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Norman Blake lyrics
Genre: Country
Back Home in Sulphur Springs (1972) 01. Little Joe [add]
02. Richland Avenue Rag [add]
03. When the Fields Are White With Daisies [add]
04. Cattle in the Cane [add]
05. Crossing No. 9 [add]
06. Weave and Way [add]
07. Ginseng Sullivan [add]
08. Bringing in the Georgia Mail [add]
09. Bully of the Town [add]
10. Randall Collins [add]
11. Done Gone [add]
12. Down Home Summertime Blues [add]
13. Warp Factor No. 9 [add]
14. Orphan Annie lyrics
15. Spanish Fandango [add]

Norman Blake/Tut Taylor/Sam Bush/Butch Robins/Vassar Clements/David Holland... (1975) 01. Sweet Georgia Brown [add]
02. Sauerkraut 'N Solar Energy [add]
03. The Old Brown Case [add]
04. Take the "A" Train [add]
05. Going Home [add]
06. McKinley's Blues [add]
07. Oconee [add]
08. Vassar and Dave [add]

Live at McCabe's (1976) 01. Introduction By Nancy Covey [add]
02. Nine Pound Hammer [add]
03. Sweet Heaven When I Die [add]
04. Introducing Nancy Blake [add]
05. Border Widow [add]
06. "G" Medley: Green Leaf Fancy/Fields of November/Fort Smith [add]
07. Dry Grass on the High Fields [add]
08. John Hardy [add]
09. Arkansas Traveler [add]
10. Medley: Bully of the Town/Bonaparte's Retreat/Richland Avenue Rag [add]
11. Harvey's Reel [add]

Whiskey Before Breakfast (1976) 01. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane [add]
02. Under the Double Eagle [add]
03. Six White Horses [add]
04. Salt River [add]
05. Old Grey Mine [add]
06. Down at Milow's House [add]
07. Sleepy Eyed Joe/Indian Creek [add]
08. Arkansas Traveler [add]
09. The Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee [add]
10. The Minstrel Boy to the War Has Gone/The Ash Grove [add]
11. Church Street Blues [add]
12. Macon Rag [add]
13. Fiddler's Dram/Whiskey Before Breakfast [add]
14. Slow Train Through Georgia [add]

Blackberry Blossom (1977) 01. Are You from Dixie [add]
02. The Rights Of Man Hornpipe [add]
03. The Highland Light [add]
04. Railroad Blues [add]
05. Foggy Valley [add]
06. Lonesome Jenny [add]
07. Blackberry Blossom [add]
08. D Medley [add]
09. Jerusalem Ridge [add]

The Norman & Nancy Blake Compact Disc (1986) 01. Hello Stranger [add]
02. New Bicycle Hornpipe [add]
03. Marquis of Huntley [add]
04. Florida Rag [add]
05. Jordan Am a Hard Road to Travel [add]
06. Belize [add]
07. Elzic's Farewell [add]
08. Lighthouse on the Shore [add]
09. Grand Junction [add]
10. Butterfly Weed [add]
11. President Garfield's Hornpipe [add]
12. In Russia (We Have Parking Lots, Too) [add]
13. Wroxall [add]
14. If I Lose, I Don't Care [add]
15. The Chrysanthemum [add]
16. Lima Road Jig [add]
17. Boston Boy/Last Night's Joy [add]
18. My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose [add]
19. Peacock's Feather [add]
20. Wildwood Flower [add]
21. Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase [add]

Blake & Rice (1987) 01. New Chance Blues [add]
02. Greenlight on the Southern [add]
03. I'm Not Sayin' [add]
04. Texas Gales [add]
05. Ridge Road Gravel [add]
06. Monroe's Hornpipe [add]
07. Last Train From Poor Valley [add]
08. New River Train [add]
09. Stoney Point [add]
10. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar [add]
11. Little Beggarman/Gilderoy [add]
12. The Shipyard Apprentice [add]
13. Medley: Fiddler's Dream/Whiskey Before Breakfast [add]
14. I'm Coming Back (But I Don't Know When) [add]

Blind Dog (1988) 01. Little Stream of Whiskey [add]
02. Grand Coulee Dam [add]
03. Prettiest Little Girl in the Country [add]
04. Billy Gray [add]
05. Otto Wood the Bandit [add]
06. Blind Dog [add]
07. Everybody Works But Father [add]
08. Fifty Miles of Elbow Room [add]
09. Shallegra [add]
10. Old Time Farmer [add]
11. Wreck of the Old '97 [add]
12. Black Mountain Rag [add]

Norman Blake and Tony Rice 2 (1990) 01. It's Raining Here This Morning [add]
02. Lost Indian [add]
03. Georgie [add]
04. Father's Hall [add]
05. The Two Soldiers [add]
06. Blackberry Blossom [add]
07. Eight More Miles to Louisville [add]
08. Lincoln's Funeral Train [add]
09. Molly Bloom [add]
10. D-18 Song (Thank You, Mr. Martin) [add]
11. Back in Yonder's World [add]
12. Bright Days [add]
13. Salt Creek [add]

Just Gimme Somethin' I'm Used To (1992) 01. Waiting for the Boatman [add]
02. Georgia Railroad [add]
03. Silence or Tears [add]
04. The Poor Little Sailor Boy [add]
05. Medley: Green Leaf Fancy/The Fields of November/Gonna Go Huntin' ... [add]
06. When the Work's All Done This Fall [add]
07. Brickyard Joe [add]
08. Mr. Garfield [add]
09. Old Grimes [add]
10. Wabash Cannonball [add]
11. I'd Rather Be an Old Time Christian [add]
12. Little Matty Groves [add]
13. Walking Tune [add]

While Passing Along This Way (1994) 01. He's Passing This Way [add]
02. I'm Going to Leave Old Dixie [add]
03. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine/Going Down the Valley [add]
04. The Grave of Bonaparte [add]
05. On & On & On [add]
06. The Greenwood Tree [add]
07. Sweeet Freedom [add]
08. Sweet Heaven [add]
09. God's Radio Phone [add]
10. Old Mother Flanagan [add]
11. Last Train from Poor Valley [add]
12. Hangin' Dog [add]
13. The Fate of Talmage [add]
14. Old Stepstone [add]

The Hobo's Last Ride (1996) 01. The Democratic Donkey (Is in His Stall Again) lyrics
02. Tell Mother I'll Meet Her [add]
03. Forked Deer [add]
04. The Hobo's Last Ride [add]
05. Thebes [add]
06. Leaving Home [add]
07. Home of the Soul [add]
08. Midnight, the Unconquered Outlaw [add]
09. The Old Grey Mare Came Tearin' Out of the Wilderness [add]
10. I Know My Name Is There [add]
11. Starving to Death on the Government Claim [add]
12. Old Shady Bothreen [add]
13. Tying a Knot in the Devil's Tail [add]
14. Angel Gabriel [add]
15. The Two Little Orphans [add]
16. Memories That Never Die [add]

Chattanooga Sugar Babe (1998) 01. The Rescue from Moose River Goldmine [add]
02. The Weathered Old Caboose Behind the Train [add]
03. Ol' Bill Miner (The Gentleman Bandit) [add]
04. Poor Old Dad [add]
05. Chattanooga Sugar Babe [add]
06. Platonia, the Pride of the Plains [add]
07. Dr. Edmundo's Favorite Portuguese Waltz [add]
08. The Founding of the Famous C.P.R. [add]
09. Paramount Rag [add]
10. Keep Smiling Old Pal [add]
11. Balmullo House/Broke Down Gambler [add]
12. Ragtime Texas [add]
13. Chattanooga Rag [add]
14. Dixie Flyer Blues [add]

Be Ready Boys: Appalachia to Abilene (1999) 01. Tennessee Wagoner [add]
02. Old Pal of Yesterday [add]
03. Texola Waltz [add]
04. When It's Lamplighting Time in the Valley [add]
05. Bowling Green Rag [add]
06. Homestead on the Farm [add]
07. Mexico [add]
08. Going Home [add]
09. Kentucky's Your Home [add]
10. Under the Double Eagle [add]
11. Grandpa's Barn [add]
12. Seamus O'Brien [add]
13. Flop-Eared Mule [add]
14. A Maiden's Prayer [add]
15. Callahan [add]
16. Heavenly Sunlight [add]

Far Away, Down on a Georgia Farm (1999) 01. New Century Hornpipe [add]
02. Whiskey Deaf and Whiskey Blind [add]
03. Far Away, Down on a Georgia Farm [add]
04. Goin' Back to the Blue Ridge Mountains [add]
05. Savannah Rag [add]
06. Pasquale Taraffo's First Night in Leadville [add]
07. The Winds of Time Won't Change [add]
08. Rag Baby Jig [add]
09. Thelma Hatfield [add]
10. Constitution March [add]
11. Faded Flowers in Old Love Letters [add]
12. And the Cat Came Back the Very Next Day [add]
13. Just Another Faded Love Song [add]
14. Give Me Back My Fifteen Cents [add]
15. Snowbird on the Ashbank [add]
16. The Wandering Drummer [add]
17. The Maple on the Hill [add]
18. Headlight Reel [add]

Flower From the Fields of Alabama (2001) 01. Salty Dog [add]
02. Bonaparte's Grand March [add]
03. The Slopes of Beech Mountain [add]
04. Sitting on Top of the World [add]
05. Radio Joe [add]
06. Chadin' Rainbows [add]
07. Flower from the Fields of Alabama [add]
08. Texas Gales [add]
09. All Go Hungry Hash House [add]
10. So Tired [add]
11. The Gambler's Dying Words [add]
12. Little Bunch of Roses [add]
13. Eastbound Freight Train [add]
14. The Burial of Wild Bill [add]
15. T.A.G. Railroad Rag [add]
16. If We Never Meet Again [add]

Meeting on Southern Soil (2002) 01. Blackberry Blossom [add]
02. Rise When the Rooster Crows [add]
03. President Richard Milhous Nixon's Hornpipe [add]
04. Blake's Railroad Blues [add]
05. Muddy Creek [add]
06. Little Bessie [add]
07. Chickamauga [add]
08. Only a Bunch of Violets [add]
09. Oklahoma Redbird [add]
10. I Cannot Call Her Mother [add]
11. Marjorie's Waltz #3 [add]
12. The Old Hickory Cane [add]
13. Oh Death [add]
14. Mandolin Medley: Caperton Ferry/Ruins of Richmond/Valley Head [add]
15. The Little Log Hut in the Lane [add]
16. Christmas Eve Is Coming, Anna [add]

The Morning Glory Ramblers (2004) 01. The Sunny Side of Life [add]
02. Dark & Stormy Weather [add]
03. Precious Memories (Was a Song I Used to Hear) [add]
04. The Little Log Hut in the Lane [add]
05. All the Good Times Are Over [add]
06. We Are Climbing [add]
07. Going Down the Valley [add]
08. I Loved You Better Than You Knew [add]
09. When the Roses Blook in Dixieland [add]
10. I Ain't Got Time [add]
11. The Wayworn Traveler [add]
12. Rise When the Rooster Crows [add]
13. Short Life of Trouble [add]
14. Elijah's God [add]
15. Fame Apart from God's Approval (Sweeping Thru the Gate) [add]
16. Dry Bones [add]
17. Men With Broken Hearts [add]

Back Home in Sulphur Springs [Norman & Nancy Blake] (2006) 01. More Good Women Gone Wrong [add]
02. Columbus Stockade Blues [add]
03. He's Coming to Us Dead [add]
04. The Girl I Left in Sunny Tennessee [add]
05. We Parted by the Riverside [add]
06. Ella Ree [add]
07. Happy Little Home in Arkansas [add]
08. Back Home in Sulphur Springs [add]
09. The Mermaid [add]
10. Take Me Home Poor Julia [add]
11. Seaboard Airline Rag [add]
12. Star Spangled Banner [add]
13. The Empress of Ireland [add]
14. Katy Cline [add]

Shacktown Road (2007) 01. Shacktown Road [add]
02. Kindred Spirit [add]
03. Guitar Rag [add]
04. Not a Word from Home [add]
05. The Old Dobro Man [add]
06. Worried Blues [add]
07. Tom Scala's Waltz [add]
08. Lizzie Hubbard Blues [add]
09. Going to Georgia [add]
10. Ode to Bascom [add]
11. On the Banks of Lake Pontchatrain [add]
12. It Must Be Jelly [add]
13. The Tag Railroad Rag [add]
14. Running Wild [add]
15. Times Ain't Like They Used to Be [add]
16. End of the World [add]
17. Steel Guitar Blues [add]
18. The Buffalo Left Yesterday [add]

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