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Jorma Kaukonen lyrics
Genre: Rock
Quah (1974) 01. Genesis [add]
02. I'll Be All Right [add]
03. Song for the North Star [add]
04. I'll Let You Know Before I Leave [add]
05. Flying Clouds [add]
06. Another Man Done Gone [add]
07. I Am the Light of the World [add]
08. Police Dog Blues [add]
09. Blue Prelude [add]
10. Sweet Hawaiian Sunshine [add]
11. Hamar Promenade [add]

Jorma (1979) 01. Straight Ahead [add]
02. Roads and Roads And [add]
03. Valley of Tears [add]
04. Song for the High Mountains [add]
05. Wolves and Lambs [add]
06. Too Long Out/Too Long In [add]
07. Requiem for an Angel [add]
08. Vampire Woman [add]
09. Da-Ga da-Ga [add]

Barbecue King (1980) 01. Runnin' With the Fast Crowd [add]
02. Man for All Seasons [add]
03. Starting over Again [add]
04. Milkcow Blues Boogie [add]
05. Roads and Roads And [add]
06. Love Is Strange [add]
07. To Hate Is to Stay Young [add]
08. Rockabilly Shuffle [add]
09. Snout Psalm [add]
10. Barbeque King [add]

Magic [live] (1985) 01. Walking Blues [add]
02. Winnin' Boy Blues [add]
03. I'll Be Alright Some Day [add]
04. Embryonic Journey [add]
05. Candy Man [add]
06. Roads and Roads And [add]
07. Good Shepherd [add]
08. Man's Fate [add]

Too Hot to Handle (1985) 01. Broken Highway [add]
02. Too Many Years [add]
03. Radical Sleep [add]
04. Killing Time in the Crystal City [add]
05. Ice Age [add]
06. Walking Blues [add]
07. Death Don't Have No Mercy [add]
08. Too Hot to Handle [add]

Magic Two (1995) 01. Walking Blues [add]
02. Whinin' Boy Blues [add]
03. I'll Be Alright Some Day [add]
04. Embryonic Journey [add]
05. Broken Highway [add]
06. Candy Man [add]
07. Follow the Drinking Gourd [add]
08. Rock Me Baby [add]
09. Another Man Done Gone [add]
10. Roads and Roads And [add]
11. Good Shepherd [add]
12. Police Dog Blues [add]
13. Come Back Baby [add]
14. Man's Fate [add]

The Land of Heroes (1995) 01. Re-Enlistment Blues [add]
02. Trial by Fire [add]
03. Do Not Go Gentle [add]
04. From the Land of Heroes [add]
05. It's a God Almighty World [add]
06. Follow the Drinking Gourd [add]
07. Banks of the River [add]
08. Judge, I'm Not Sorry [add]
09. Dark Train [add]
10. Have More Faith in Jesus [add]

Christmas With Jorma Kaukonen (1996) 01. Downhill Sleigh Ride [add]
02. Christmas Rule [add]
03. What Child Is This? [add]
04. Christmas Blues [add]
05. Journey of the Three Wise Men [add]
06. Baby Boy [add]
07. You're Still Standing [add]
08. Silent Night [add]
09. Holiday Marmalade [add]
10. Holiday Segue [add]

Too Many Years (1998) 01. Fool's Blues [add]
02. Big Town [add]
03. Too Many Years [add]
04. Home of the Blues [add]
05. Nine Pound Hammer [add]
06. Gypsy Fire [add]
07. You Got to Move [add]
08. Larue Larue [add]
09. Man for All Seasons [add]
10. Heaven on Earth [add]
11. Say No to the Devil [add]
12. Hypnotation Blues [add]
13. Friend of the Devil [add]

Live (2001) 01. True Religion [add]
02. How Long Blues [add]
03. Death Don't Have No Mercy [add]
04. Do Not Go Gentle [add]
05. I See the Light [add]
06. Embryonic Journey [add]
07. Good Shepherd [add]
08. San Francisco Bay Blue [add]
09. I Know You Rider [add]
10. Just My Way [add]
11. Friend of the Devil [add]

Blue Country Heart (2002) 01. Blue Railroad Train [add]
02. Just Because [add]
03. Blues Stay Away from Me [add]
04. Red River Blues [add]
05. Bread Line Blues [add]
06. Waiting for a Train [add]
07. Those Gambler's Blues [add]
08. Tom Cat Blues [add]
09. Big River Blues [add]
10. Prohibition Blues [add]
11. I'm Free from the Chain Gang Now [add]
12. You and My Old Guitar [add]
13. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today? [add]

Stars in My Crown (2007) 01. Heart Temporary [add]
02. Fur Peace Rag [add]
03. By the Rivers of Babylon [add]
04. Living in the Moment [add]
05. Late Breaking News [add]
06. Come Back Baby [add]
07. Mighty Hard Pleasure [add]
08. No Demon [add]
09. There's a Table Sitting in Heaven [add]
10. The Man Comes Around [add]
11. A Life Well Lived [add]
12. Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown? [add]
13. Preacher Picked the Guitar [add]
14. Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown? [instrumental] [add]

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