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Genre: Country
To Mother at Christmas (0000) 01. Christmas Time's a Comin' [add]
02. Lord We Sure Need Some Rainbows in December [add]
03. Jingle Bells [add]
04. To Mother at Christmas [add]
05. Silent Night [add]
06. Daddy Will Santa Claus Ever Have to Die [add]
07. Christmas Is Everywhere Except in My Heart [add]
08. Will We Have Room for Jesus [add]
09. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer [add]
10. Blue Christmas [add]

Good 'N' Country (1960) 01. You Don't Know My Mind [add]
02. Homesick [add]
03. Bear Tracks [add]
04. Night [add]
05. Grand Ole Opry Song [add]
06. Who'll Sing for Me [add]
07. Hold Whatcha Got [add]
08. Before the Sun Goes Down [add]
09. Cripple Creek [add]
10. It's Not Like Home [add]
11. All the Good Times Are Past and Gone [add]
12. I Like to Hear 'Em Preach It [add]

Country Music Time (1962) 01. There Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone [add]
02. Pretending I Don't Care [add]
03. Leavin' Town [add]
04. Don't Give Your Heart to a Rambler [add]
05. Train 45 [add]
06. Drink Up and Go Home [add]
07. I Can I Will I Do Believe [add]
08. There Was a Love [add]
09. Hitparade of Love [add]
10. Steppin' Stones [add]
11. Jokes on You [add]
12. Skip Hop and Wobble [add]

This World Is Not My Home (1963) 01. Little White Church [add]
02. This World Is Not My Home [add]
03. Prayer Bell of Heaven [add]
04. What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul? [add]
05. Lord, I'm Coming Home [add]
06. Give Me Your Hand [add]
07. Give Me the Roses Now [add]
08. Shut-In's Prayer [add]
09. Pray the Clouds Away [add]
10. God Guide Our Leader's Hand [add]
11. Goodbye [add]
12. Voice of My Savior [add]

Widow Maker (1964) 01. Widow Maker [add]
02. Six Days on the Road [add]
03. I'll Never Take No for an Answer [add]
04. I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes [add]
05. There's More Pretty Girls Than One [add]
06. Hey Lonesome [add]
07. My Walking Shoes [add]
08. Truck Drivin' Man [add]
09. Ocean of Diamonds [add]
10. Truck Driver's Queen [add]
11. Old Man's Drunk Again [add]
12. In Foggy Old London [add]

Sunny Side of the Mountain (1965) 01. Sunny Side of the Mountain [add]
02. It Takes One to Know One [add]
03. Guitar Picking President [add]
04. Shenandoah Waltz [add]
05. Poor Ellen Smith [add]
06. I'd Rather Have America [add]
07. There's Better Times a Coming [add]
08. 20-20 Visions [add]
09. I'm Comin' Back But I Don't Know When [add]
10. Snow White Grave [add]
11. John Henry [add]
12. In the Pines [add]

Good 'N' Country Music (1966) 01. Last Song [add]
02. Summer's Come and Gone [add]
03. Tennessee Waltz [add]
04. Mr. Engineer [add]
05. Sweet Dixie [add]
06. Good Things (Outweight the Bad) [add]
07. Hi-De Diddle [add]
08. Lost Highway [add]
09. I Can't Quit Cigarettes lyrics
10. Fraulein [add]
11. Run Boy Run [add]
12. You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave) [add]

Tennessee (1966) 01. Tennessee lyrics
02. Steal Away Somewhere and Die [add]
03. You'll Be a Lost Ball [add]
04. Living Like a Fool lyrics
05. Dog Bite Your Hide [add]
06. Goin' Ape (Over You) [add]
07. Home Run Man [add]
08. She's Left Me Again [add]
09. I'm the Boss (Of This Here House) [add]
10. Don't Cry to Me [add]
11. I'll Drink No More Wine [add]

Big Country Instrumentals (1967) 01. Big Country [add]
02. Red Rooster [add]
03. Crow on the Banjo [add]
04. You Are My Sunshine [add]
05. Uptown Blues [add]
06. Orange Blossom Special [add]
07. Wild Indian [add]
08. Going Up Dry Branch [add]
09. Little Maggie She's So Sweet [add]
10. Union County [add]
11. Red River Valley [add]
12. Theme Time [add]

Free Born Man (1969) 01. Freeborn Man [add]
02. Losin' You (Might Be the Best Thing Yet) [add]
03. Wooden Shoes [add]
04. Undo What's Been Done [add]
05. Moonshine Hollow [add]
06. Slowly [add]
07. Lonesome Prison Blues [add]
08. Shackles and Chains [add]
09. Doin' My Time [add]
10. Milwaukee, Here I Come [add]
11. Arab Bounce [add]

Me'n Ole Pete (1977) 01. Run Pete Run [add]
02. Moonlight Love [add]
03. Who's Calling You Sweetheart Tonight [add]
04. I'm a Bluegrass Singin' Man [add]
05. Beautiful Brown Eyes [add]
06. Play Me Some George Jones Songs [add]
07. Pete, The Best Coon Dog in the State of Tennessee [add]
08. Knoxville Girl [add]
09. Eagle Eye Tom [add]
10. Lover's Lane [add]
11. Sweet Little Maggie [add]
12. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die [add]

First Time Together (1980) 01. I'm Going Down the Road [add]
02. in the Pines [add]
03. Stone Walls and Steel Bars [add]
04. Rabbit in the Log [add]
05. Footprints in the Snow [add]
06. Roll on Buddy, Roll On [add]
07. Darling Brown Eyes [add]
08. God Gave You to Me [add]
09. Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die [add]
10. I Only Exist [add]

One Woman Man (1995) 01. One Woman Man [add]
02. I Can't Give My Heart Again [add]
03. Ocean of Diamonds [add]
04. Please Play the Juke Box [add]
05. 20/20 Vision [add]
06. Water the Flowers [add]
07. I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) [add]
08. Will You Be Loving Another Man? [add]
09. Down the Road [add]
10. What a Way to Go [add]

Will the Circle Be Unbroken (1995) 01. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
02. The Voice of Our Saviour [add]
03. I Like to Hear Them Preach It [add]
04. Give Me the Roses Today [add]
05. Prayer Bells of Heaven [add]
06. Get in Line Brother [add]
07. Who Will Sing for Me? [add]
08. God Guide Our Leader's Hand [add]
09. Is There Room for Me [add]
10. The Unclouded Day [add]
11. Don't Fill a Drunkard's Grave [add]
12. Stormy Waters [add]

King of Bluegrass [Power Pak] (1996) 01. Sweet Little Maggie [add]
02. I Can't Give My Heart Again [add]
03. Run Pete Run [add]
04. Bluegrass Singing Man [add]
05. Beautiful Brown Eyes [add]
06. Play Me Some More George Jones Songs [add]
07. Goodbye Old Pal [add]
08. Lovers' Lane [add]

Lord I'm Coming Home (1997) 01. Guitar Picking President [add]
02. In the Pines [add]
03. I Can't Quit Cigarettes lyrics
04. Tennessee Waltz [add]
05. Lord, I'm Coming Home [add]
06. Orange Blossom Special [add]
07. The Red Rooster [add]
08. Give Me the Roses Now [add]
09. Give Me Your Hand [add]
10. God Guide Our Leader's Hand [add]

Hit Parade of Love [live] (2001) 01. Hit Parade of Love [add]
02. Brakeman's Blues [add]
03. John Henry [add]
04. Worried Man Blues [add]
05. We'll Meet Again Sweetheart [add]
06. You'll Be a Lost Ball [add]
07. All the Good Times [add]
08. Rock Hearts [add]
09. Somebody Touched Me [add]
10. Pike County Breakdown [add]

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