lyrics

Rise & Shine (1990) 01. Let's Do It All lyrics
02. Time Out lyrics
03. Do or Die lyrics
04. Rise and Shine lyrics
05. The Wall lyrics
06. The Daily Blues lyrics
07. Keep Rockin' lyrics
08. Rock 'N Roll War lyrics
09. Sign on the Line lyrics
10. We Like It, We Love It (We Want More of It) [add]
11. Lonely Dreamers lyrics
12. Now and Forever lyrics

Feed the Fire (1996) 01. Rock & Roll Rebels lyrics
02. Rock Steady (I'm Rough and Ready) lyrics
03. Hold On (Never Give up, Never Give In) [add]
04. Everybody Knows You lyrics
05. (Give Me) News I Can Use lyrics
06. Replace the Face lyrics
07. Bad Attitude lyrics
08. Man on a Mission lyrics
09. Rage lyrics
10. Feed the Fire lyrics

The Lost Heritage Tapes (1997) 01. Down in New Orleans lyrics
02. Business Is Business lyrics
03. Captain of Your Destiny [add]
04. Live Your Life lyrics
05. Sweet Memories lyrics
06. Nothing But lyrics
07. Hey I'm All Right lyrics
08. Sound of the Crowd lyrics
09. You've Had Your Fun lyrics
10. Hurricane Maryanne lyrics

Heretics & Privateers (2001) 01. Heretics and Privateers [add]
02. Don't Waste My Time [add]
03. Ain't That a Shame [add]
04. Dodging Bullets [add]
05. She's Got the Goods [add]
06. For the Women in My Life [add]
07. To Be Alive lyrics
08. I Will Not Be Denied [add]
09. Endless Commercial [add]
10. The Ice Age [add]
11. Sleep With One Eye Open [add]
12. The Back Page [add]

Live in Louisville (2004) 01. Sookie Sookie [add]
02. Rock & Roll Rebels lyrics
03. Rock Me [add]
04. I'm Movin' On [add]
05. Endless Commercial [add]
06. Hey Lawdy Mama [add]
07. Hold On (Never Give Up, Never Give In) [add]
08. Ride With Me [add]
09. She's Got the Goods [add]
10. Hoochie Coochie Man [add]
11. Snowblind Friend [add]
12. Monster [add]
13. Magic Carpet Ride [add]
14. Born to Be Wild [add]
15. The Pusher [add]

Live in London (2006) 01. Sookie Sookie [add]
02. Give Me News I Can Use [add]
03. You [add]
04. Hot Night in a Cold Town [add]
05. Ain't Nothin' Like It Used to Be lyrics
06. Magic Carpet Ride [add]
07. Five Finger Discount [add]
08. Hey Lawdy Mamma [add]
09. Business Is Business lyrics
10. Born to Be Wild [add]
11. The Pusher [add]

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