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Erick "More" Morillo lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Live & More (1996) 01. Freedom (To Make It Funky) [add]
02. Set U Free [Fever Mix] [add]
03. Stay Together [Ravin' Mix] [add]
04. Stay Together [Armand's Crazy Trauma Mix] [add]
05. R U Ready [add]
06. Mind Bomb [Original Mix Da Bomb] [add]
07. You Make Me Carry On [Bop 2 Da Trax Mix] [add]
08. Honey Did That [Lucci-N-Cruz Mix] [add]
09. House of Love [Raise Your House Mix] [add]
10. We Can Make It [I Believe Dub] lyrics
11. Carnival (Pride 95) [Orginal Pride] [add]
12. Reach [Little "More" Mix] [add]
13. Music [add]
14. Higher State of Consciousness [DJ Wink's Hardhouse Mix] [add]
15. Break Night [add]
16. Your World [add]
17. Get Hi [Get Hi 2 Da Bone Mix] [add]
18. Victim of Loving You [Gloo Factory Mix] [add]
19. X-Tacy [Main Mix] [add]
20. So Let's Groove Again [add]
21. Conway [Erick "More" Meets CZ202 Mix] [add]
22. UNBE [The Bootleg Mix] [add]
23. The Bitch [add]

Subliminal Sessions, Vol. 1 (2001) 01. Bringin' the Funk [Acappella] [add]
02. Night @ the Black [add]
03. Finally [Dance Ritual Mix] [add]
04. Forever [mix] [add]
05. Do What You Want to Do [Classic Club Mix] [add]
06. Austin's Groove (Let Me Live) [Erick Morillo Vocal Mix] [add]
07. Bel Amour [add]
08. Muzik X Press [add]
09. Watcha Perrita [add]
10. Release [Original Mix] [add]
11. Suck My Clock [Choo Choo's All Beef Mix] [add]
12. Force [add]
13. Last Dance (And I Come Over) [Erick Morillo's Dub] [add]
14. Voices [Pete Heller Main Mix] [add]
15. Bring Back That Feeling [Wet Accapella] [add]
16. Keep Control [Terry Lee Brown Jr's Vocal Mix] [add]
17. I Am the Drum [Main Mix] [add]
18. Moments [add]
19. Mr. Jingles [add]
20. Sputnik [Sputnik One] [add]
21. Wack Ass M.F. [Payback Mix] [add]
22. Keep on Touchin' Me [Erick Morillo Edit] [add]
23. Tania [Original Mix] [add]
24. Harmonizer [Sondos Dub] [add]
25. Rock You, Rock You [add]
26. Music in Me [Full Mix] [add]
27. Get Boogie [Main Mix] [add]

Subliminal Sessions, Vol. 3 (2002) 01. Insatiable [add]
02. Do Your Thing [add]
03. Solid Groove [add]
04. Put That Record Back on H Foundation Mix [add]
05. Overdrive [add]
06. Shine [add]
07. It's Love (Trippin') [add]
08. Corruption [add]
09. Superfreak (Freak) [add]
10. Love Story [add]
11. Concord [add]
12. Shake It [Junior Jack Remix] [add]
13. Sting Me Red (Clever) [add]
14. Let My Soul Sing Across [add]
15. Sting Me Red (Clever) [Harry "Choo Choo" Romero vs. Who da Funk Remix] [add]
16. Remainings 111 [add]
17. Glitterball [add]
18. Shiny Disco Balls [add]
19. The Inside [add]
20. Come Make Me Over [add]
21. Auto Porno [add]
22. Down and Dirty [add]
23. Lovely Flight [add]
24. Keep Your Head Up [add]
25. Love and Devotion [add]
26. Happiness Togetherness [add]
27. Keep the Love [Eric Morillo, HCCR and Todd G Remix] [add]
28. I'll Be There [Funky Garage Vox] [add]
29. I Submit You [add]
30. Soulful Strings [add]
31. Song on My Mind [add]
32. 5 A.M. [add]
33. Whatever [add]
34. Shined on Me [add]

Subliminal Sessions, Vol. 5 (2003) 01. Relight My Fire [add]
02. Shake Your Body [add]
03. Crazy [add]
04. I Go Back [add]
05. Acid Crash/Corruption [Acappella] [add]
06. The Story Continues [add]
07. Dance [add]
08. You Be Want Some Fun/Shout [Acappella] [add]
09. Heartbreaker [add]
10. The Boat [add]
11. Feel This [add]
12. Give Me Love [add]
13. Dancin [add]
14. Rock the House [add]
15. Some Lovin/Feelings [Acappella] [add]
16. Back to Face You [add]
17. How You Doin, Eh? [add]
18. French Kiss [add]
19. The Only One [add]
20. Ritmo [add]
21. Metropolis [add]
22. Can You Feel It [add]
23. Liar [dub] [add]
24. Rock to the Beat [add]

Subliminal Winter Sessions (2004) 01. I Gotcha Back [add]
02. Pass You By [dub] [add]
03. Bad Enough [add]
04. Get Naked [add]
05. Amazing [add]
06. Release [add]
07. This Beats Is [add]
08. Satisfaction [add]
09. Above the Blues [Clubg?nger] [add]
10. Rescue Me [Sheldon Romero Mix] [add]
11. Back 2 Face U [add]
12. We Got Love [add]
13. Quiver [add]
14. Just a Little More Love [Wally Lopez Remix] [add]
15. Twisted [add]
16. Don't Laugh [Robbie Rivera RMX] [add]
17. King of the Deep [add]
18. Calling Me [add]
19. Reach [add]
20. I Go Back [Dean Coleman Respekt Vocal Mix] [add]
21. Touch the Sky [dub] [add]
22. Air Rage [add]
23. Calabria [add]

My World (2004) 01. Intro [add]
02. Break Down the Doors [add]
03. Happy [add]
04. What Do You Want [add]
05. Sunshine [add]
06. Rock My Body [add]
07. Dance I Said [add]
08. Lessons [add]
09. Waiting in the Darkness [add]
10. My World [add]
11. Who Am I Today [add]
12. Beat Down [add]
13. Take It Slow [add]
14. Come Make Me Over [add]

The 2 Sides of My Word (2005) 01. Break Down the Doors [add]
02. Happy [add]
03. What Do You Want [add]
04. Sunshine [add]
05. Rock My Body [add]
06. Dance I Said [add]
07. Lessons [add]
08. Waiting in the Darkness [add]
09. My World [add]
10. Who Am I Today [add]
11. Beat Down [add]
12. Take It Slow [add]
13. Come Make Me Over [add]
14. So Many Times [add]
15. House Track [add]
16. In the Beginning [add]
17. Stay [Fuzzy Hair Mix] [add]
18. Turn It Up [Richard F. Mix] [add]
19. Break Down the Doors [Fuzzy Hair Dub] [add]
20. Kinda New [Tiefschwarz Dub] [add]
21. Infatuation [add]
22. Man With Guitar [add]
23. International Underground [add]
24. Pleasure from the Bass [add]
25. Bocarriba [add]
26. You Know I've Got It [add]
27. Strings of Life [Martijn Ten Valden and Mark Knights Toolrrom Mix] [add]
28. Resonate [DJ Vibe Mix] [add]
29. My World [add]
30. Evil Acid [add]
31. Swing Me Daddy [add]
32. I Love You [add]
33. Red Hot [Funka Mix] [add]
34. Disco to Disco [add]
35. Rocker [add]
36. Circles [add]
37. Party Ride [add]
38. Got the Feeling [*] [add]
39. What Do You Want [*] [add]
40. The Night [*] [add]
41. Salty [*] [add]
42. The Only One [*] [add]
43. Gehts Noch [*] [add]
44. Bocarriba [*] [add]
45. Ride da Rhythm [*] [add]
46. Euro [*] [add]
47. Father [*] [add]

Subliminal Sessions, Vol. 9 (2005) 01. Babylon (Into a Groove) [add]
02. I Just Can't Get Enough [add]
03. Sun Rising Up [Original Club Mix] [add]
04. Avalon [add]
05. Till There Was You [add]
06. Make Me Feel [add]
07. Waiting in the Darkness [Harry "Choo Choo" Romero Remix] [add]
08. Alright [Brad Carter Remix] [add]
09. Fascination [add]
10. Not So Dirty [add]
11. Take Me Higher [add]
12. Pump Up the Jam [Kurd Maverick aka Gians Mix] [add]
13. Do You Want to Funk [add]
14. Mas Energia [Ralphi & Martin's Original Mix] [add]
15. Noize [add]
16. Tribal Attack [add]
17. Free [add]
18. Alone [Scanners Mybar Mix] [add]
19. More Intensity [add]
20. Be Good [add]
21. Lipstick [add]
22. Illusion [add]
23. 1989 [mix] [add]

Subliminal Sessions, Vol. 10 (2006) 01. Stay Around (For This) [add]
02. Brighter Days [Haji & Emanuel Remix] [add]
03. I Got Something for You [Original Version] [add]
04. I Need Somebody [Tom Novy Remix] [add]
05. Take Me Higher [add]
06. Dreams [DJ Simi & Masterkeys Vocal] [add]
07. Jazz in Your Face [Richard Grey Remix] [add]
08. 5 in the Morning [Dub Mix] [add]
09. Off My Rocker [add]
10. Love Sensation 2006 [Original Version] [add]
11. Get It On [Joe T Vanelli Dubby Mix] [add]
12. Elektro [Original Version] [add]
13. Big Love [Steven Lee & Trente Cantelle vs. The Dronez] [add]
14. Call Me [dub] [add]
15. What Else Is There? [Trentemoller Mix] [add]
16. Dance I Said [MNM Mix] [add]
17. Ame [Original Version] [add]
18. The Sky Was Pink [Original Live Take] [add]
19. Pride [Original Version] [add]
20. Lose Control [Main Mix] [add]
21. Long Train Running [Club Mix] [add]
22. Changes [add]
23. Tonite [add]
24. Party in Miami [add]
25. The Organ Track [add]
26. Straight for You [Main] [add]
27. Anymore [add]
28. Deeper Sensation [add]
29. Turn on the Music [add]
30. Call Me [The Dronezgo Minimal Mix] [add]
31. Buy Now [*] [add]
32. Call Me [Richard F Mix] [add]

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