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Hot Rize lyrics
Genre: Country
Hot Rize (1979) 01. Blue Night [add]
02. Empty Pocket Blues [add]
03. Nellie Kane [add]
04. High on a Mountain [add]
05. Ain't I Been Good to You? [add]
06. Powwow the Indian Boy [add]
07. Prayer Bells of Heaven [add]
08. This Here Bottle [add]
09. Ninety Nine Years (And One Dark Day) [add]
10. Old Dan Tucker [add]
11. Country Boy Rock 'N' Roll [add]
12. Standing in the Need of Prayer [add]
13. Durham's Reel [add]
14. Midnight on the Highway [add]

Radio Boogie (1981) 01. Radio Boogie [add]
02. Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow [add]
03. Wild Bill Jones [add]
04. Land of Enchantment [add]
05. The Man in the Middle [add]
06. I Long for the Hills [add]
07. Just Ain't [add]
08. No Brakes [add]
09. Walkin' the Dog [add]
10. The Sweetest Song I Sing [add]
11. Tom and Jerry [add]
12. Gone But Not Forgotten [add]

Red Knuckles & Hot Rize: Live (1982) 01. Travelin' Blues [add]
02. Honky Tonk Man [add]
03. Slade's Theme [add]
04. Dixie Cannonball [add]
05. I Know My Baby Loves Me [add]
06. Trailblazer Theme [add]
07. Always Late [add]
08. Honk Tonk Song [add]
09. Kansas City Star [add]
10. Waldo's Discount Donuts [add]
11. Boot Heel Drag [add]
12. The Window up Above [add]
13. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) [add]
14. Long Gone John from Bowling Green [add]
15. Introduction [add]
16. Let Me Love You One More Time [add]
17. Goin' Across the Sea [add]
18. My Little Darlin' [add]
19. I've Been All Around This World [add]
20. I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open [add]
21. Martha White Theme [add]
22. Sally Goodin' [add]
23. You Light Leads Me On [add]
24. The Sugar Foot Rag [add]
25. Introduction of Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers by Pete Wernick [add]
26. Texas Hambone Blues [add]
27. Wendell's Fly Swatters [add]
28. Oh, Mona! [add]
29. Rank Strangers [add]
30. Shady Grove [add]

Traditional Ties (1986) 01. Hard Pressed [add]
02. If I Should Wander Back Tonight [add]
03. Walk the Way the Wind Blows [add]
04. Hear Jerusalem Moan [add]
05. Frank's Blues [add]
06. John, Lost [add]
07. Montana Cowboy [add]
08. Footsteps So Near [add]
09. Leather Britches [add]
10. Working on a Building [add]
11. John Henry [add]
12. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning [add]

Untold Stories (1987) 01. Are You Tired of Me, My Darling? [add]
02. Untold Stories [add]
03. Just Like You [add]
04. Country Blues [add]
05. Bluegrass, Pt. 3 [add]
06. Won't You Come and Sing for Me [add]
07. Life's Too Short [add]
08. You Don't Have to Move the Mountain [add]
09. Shadows in My Room [add]
10. Don't Make Me Believe [add]
11. Wild Ride [add]
12. Late in the Day [add]

Take It Home (1992) 01. Colleen Malone [add]
02. Rocky Road Blues [add]
03. A Voice on the Wind [add]
04. Bending Blades [add]
05. Gone Fishing [add]
06. Think of What You've Done [add]
07. Climb the Ladder [add]
08. Money to Burn [add]
09. The Bravest Cowboy [add]
10. Lamplighting Time in the Valley [add]
11. Where the Wild River Rolls [add]
12. The Old Rounder [add]
13. Tenderly Calling (Home, Come On Home) [add]

So Long of a Journey: Live at the Bouder Theater (2002) 01. Blue Night [add]
02. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning [add]
03. Empty Pocket Blues [add]
04. Introductions [add]
05. Radio Boogie [add]
06. Just Like You [add]
07. Climbing up a Mountain [add]
08. Walkin' the Dog [add]
09. Frank's Blues [add]
10. A Voice on the Wind [add]
11. Shadows in My Room [add]
12. Nellie Kane [add]
13. The Butcher's Dog [add]
14. Working on a Building [add]
15. Walk the Way the Wind Blows [add]
16. Foggy Mt. Breakdown [add]
17. High on a Mountain [add]
18. Colleen Malone [add]
19. Life's Too Short [add]
20. Won't You Come and Sing for Me [add]
21. Untitled [add]

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