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Byther Smith lyrics
Genre: Blues
Addressing the Nation with the Blues (1989) 01. Hello Mrs. Brown [add]
02. I Was Coming Home [add]
03. Looking for a Woman [add]
04. Play the Blues on the Moon [add]
05. What Have I Done [add]
06. You Should Be Proud of Your Daughter [add]
07. What Is This? [add]
08. Addressing the Nation With the Blues [add]
09. Movin' On [add]
10. I Wish My Mother Was Here [add]
11. Put Your Arms Around Me [add]

Housefire (1991) 01. Money Tree [add]
02. Live on and Sing the Blues [add]
03. Martha Dear [add]
04. Look All Around You [add]
05. The Man Wants Me Dead [add]
06. Knock Down [add]
07. Wait and See [add]
08. Love Me Like I Love You [add]
09. Here I Am [add]

I'm a Mad Man (1993) 01. I Got So Much Love [add]
02. Comin' Home [add]
03. I'm in a Hole [add]
04. Mad Man [add]
05. Get Outta My Way [add]
06. Play the Blues in Paris [add]
07. You Don't Know Me, Mary [add]
08. Your Mama's Crazy [add]
09. Funky Man [add]
10. 35 Long Years [add]

Mississippi Kid (1996) 01. Judge of Honor [add]
02. Don't Hurt Me No More [add]
03. President's Daughter [add]
04. Living in Pain [add]
05. Ashamed of Myself [add]
06. I Don't Know Where You Go [add]
07. Blues on the Moon [add]
08. Your Daughter Don't Want Me No More [add]
09. Give Me My White Robe [add]
10. Runnin' to New Orleans [add]
11. Cora, You Made a Man Out of Me [add]
12. Monticello Lonely [add]
13. Mississippi Kid [add]

All Night Long (1997) 01. Cried Like a Baby Child [add]
02. I'm Your New Lover [add]
03. Walked All Night Long [add]
04. Hey Mr. Dee Jay [add]
05. Look Over Your Shoulder [add]
06. Live on This Man's Name [add]
07. Something's Wrong With This Picture [add]
08. What Did I Do? [add]
09. Mother You Say You Don't Like the Black Colors [add]
10. Daddy's Gone [add]
11. Daddy, You Got a Son [add]
12. Is He White or Is He Black? [add]
13. Thinking Real Hard [add]

Smitty's Blues (2001) 01. Ought to Be Ashamed [add]
02. Little Voice [add]
03. So Many Roads, So Many Trains [add]
04. She's a Good 'Un [add]
05. Five Long Years [add]
06. Your Daughter Don't Want Me No More [add]
07. Same Thing on My Mind [add]
08. You Don't Love Me No More [add]
09. Tramp [add]
10. Sell My Monkey [add]
11. Don't Hurt Me No More [add]
12. I Live Here [add]

Throw Away the Book (2004) 01. Running to New Orleans [add]
02. All for Business [add]
03. Things I Used to Do [add]
04. The Man Wants Me Dead [add]
05. Love Me Like I Love You [add]
06. I Didn't Get None [add]
07. Close to You Baby [add]
08. Never Stopped Loving You [add]
09. Put Your Arms Around Me [add]
10. Mean Old Daddy [add]
11. I Can't Understand You Baby [add]
12. I Don't Like to Travel [add]

Hold That Train (2004) 01. This Little Voice [add]
02. 300 Pounds of Joy [add]
03. So Unhappy [add]
04. Tell Me How You Like It [add]
05. What My Mamma Told Me [add]
06. Hold That Train Conductor [add]
07. Mississippi Kid [add]
08. Come on in This House [add]
09. You Ought to Be Ashamed [add]
10. Walked All Night Long [add]
11. So Mean to Me [add]
12. Thrill Is Gone [add]
13. Close to You [add]
14. I Don't Like to Travel [add]
15. Killing Floor [add]

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