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The Young Fresh Fellows lyrics
Genre: Rock
Topsy Turvy (1985) 01. Searchin' U.S.A. [add]
02. How Much About Last Night Do You Remember? [add]
03. Where Is Groovy Town? [add]
04. The New John Agar [add]
05. Sharing Patrol Theme [add]
06. You've Got Your Head on Backwards [add]
07. Two Lives [add]
08. Mr. Salamander's Review [add]
09. Trek to Stupidity [add]
10. Topsy Turvy Theme [add]
11. Hang out Right [add]
12. Agar's Revenge [add]
13. Good Things Go [add]

The Men Who Loved Music (1987) 01. Just Sit [add]
02. TV Dream [add]
03. Get Outta My Cave [add]
04. Why I Oughta [add]
05. Unimaginable Zero Summer [add]
06. When the Girls Get Here [add]
07. Amy Grant [add]
08. Hank, Karen and Elvis [add]
09. My Friend Ringo [add]
10. Two Brothers [add]
11. I Got My Mojo Working (And I Thought You'd Like to Know) [add]
12. I Don't Let the Little Things Get Me Down [add]
13. Ant Farm [add]
14. Where the Hell Did They Go? [add]
15. Happy Death Theme [add]
16. Beer Money [add]
17. Aurora Bridge [add]
18. Broken Basket [add]
19. Three Sides to This Story [add]
20. Young Fresh Fellows Update Theme [add]
21. Back Room of the Bar [add]

Totally Lost (1988) 01. Everything's Gonna Turn Out Great [add]
02. Failure [add]
03. The Universal Trendsetter [add]
04. Don't Look at My Face You Might See What I Mean [add]
05. I'd Say That You Were Upset [add]
06. No Help at All [add]
07. No One Really Knows [add]
08. Little Softy [add]
09. I Blew My Stack [add]
10. Take My Brain Away [add]
11. Celebration [add]
12. Picky Piggy [add]
13. Totally Lost [Complete Version] [add]
14. You're Not Supposed to Laugh [add]
15. World Tour '88 [add]

This One's for the Ladies (1989) 01. This One's for the Ladies [add]
02. Still There's Hope [add]
03. Carrot Head [add]
04. Middle Man of Time [add]
05. Wishing Ring [add]
06. New Old Song [add]
07. The Family Gun [add]
08. Rotation [add]
09. Taco Wagon [add]
10. Picture Book [add]
11. Lost Track of Time [add]
12. Miss Lonely Hearts [add]
13. Deep, Down and Inbetween [add]
14. When I'm Lonely Again/One Day You Die [add]
15. Don't You Wonder How It Ends? [add]

Electric Bird Digest (1991) 01. The Telephone Tree [add]
02. Sittin' on a Pitchfork [add]
03. Looking Around [add]
04. Hillbilly Drummer Girl [add]
05. Whirlpool lyrics
06. Once in a While [add]
07. The Teen Thing [add]
08. Thirsty [add]
09. Fear Bitterness and Hatred [add]
10. Hard to Mention [add]
11. Tomorrow's Gone (And So Are You) [add]
12. Evening [add]
13. There's a Love [add]
14. Swiftly But Gently [add]

It's Low Beat Time (1992) 01. Low Beat Jingle [add]
02. Right Here [add]
03. Snow White [add]
04. Mr. Anthony's Last [add]
05. Whatever You Are [add]
06. Two Headed Fight [add]
07. A Minor Bird [add]
08. Faultless [add]
09. The Crafty Clerk [add]
10. Low Beat [add]
11. Love Is a Beautiful Thing [add]
12. She Sees Color [add]
13. Monkey Say [add]
14. 99 Girls [add]
15. She Won't Budge [add]
16. Green Green [add]

Temptation on Saturday (1995) 01. Supersnazz, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Dear Red [add]
03. Everybody Said Was Wrong [add]
04. City of Joy [add]
05. Rabbit Run [add]
06. Roller Coaster by the Sea [add]
07. Teengenerate [add]

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