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Jerry Douglas lyrics
Genre: Country
Fluxology (1979) 01. Fluxology [add]
02. Bill Cheatham [add]
03. Say A Little Prayer for You [add]
04. C-Biscuit [add]
05. Randy Lynn Rag [add]
06. Wheel Hoss [add]
07. Red Bud Rag [add]
08. Alabam [add]
09. Dixie Hoedown [add]
10. Blues for Vickie [add]

Fluxedo (1982) 01. Tennessee Fluxedo [add]
02. Sunny Skies [add]
03. Intro [add]
04. Tell Her Lies (And Feed Her Candy) [add]
05. Birth of the Blues [add]
06. Nite Crawler [add]
07. Cincinnati Rag [add]
08. Panhandle Rag [add]
09. I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine [add]
10. Ben Dewberry's Final Run [add]

Under the Wire (1986) 01. T.O.B. [add]
02. Dhaka Rok [add]
03. Time Gone By [add]
04. Monroe's Hornpipe [add]
05. Before the Blues [add]
06. The Trip to Kilkerrin [add]
07. Grant's Corner [add]
08. Redhill [add]
09. Two Friends [add]
10. A New Day [add]

Changing Channels (1987) 01. From Ankara to Izmir [add]
02. Distance/Winter's Edge [add]
03. Emphysenia Two Step [add]
04. Waltzing on Thin Ice [add]
05. Changing Channels [add]
06. Freemantle [add]
07. St. Anne's Reel [add]
08. (Write It on) The Tablet of Your Heart [add]

Everything Is Gonna Work out Fine (1987) 01. Fluxology [add]
02. Randy Lynn Rag [add]
03. Bill Cheatham [add]
04. C-Biscuit [add]
05. Wheel Hoss [add]
06. Alabam [add]
07. Dixie Hoedown [add]
08. Red Bud Rag [add]
09. Blues for Vickie [add]
10. Nite Crawler [add]
11. Tennessee Fluxedo [add]
12. Sunny Skies [add]
13. Intro [add]
14. Tell Her Lies (And Feed Her Candy) [add]
15. Birth of the Blues [add]
16. Cincinnati Rag [add]
17. Panhandle Rag [add]
18. Ben Dewberry's Final Run [add]
19. I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine [add]

Slide Rule (1992) 01. Ride the Wild Turkey [add]
02. Pearlie Mae [add]
03. When Papa Played the Dobro [add]
04. We Hide & Seek [add]
05. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby [add]
06. Shoulder to Shoulder [International Bluegrass Music Association Awards Theme] [add]
07. Uncle Sam [add]
08. It's a Beautiful Life [add]
09. Rain on Oliviatown [add]
10. Hey Joe [add]
11. A New Day Medley [add]
12. Shenandoah Breakdown [add]

Skip, Hop & Wobble (1994) 01. Big Bug Shuffle [add]
02. Why Don't You Go Back to the Woods [add]
03. The Hymn of Ordinary Motion [add]
04. From Ankara to Izmir [add]
05. The Travels of Mr. Hulot [add]
06. Big Sciota [add]
07. Squeezy Pig [add]
08. Monkey Bay [add]
09. The Years Between [add]
10. The Earl of Hyndford/Open the Present [add]
11. Here on Earth [add]

Restless on the Farm (1998) 01. Things in Life [add]
02. Turkish Taffee [add]
03. Passing the Bar [add]
04. Don't Take Your Guns to Town [add]
05. A Tribute to Peader O'Donnell [add]
06. Takarasaka [add]
07. Follow On [add]
08. Like It Is [add]
09. The Ride [add]
10. TV Doctor [add]
11. For Those Who've Gone Clear [add]

Lookout for Hope (2002) 01. Little Martha [add]
02. Patrick Meets the Brickbats [add]
03. Footsteps Fall [add]
04. Monkey Let the Hogs Out [add]
05. Lookout for Hope [add]
06. Cave Bop [add]
07. Senia's Lament [add]
08. The Wild Rumpus [add]
09. The Sinking Ship [add]
10. In the Sweet By and By [add]
11. The Suit [add]

The Best Kept Secret (2005) 01. She Makes Me Want to Sing [add]
02. Who's Your Uncle? [add]
03. Back in Love Again [add]
04. A Remark You Made [add]
05. The Best Kept Secret [add]
06. Lil' Roro [add]
07. Swing Blues No. 1 [add]
08. Snow's First Fall [add]
09. Ya Ya etc. [add]
10. U R My Flower [add]
11. Sir Aly B [add]

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