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Phillip Walker lyrics
Genre: Blues
Bottom of the Top (1973) 01. I Can't Lose With the Stuff I Use [add]
02. Tin Pan Alley [add]
03. Hello Central [add]
04. Hello, My Darling [add]
05. Laughing and Clowning [add]
06. Crazy Girl [add]
07. It's All in Your Mind [add]
08. The Bottom of the Top [add]
09. Hey, Hey Baby's Gone [add]
10. Cryin' Time [add]

Someday You'll Have These Blues (1977) 01. Someday You'll Have These Blues [add]
02. Beaumont Blues [add]
03. Breakin' up Somebody's Home [add]
04. Mama's Gone [add]
05. When It Needs Gettin' Done [add]
06. Sure Is Cold [add]
07. Part Time Love [add]
08. El Paso Blues [add]
09. Don't Tell Me [add]
10. If We Can Find It [add]

Blues Show Live at Pit Inn (1980) 01. Hello My Darling [add]
02. Laughing and Clowing [add]
03. Yonders Wall [add]
04. That's All Right [add]
05. Blues Blowin' Up [add]
06. Mississippi River Blues [add]
07. Strange Things Happening [add]
08. Johnny B. Goode [add]
09. Hello Central [add]

Tough As I Want to Be (1984) 01. What Can I Do? [add]
02. Port Arthur Blues [add]
03. I'm Tough (Tough as I Want to Be) [add]
04. A Lyin' Woman [add]
05. Wondering [add]
06. Think [add]
07. Go Ahead and Take Her [add]
08. Not the Same Man [add]
09. The Blues and My Guitar [add]

Blues (1988) 01. How Many More Years [add]
02. 90 Proof [add]
03. What'd You Hope to Gain [add]
04. What Did I Do Wrong [add]
05. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark [add]
06. Big Rear Window [add]
07. Her Own Keys [add]
08. Talk to That Man [add]
09. Sometime Girl [add]
10. I Had a Dream [add]

Big Blues from Texas (1994) 01. Dressin' Trashy [add]
02. Young Devil [add]
03. She's Gone [add]
04. Bluesmobile [add]
05. Beatrice, Beatrice [add]
06. Don't Leave Me Baby [add]
07. Play Me Some Blues [add]
08. Insomnia [add]
09. Goodie Train [add]
10. She Torture Me [add]
11. You're So Fine [add]
12. Big Blues from Texas [add]

Working Girl Blues (1995) 01. Special Built Woman [add]
02. Hey, Hey Baby's Gone [add]
03. Working Girl Blues [add]
04. Bad Luck [add]
05. Brother, Go Ahead and Take Her [add]
06. Thanks a Lot (For the Offer) [add]
07. Beatrice, Beatrice [add]
08. The Hustle Is On [add]
09. Hurry Back Home [add]
10. A Thing Called the Blues [add]
11. I Got a Problem [add]
12. How Long Must I Wait? [add]
13. Hello, My Darling [add]
14. My Baby's Gonna Wash Me Down [add]

I Got a Sweet Tooth (1998) 01. Drag Me Down [add]
02. My Name Is Misery [add]
03. Rub Some Good Luck on Me [add]
04. I Got a Sweet Tooth [add]
05. On My Way [add]
06. How Could I Be Such a Fool? [add]
07. I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled and Crazy [add]
08. Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time [add]
09. Laughing and Clowning [add]
10. It's All in Your Mind [add]
11. Crying for My Baby [add]

Live at Biscuits & Blues (2002) 01. Hello My Darling [add]
02. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark [add]
03. Think [add]
04. Crying for My Baby [add]
05. Respirator Blues [add]
06. Mary Ann [add]
07. Reconsider Baby [add]
08. Breaking Up Somebody's Home [add]
09. 90 Proof [add]
10. I've Got a Problem [add]
11. Along About Midnight [add]
12. Linda Lu [add]

Going Back Home (2007) 01. Lying Woman [add]
02. Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home [add]
03. Mean Mean Woman [add]
04. Blackjack [add]
05. Honey Stew [add]
06. Don't Think 'Cause You're Pretty [add]
07. Leave My Money Alone [add]
08. Bad Blood [add]
09. Lay You Down [add]
10. If You See My Baby [add]
11. Sweet Home New Orleans [add]
12. Happy Man Blues [add]
13. Walking with Frankie [add]

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