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The Wonder Stuff lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Eight Legged Groove Machine (1988) 01. Red Berry Joy Town [add]
02. No, For the 13th Time [add]
03. It's Yer Money [add]
04. Rue the Day [add]
05. Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More [add]
06. Merry Go Round [add]
07. The Animals and Me [add]
08. A Wish Away [add]
09. Grin [add]
10. Mother and I [add]
11. Some Sad Someone [add]
12. Ruby Horse [add]
13. Unbearable [add]
14. Poison [add]
15. Times Will Change [add]
16. A Song Without an End [*] [add]
17. Goodbye Fatman [*] [add]
18. Astley in the Noose [*] [add]
19. Ooh, She Said [*] [add]

Hup! (1989) 01. 30 Years in the Bathroom [add]
02. Radio Ass Kiss [add]
03. Golden Green [add]
04. Let's Be Other People [add]
05. Piece of Sky [add]
06. Can't Shape Up [add]
07. Don't Let Me Down, Gently [add]
08. Cartoon Boyfriend [add]
09. Goodnight Though [add]
10. Unfaithful [add]
11. Them Big Oak Trees [add]
12. Room 410 [add]
13. It Was Me [*] [add]
14. Gimme Some Truth [*] [add]
15. Get Together [*] [add]
16. Inside You [*] [add]

Never Loved Elvis (1991) 01. Mission Drive [add]
02. Play [add]
03. False Start [add]
04. Welcome to the Cheap Seats [add]
05. The Size of a Cow [add]
06. Sleep Alone [add]
07. Donation [add]
08. Inertia [add]
09. Maybe [add]
10. Grotesque [add]
11. Here Comes Everyone [add]
12. Caught in My Shadow [add]
13. 38 Line Poem [add]

Construction for the Modern Idiot (1993) 01. Change Every Light Bulb [add]
02. I Wish Them All Dead [add]
03. Cabin Fever [add]
04. Hot Love Now! [add]
05. Full of Life (Happy Now) [add]
06. Storm Drain [add]
07. On the Ropes [add]
08. Your Big Assed Mother [add]
09. Swell [add]
10. A Great Drinker [add]
11. Hush [add]
12. Sing the Absurd [add]
13. Something for Sammy [add]

Cursed With Insincerity [live] (2001) 01. Can't Shape Up [add]
02. A Wish Away [add]
03. Unbearable [add]
04. Full of Life (Happy Now) [add]
05. Caught in My Shadow [add]
06. Cartoon Boyfriend [add]
07. Here Comes Everyone [add]
08. Circle Square [add]
09. Golden Green [add]
10. Welcome to the Cheap Seats [add]
11. The Size of a Cow [add]
12. Red Berry Joy Town [add]
13. Ruby Horse [add]
14. Sleep Alone [add]
15. Donation [add]
16. Room 512, All the News That's Fit to Print [add]
17. On the Ropes [add]
18. Who Wants to Be the Disco King? [add]
19. Ten Trenches Deep [add]
20. Mission Drive [add]
21. Give, Give, Give, Me More, More, More [add]
22. It's Your Money I'm After, Baby [add]
23. No, For the 13th Time [add]
24. Don't Let Me Down, Gently [add]
25. A Song Without an End [add]
26. Goodnight Though [add]

Escape from Rubbish Island (2004) 01. Escape from Rubbish Island [add]
02. Bile Chant [add]
03. Better Get Ready for a Fist Fight [add]
04. Another Comic Tragedy [add]
05. Was I Meant to Be Sorry? [add]
06. Head Count [add]
07. You Don't Know Who... [add]
08. Back to Work [add]
09. One Step at a Time [add]
10. Love's Ltd [add]

Suspended by Stars (2006) 01. Tricks of the Trade [add]
02. Last Second of the Minute [add]
03. We Hold Each Other Up [add]
04. Blah Blah, Lah Di Dah [add]
05. Say It Ain't So [add]
06. Angelica Maybe [add]
07. The Sun Goes Down on Manor Road [add]
08. Long Time No See [add]
09. The Popular Choice [add]
10. Give Us What We Want [add]
11. Someone Tell Me What to Think [add]
12. No One Tells 'Em Like You Do [add]

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